Free Real Boxing 2.9.0 for Android Users (Mod Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperVivid Games S.A.
Size301 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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As you dive into the countless actions and difficulties in Real Boxing, sports and combat admirers will undoubtedly like this game. Find the powerful warriors, train and refine your talents, and be prepared for future fights. Take part in exciting battles with the best fighters as you compete in tournaments. Also, use different attack moves and skills to win games. Feel free to personalize your characters and change their appearance with various options. 

Our Real Boxing reviews will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic game.


Gamers will discover themselves enjoying their ultimate boxing trials in the game. As you begin your career, work your way up from the bottom by engaging in thrilling bouts with various fighters. As you go, you must defeat them to earn your reputation and money. Make use of the money you’ve acquired to train your players and get them ready for the upcoming trials. Take part in various tournaments that will take you all around the world. You’ll be pitted against the best fighters in the world; defeat them and become the best boxer in the world.

Gamers will undoubtedly enjoy themselves to the fullest as they delve into infinite real-time boxing matches thanks to interactive and enjoyable PvP battles.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

To Enjoy a Thorough and Rewarding Boxing Experience

With this wonderful game from Vivid Games, boxing enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy this game on their mobile devices. Personalize your boxer and prepare him through training and dressing for special events. Play in a series of exciting events against the best boxers worldwide. Simultaneously, you’ll be able to play fun online games with your friends and other online gamers from across the world. 

Take Part in In-Depth Boxing Battles Featuring Incredible Skills

The game has been developed after enormous amount of hard work and dedication. It looks beautiful, with loads of incredible power effects and realistic characters. It gives you the feeling of being at an actual boxing match when you’re surrounded by hundreds of screaming spectators and the players are giving it their all to win. Furthermore, throughout the fights, you can employ a variety of accessible maneuvers and methods, which adds to the realism.

Begin Your Interesting Career Today

Players can start the game as a rookie boxer. You can select from a group of 30 boxers, each with their own fighting styles and techniques. Put him through a variety of mini-games and prepare him for the ultimate fight. Earn the respect of your opponents both in and out of the ring as you develop into a true boxer.

There Are a Lot of Fascinating Training Opportunities 

The game also includes some fun training games that you can play with your athletes. Allow them to play fascinating mini-games with unique gameplay to improve their speed, strength, stamina, and skills. Not to mention that the game will help you quickly learn how to use the in-game controls, making things much easier.

Feel Free to Modify and Equip Your Boxers

With the enticing workouts, you can also prepare your boxer by outfitting him with high-quality equipment. Improve your speed with new shoes, punch faster and harder with new gloves, and increase your stamina with new shorts. It’s also a terrific opportunity to give your player a makeover and get him ready for the next battles. Assume the role of Rocky Balboa and take on the great challenges like a champion.

Play Games That Are Both Distinctive and Entertaining

The game also has thrilling weekly competitions that you can play and participate in. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you compete against others in thrilling challenges and achieve your goals. You’ll earn special incentives and unlock unique gear as you go through the tournaments. 

Take Part in Fun Additional Game Types

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Real Boxing can take part in exciting bonus game modes to engage in a variety of fun games. It’s up to you whether you want to participate in the thrilling Underground Tournaments and face off against crafty opponents in harsh combat with few restrictions. In any case, you won’t be disappointed because the gameplay is rather enjoyable.

Get Several Incentives by Staying Active

The game also provides interesting daily rewards and spins, which are incredibly beneficial to active gamers. As you progress through the Daily Rewards, you’ll find yourself collecting more and more exciting prizes. Return to the game regularly to get your rewards. Alternatively, try your luck with the Daily Spin. In either case, you’ll find yourself having a great time with the game.

Play the Game With Your Friends and Other Online Players

The game also includes an exciting real-time multiplayer mode that you can play with friends and Internet gamers from across the world. Begin by engaging in the thrilling multiplayer mode, where you can enjoy hours of entertainment while battling other players. Alternatively, challenge your friends to a PvP battle to see the best warrior.

It’s Free to Play

Even though the game offer exciting features, players can still get it for free on their mobile devices. Real Boxing is always free to download from the Google Play Store.

With Our Mod, You Can Get Limitless Coins

Gamers can play the modified version instead to make their experience more exciting and fun. You’ll have unlimited money, which will allow you to make several purchases without having to pay for them. We’ve also removed the obnoxious commercials bothering you for a long time. 

Sound and Video Quality


The game provides Android gamers with console-like boxing experiences straight on their mobile devices, thanks to spectacular 3D graphics produced using the powerful Unreal Engine. Enjoy spectacular boxing matches against other players in an immersive stadium with realistic visual effects.


As you enter into the game’s exhilarating experiences, become absorbed in the amazing in-game activities. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you discover fans yelling at you and hear the swish of fists moving around, thanks to the incredible sound effects that the game offers.

Installing the Real Boxing Apk With the Obb Data File


/SDCARD/Android/obb/com.vividgames.realboxing is where the OBB file should be extracted. Make sure the file is located in the com.vividgames.realboxing folder.

Restart the game if necessary. Enjoy!


Fans of boxing and combat games will like the epic gameplay that Real Boxing has to offer. Not to mention that you’ll be able to use our incredible mods. Those who have already played the game and are looking for a comparable experience can always play Real Steel Boxing Champions or World Robot Boxing.

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