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For those of you seeking a quick way to break into the music industry, MDickie’s fantastic mobile game will introduce you to some of the most engaging music to enjoy. You’ll have the opportunity to lead your music band, complete with interactive and distinctive members.

As you offer new songs to the public, embark on your unique musical adventures. To boost your fame, get more reputations and popularity for each team member. To successfully manage your concerts, unlock better abilities for the members and boost their performances. Fully immerse yourself in the fascinating simulation action with many new features to uncover.

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about Popscene’s fantastic mobile game.


As you explore the in-depth music industry in Popscene, feel free to immerse yourself in the addicting band management as you seek to form your ultimate music band and collect excellent platinum records.

You’ll take on the role of a band manager, who is hoping for his big break in the music industry. Have a good time with the team’s diverse cast of characters and artists. Maintain the team’s functionality and generate fantastic songs each week to be a successful manager. Have a concert with your band and enjoy the cheers of the crowd. As you progress in the game, explore the in-depth management experiences and engage in your job. 


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Make Your Music Band With Different Members

Android gamers in Popscene are tasked with establishing their ultimate pop band and participating in the game’s fascinating music simulation action. You can choose from over 150 musicians from six different labels, each with distinct looks, styles, and attributes. As you seek to rule the music industry, assemble an incredible team of brilliant and charismatic members.

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Come Up With Record-Breaking Hits That Will Send the World Into a Frenzy

You can build your fantastic piece of music that will rock the famous charts and conquer hundreds of records. Become well-known by receiving genuine reviews from music critics and news reports from the most prestigious publications. By attaining significant success with your new songs, you can create your legacy in the game. 

Participate in Real-World Management Scenarios

Different members of the band entail various characteristics and traits that distinguish them from one another. These characteristics define their ability to create great music, captivate the audience’s attention with outstanding performances, and their commitment to music.

Popularity: Your musicians need to have a certain level of popularity to draw new fans. This will increase the band’s popularity and give each subsequent album a better chance of success.

Reputation: Unlike the popularity of entertainment among fans, the reputation of your artists will have an impact on their ability to draw followers to other artistic stuff. This attribute determines how successfully your character will perform throughout their shows. 

Talent: To give a better performance, your artist will need to have a lot of talent to give their best on the stage. 

Production: The production talents of your artists will come in handy when it comes to creating the best pieces of music and composing songs. 

Writing: An artist’s ability to write impacts his performances and helps him create a remarkable piece of artistic music. 

Happiness: Throughout the game, your artists will have various job experiences. You’ll also need to keep their happiness levels high. 

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Attitude: As a manager, you’ll have to deal with negative attitude in the team. If you don’t act quickly, they’ll undoubtedly produce problems.

Make a Lot of Money by Hosting Your Concert

Android gamers can host amazing concerts filled with thrilling encounters. You can freely participate in all stages of a concert, from planning to execution and then to completion. Popscene allows players to immerse themselves in their experiences and enjoy successful concerts fully. Sell tickets and merchandise to the fans to make a lot of money. 

Immerse Yourself in Different Elements of the Company

You’ll find yourself having access to a range of various music elements throughout the game. As a result, Android gamers will find themselves in various unexpected or planned circumstances and cases, each with its own set of issues to solve. As a result, the entire Popscene gameplay is entertaining.

Offline Play 

If you’re an Android gamer who frequently travels and can’t always stay connected to Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy Popscene’s fascinating gameplay without having to use your mobile data. Mobile gamers can play the game whenever they want because it is fully offline and accessible.

It’s Free to Play

Android gamers can enjoy their favorite mobile game for free. As a result, it can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

On Our Website, You Can Play Unlocked Games

If the in-game commercials or purchases are a distraction, you can play the unlocked version of the game on our website. Download the Popscene Mod Apk and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. Feel free to participate in the game’s activities and enjoy its unlocked features, including free backstage access.

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Sound and Video Quality

Popscene manages to impress mobile gamers with its creative character designs, distinctive animations, and intricate landscapes, despite lacking the realistic visual experiences seen in other games. You can fully immerse in the simulated experiences and enjoy the simple 2D graphics that ensures lots of fun and enjoyment. 

Music and Sound

Popscene also provides intriguing audio experiences for mobile players. With realistic sound effects and fascinating soundtracks, you can immerse yourself in the delightful levels of simulation. Simultaneously, the excellent music allows you to immerse yourself in the events entirely.


Popscene is the best title for individuals who want to experience the thrilling gameplay of a music industry simulation. The game will undoubtedly provide great experiences for mobile players, thanks to its in-depth and fascinating gameplay. Download it now and enjoy its ad-free experiences.