Rayman Jungle Run Mod Apk 2.4.3 for Android Users (All Unlocked)

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DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
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For the first time, Android gamers play the popular Rayman Jungle Run console game on their mobile devices. Take your ultimate excursions into the Livid Dead’s realm and quickly become addicted to the gameplay, exploring vast and entertaining levels. In this new release from Ubisoft Entertainment, you’ll get to try a funky and furious style of gameplay you’ve never seen before.

Our Rayman Jungle Run reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the game.


Players can team up with their favorite magical being, Rayman, in the game. Join him as he explores the Lands of the Livid Dead and encounters a variety of intriguing platformer puzzles. Take on a variety of levels with various settings and play styles, such as sprinting, jumping, flying, and punching.

Take advantage of the intuitive controls and easy side-scrolling gameplay. To gain special rewards, complete your levels using his unique skills and quick maneuverability. In the thrilling and intense runs, you’ll be chased by huge creatures. Avoid enemy strikes and keep on top of them at all times. Also, complete certain levels to progress to new locales.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

You Can Play Rayman in Its Original Form

Rayman Jungle Run is a terrific game to play on your mobile devices, especially for those who are already familiar with it. You can fully immerse yourself in the realistic and exhilarating gameplay directly on your Android smartphone.

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Make efficient use of the bright touch screen to steer Rayman past various hurdles and difficulties. As you go through the stages, take pleasure in the dynamic physics and controls. Rayman Jungle Run is also worth your time because it is driven by the same UbiArt Framework used in Rayman Origins.

Touch Controls 

Rayman Jungle Run offers smooth and convenient touch controls; these controls aid in the launch of Rayman over a blocking obstacle or slip under the ground to fast proceed to the finish line. Tap on the virtual buttons or utilize the gesture controls. Set your records by completing each level in the quickest time possible.

Take On a Variety of Fun Challenges

Rayman Jungle Run offers various intriguing stages to make the game more entertaining. You’ll also find that each level in the game is highly engaging, thanks to the growing difficulties. However, it provides both intuitive guidance and tutorials to help you rapidly become acquainted with the gameplay at the early levels. At the same time, as you progress through the game, you will find more difficulties. The game also includes an incredible new trek into the jungle for those looking for a more fun gaming experience. 

Make Use of Rayman’s New Abilities 

You can also equip your character with a variety of additional powers and abilities to aid Rayman in his epic quests. To assist your character in overcoming his challenges, use double jumps, wall dashes, hanging vines, and more. As you progress through the levels, you’ll get access to more powerful skills.

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Create a Fantastic Gallery 

You can also construct your gallery in Rayman Jungle Run for those who want to remember your favorite moments in the game. Take images during each run and save them to your in-game gallery. You are welcome to visit it at any time. In addition, you’ll be able to download unique HD photos to use as wallpaper on your devices.

Enjoy Intriguing Gameplay

In Rayman Jungle Run, gamers can enjoy their ultimate excursions into unknown regions to make the game more interesting. You’ll be caught in a variety of locales, each with unique features and gameplay. Enjoy the dodging action by running forward as quickly as you can to dodge the terrifying Boss Plant lurking behind you. The new Land of the Livid Dead should indeed be your next frontier.

Earn Your Exclusive Goodies by Completing Several Achievements

Along with its action sequences, Rayman Jungle Run offers the opportunity to participate in exciting achievements and in-game challenges. As you gain new special rewards, feel free to experiment with fresh and satisfying gameplay. You’ll come across some of the most incredible gifts that you won’t be able to find anyplace else.

With Friends and Online Gamers, Take On the Legendary Leaderboards

You can compete with friends and online players from all around the world and place yourself at the top of the leaderboard. You can engage in spectacular sprinting, jumping, flying, and even punching to advance ahead. Earn unique goodies by finishing the season on a high. 

Free Mod Version for Gamers 

Many Android gamers may not play Rayman Jungle Run on their mobile devices because the game is presently listed on the Google Play Store as a premium edition. However, you might prefer our modified version of the game, which is both accessible and unlocked. Download and install Rayman Jungle Run APK from our website to experience the fantastic gameplay. 

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Sound and Video Quality


Rayman Jungle Run delivers impressive graphics and art styles, precisely like other games, especially for those who are fans of this genre. Dive into the exciting worlds of runners and enjoy the sprints with your friends to win and achieve different prizes.


Players in Rayman Jungle Run are provided compelling music, making the game even more enjoyable and immersive. After a given amount of time, you’ll find yourself fully glued to the in-game audio sensations, something you won’t find in most other games.


Rayman Jungle Run is another amazing game for you to enjoy on your mobile devices if you’re a fan of the popular Banana Kong Blast, Sonic Dash, and the like. We don’t see why you shouldn’t enjoy it, especially when you can get it for free on your mobile devices.

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