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When “The Sims” is discussed, most gamers will directly identify it because of its fascinating, one-of-a-kind gameplay. But what if “The Sims” is too peaceful and not realistic enough for you, and you want to do something more realistic, like fight?

Introducing “Punch Club,” a combination of RPG, fighter, and training game title made by Lazy Bear Games, encourages your character to train hard, eat healthily, and reach the top of the charts. In this game, players can simulate everything they have done in real life, from taking care of themselves to working and earning money. There’s no denying that “Punch Club” offers street fighting as a mode.


The story opens with a distressing scene in which the main character’s father, a ring fighter, is shot in the street in front of his child by some thugs. With time, he develops a desire to follow his father’s footsteps as the ultimate fighter and take revenge for his death. You’ll start from the bottom, and compete for in-ring bouts to climb the ladder to the top. 

“Punch Club” is a life management game featuring many RPG possibilities. The game accurately portrays the harshness to the point that you could be robbed at any time. Players must go to the gym, make money and friends to defeat every opponent, whether it’s on the books, on the street, or in a clandestine fight club. Players tend to spot references to Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other games while playing “Punch Club.”


Familiar Gameplay

The gameplay in “Punch Club” is highly entertaining. You play by giving your character various goods and activities. Just like in real life, you’ll need to hunt for a job to support yourself and survive the days. Your warrior will have to eat, sleep, and train for fights, among other things.  Furthermore, players lose certain stats every day, and you lose more if your stat is more significant. Because fighting is an essential aspect of the game, players must devote time to improving the strength, stamina, and speed of the character and keep it maintained. 

Exploring Maps

After a brief tutorial, players can explore maps at their ease. You can either walk around in the game or pay money to catch a bus. If you stroll around with too much money, you risk being robbed by tough thugs. Traveling from one location to another can also lead to jobs, such as construction or pizza delivery. During the game, you may earn your professional license and even a sponsor if you want to. Lastly, activities such as working out at the gym or home can become monotonous in the game. 

Win Battles With Your Strength

Strength, stamina, and speed are the three main attributes, as in any other combat game. It’s best to concentrate on one thing at a time. Players must use the currency they gain during combat to develop their skills. The costs will rise when they successfully purchase a talent, and there is no way to go back, so it’s best to determine the path ahead of the time. Buffs and debuffs come in various forms, each requiring some energy. Also, varied workouts have different effects on your metrics. Choose your abilities and work on them until they are at the maximum. During bouts, players can use kicks to break the enemy’s stamina, throw a hard punch, and so forth.  

Fighting is a difficult task

When players enter a fight that is non-interactive, it’s a gamble because the character’s powers can be misused. Players can earn skill points after completing a fight and use them to learn new moves and upgrades. However, if you lose a fight, you’ll still receive a few skill points.

To prepare for any conflict, you must be in good health. You will receive damage during one, and because healing takes time, going into a fight with low health will harm your total points. Expensive upgrades can delay the deterioration process, but they can be a waste if better upgrades are available. 

Sound and graphics


The game is designed to look like something out of a 1990s movie, and the pixel art is just gorgeous, with 16-bit pixel characters and backgrounds. Every detail is classic and vintage in appearance, the colours are vibrant, and the animation and frame rates are flawless. Punch Club is advertised to enable 3D animation, although there are no 3D scenarios in the game.


The sounds and music are reminiscent of the 1990s, and the soundtracks by musician DaVince are diverse and entertaining to listen to. Overall, I don’t believe there are any issues with the sound.


Punch Club Mod APK is a fun game that combines simulation and fighting elements. Aside from its gameplay, it is distinguished by its retro aesthetics and lyrical sound. While playing the game, players can also find some enjoyable moments. Overall, “Punch Club” is well worth your time to relax and enjoy after an unpleasant day at work.

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