Rebel INC Mod Apk 1.10.2 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperNdemic Creations
Requires4.4 and Up
Size71 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
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As you enjoy this great mobile game by Ndemic Creations, dive into the deep strategy games with numerous aspects to uncover in Rebel Inc. Explore its outstanding gameplay while immersing yourself in the game’s engaging narrative. Get access to amazing strategic gameplay that you won’t find in any other mobile game.

You can learn more about this fantastic game by the well-known Ndemic Creations with our evaluations.


In this new game, Android gamers will experience a whole new adventure. Join others in this great mobile title to discover the in-depth and incredible tactical gameplay. The game is set in a war-torn country that has recently emerged from civil warfare and foreign influences. You’ll be playing as a governor who will take control of the region and go up against the other governors in the game. Your ultimate goal would be to reduce tensions, calm the masses, and lead the country toward a brighter future.

And to accomplish so, you’ll need to win people’s hearts and minds. Begin by providing them with the basics to start a new life and develop appropriate policies in terms of economics and politics. At the same time, it’s critical to maintain order and stability while figuring out how to deal with the conflicts, particularly the obnoxious insurgents who are attempting to undo what you’ve already accomplished. Stop the fights over goods by dealing with them with force and charity.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s exciting features.

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Helpful Tutorials

Despite the sophisticated in-game aspects, Android gamers will find themselves exploring and experiencing the enjoyable and exciting gameplay in Rebel Inc. As you begin your trip, you’ll discover that you have access to various tutorials and instructions that will show you how to continue in the game. 

Take Control of the Many Regions and Bring Peace to the Country

As you begin your trip, you’ll discover that you have access to seven distinct regions, each of which is incredibly detailed and well-modeled. You’ll pick your starting region and begin the game’s conquest to gain control of the others. The aim is to control all seven of the regions to become the game’s most influential group. 

Choose From a Variety of Governors

You’ll also be able to choose from various governors to begin the game, each with its own set of features. Choose the ones that best suit your play styles and embark on your ultimate Rebel Inc. adventure. 

Detailed Gameplay

Android gamers will get access to the in-depth and realistic simulation games you’ve ever experienced on your mobile devices in the game. Begin by overseeing all parts of local government and dealing with various issues. Dealing with civilian enterprises will help to stabilize people’s lives. Strengthen your government so that you can administer the country successfully.

Deal With the Insurgents 

Android players will enjoy in-depth and spectacular mobile gaming experiences as they engage in epic fights with the insurgents in Rebel Inc. To counter your opponents’ tactics and approaches, use a variety of tactics and approaches both on and off the battlefield. 

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Amazing Artificial Intelligence 

To add to the game’s appeal, you’ll find the AI to be highly sophisticated and remarkable; it’s all down to the game’s developers’ clever algorithms. 

Saved Progress

Hardcore mobile players will appreciate that they can play the game for hours on end without fear of losing their progress. You’ll have full access to the save/load capability with Rebel Inc, which is always available to use anytime you’re playing the game. 

Enjoy the Game Whether or Not You Have Access to the Internet

Rebel Inc gamers can enjoy their in-game experiences with or without an Internet connection. As a result, Android gamers will find the game pleasant to play. At the same time, you’ll be able to make in-game purchases using the Internet.

Play the Game in the Language of Your Choice

Android gamers in Rebel Inc can also play the game in their language to make it more fun. You can play in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and many others. Immerse yourself in the game by speaking it in your native tongue.

It’s Free to Play

The game is currently available for free on Android devices. You can find it on the Google Play Store. Download it and enjoy its features. 

With Our Mod, You Can Play With Unlocked Features

The game comes with commercials and in-game purchases, which can be annoying. So, if you want to experience the full game, you should opt for our modified version instead. You’ll be able to access all the campaigns and gameplay without having to pay for in-app purchases. Not to add that all the obnoxious advertising will be deleted. All you have to do is get the Rebel Inc. Mod Apk from our website and install it.

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Sound and Video Quality


You’ll be introduced to the game’s in-depth, realistic, and atmospheric visual experiences as you play Rebel Inc. The game will let you explore the epic universe of tactical and strategic combat with detailed maps, great visual settings, and unique effects. Additionally, the low-resource graphics option ensures that you can play the game on your mobile devices without lags or stutters.


In addition to the fantastic visual experiences, players will appreciate the ambient sound effects and soundtracks throughout the game. Explore the fun and thrilling features while immersing yourself in the incredible audio effects of the battlefields, civilian lives, and so on. 

Download the Newest Version of Rebel INC Mod 1.10.2 for Android

Android gamers in Rebel Inc will undoubtedly appreciate their in-game experiences, thanks to the in-depth and strategic gameplay. We don’t see why you shouldn’t try it, especially since the game is free and unlocked on our website. Download it now and enjoy its features.

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