Robot Fighting 2: Minibots 3D Mod Apk 2.7.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperReal Fighting
Requires4.1 and Up
Size87.07 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Ads-Free
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Do you want to be a part of the spectacular battling action in the fantastic robot fighter championships? Looking to have your great fighter bots mimic the same amazing and entertaining in-game experiences? Then Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D is a terrific title on your mobile devices because of its awesome gameplay.

The game provides fantastic fighting experiences, with players pitting themselves against the best robot fighters with unique looks and abilities. Through various exciting in-game actions, put them all to the test. 

With our evaluations, you can learn more about the thrilling mobile gaming experiences in Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D.


Android gamers will take on the role of a challenger in an evil robot battling the universe. Gamers can design and modify their robots with a range of characteristics in this game. Feel free to use any available choices to get the most out of your amazing mobile gaming experiences.

Accept a succession of thrilling in-game robot fight stages as you engage in epic battles with your adversaries. You’ll be up against several opponents, each with unique and scary abilities. In the fantastic robot fights, defeat them with your great movements and epic strikes. 

Drive your robots to the epic location, where you’ll face off against different foes. Fight your way to the top and earn the title of having the best robots globally. 


The following are all of the game’s fantastic features.

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Addictive Gameplay

Start your ultimate robot combat adventures by diving into Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D’s simple gameplay. Enjoy the best mobile gaming experiences with your epic battles against nefarious robot foes. As you collide and burn, challenge them in thrilling and exciting combat.

Select and Personalize Your Robots

Gamers will be able to choose their favorite robots from 15+ distinct models, each with its unique skills and powers, as they go on their spectacular robot fighting gameplay. You can employ the game’s unique fighting techniques and unlock the game’s powerful fighting machines. Make the most available possibilities as you customize the machines with changeable armor and weapons. Feel free to customize your robots based on how you want to fight and their fighting techniques.

Slew of New Features and Updates 

There will be dozens of interesting upgrades and advancements for your robots. Feel free to perform several in-game objectives and challenges to unlock your rewards. Use the equipment and upgrades you’ve gathered to fully power up your favorite robots and create the ultimate battle machines. Gamers can level up their fighters and unlock awesome skills by collecting experience points from killing foes and defeating other robots. 

Multiple Stages and Challenges 

Robot Battling 2: Minibots 3D has hundreds of interesting levels that you can play indefinitely. In addition, you’ll always be able to participate in the fantastic daily survival challenges, which feature incredible confrontations against the toughest foes. Feel free to delve into the adventures and have fun completing the incredible challenges.

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Take Part in Intense Pvp Battles 

Android players can participate in fantastic in-game PvP bouts with other players. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the spectacular ranked games of the awesome leaderboard championships. Immerse yourself in epic battles with the best warriors from across the world. Win against them to get amazing goodies to power up your robots.

Awe-Inspiring Arenas 

You can also participate in thrilling arenas with distinctive settings and locales, which will contribute to the game’s appeal. Most significantly, you’ll be confronted by various traps and obstacles in the enormous robot battling arena, such as spike strips, kill saws, hell raisers, etc. 

Unlock Numerous Achievements 

The game also includes several achievements that you can unlock and use to enhance your in-game experiences. Complete these trials, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Furthermore, the achievements will award you, allowing you to join the fantastic Mech Robot Wars League.

Free to Play

Despite all the fantastic features available on mobile devices, the game is still free to play for all Android gamers. Download the game for free on the Google Play Store. However, it will entail advertisements and in-app purchases. As a result, play our customized version of the game instead.

Enjoy Unlocked Gameplay Experiences

If you’re not delighted with the standard game and want a more thrilling in-game experience, you can always play Robot Fighting 2 Mod Apk. To download and install the game, follow the on-screen instructions. 

Sound and Video Quality


You will not be disappointed if you expect a powerful and spectacular visual experience with the awesome combat in Robot Fighting 2 – Minibots 3D. The game features excellent battle gameplay that will remind you of the legendary War Robots Mod Apk and CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, thanks to its incredible 3D graphics.

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Android gamers can enjoy their wonderful robot fighting adventures with realistic and responsive audio and exciting visuals. The game’s tremendous sound effects and violent soundtracks will keep players entirely engrossed in their battles and allow them to enjoy the combats.


This wonderful game will pique the curiosity with its strong visuals, realistic audio effects, and incredible combats. Furthermore, with its spectacular PvP combat, the addictive online action will make you spend several hours on it. Download the game now and enjoy.

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