Rocket Sky Mod Apk 1.5.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperKwalee Ltd
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Rocket Sky is an intriguing game that takes advantage of a popular science topic. It is the act of launching rockets into the sky from the ground. Make sure your rocket isn’t too hot before you launch it. In this game, you must launch your rocket as far as possible into the sky. The game also forces you to buy more things to improve your rockets, achieve higher goals, and discover new planets. The game’s 2D graphics are modest, but they’re enough to make players feel the thrill of rocket launchers, thanks to colorful imagery and lively sound effects.

General Information

Rocket Sky was created by Kwalee, a game creator known for many inventive and dynamic online games that are incredibly engaging. The game gives you the task of launching rockets into space, and time your missile so that it flies as far as possible. 

Rocket Sky isn’t only about touching and launching rockets; players must also pay attention to the floor, which needs to be separated, reducing the missile’s weight and allowing it to launch further. The player gains a specific amount of gold for each successful launch, which can be used to purchase more floors or replace new rockets. 

The higher you climb, the faster the fuel burn rate increases, requiring players to stay incredibly attentive. If the lower deck of the missile is clicked too soon, it will leave before it has burnt, creating waste and limiting the missile’s ability to fly. They also use it in the space field, where even a minor error can cost you a lot of money. The rocket’s fuel-burning process, on the other hand, is independently replicated, with a circle positioned next to the player for easy viewing.

What Is Rocket Sky and How Do I Play It?

Launching a space rocket involves quick hands and eyes. You will be the one to detonate the explosive blocks in the spaceship’s hull to raise its head as high as possible to score. The more you play at a higher level, the more pleasure you will have. 

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Rocket Sky has simple gameplay and is similar to other dance games. The explosive bar’s movement speed increases as you get closer to the peak. You can modify and change the rocket with 50 different technologies. After some practice, you’ll be able to spend a reasonable amount of money on longer layers of chemicals to make the rocket fly higher. Spend 500 gold to input the random number, and you’ll be rewarded with a unique theme with orange, panda, flower, and bee.

Once you have mastered the art of Rocket Sky, you will be able to access the mode that allows you to transport people to the stars. You’ll gain a lot of money if you succeed in sending your friend to the stars. However, if the range is poor or the launch is aborted, you will lose nothing.

Tips and Tricks

In this game, your goal is to utilize brilliant tapping to launch your rocket into the sky. You can modify your rocket to reach even more stadiums, unlock new rocket kinds, and even keep it in orbit to avoid being hit by meteorites.

The object is to keep tapping the smartphone screen for as long as possible. The longer you press the button, the higher your rocket or missile will fly. However, if you plug in too late, you will lose the rocket, exploding and ending your race. You must tap on the rocket stage as soon as the green band appears. After that, measure your height against the small light on either side of the current stadium. You’ve won the game if you hit it on top. Lastly, the more accurate these movements become, the higher your rocket will fly.

You can upgrade your rocket using coins and earn additional ones by watching videos. It will begin by awarding you ten coins per level, up to 200 coins at level five, and so on. These can be used to acquire upgrades. You will get one coin for every ten points earned in the levels. You can also unlock more rockets, all of which will continue to upgrade at the same level as your current rocket. 

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When playing Rocket Sky, the primary purpose is to manage workstations on Earth and other planets. You can buy a group of workers and give them a set of instructions to build rockets that can go to other planets.

Construct Your First Rocket

You will begin the game with an empty workstation, and your first objective will be to get enough labor to assist you in constructing your rocket. The operator is also the most crucial employee, as he is responsible for keeping all of the levels in working order. Before launching the rocket to the moon, the first and second levels must be completed. You can purchase additional levels to build a larger rocket and receive a prize for a successful launch. Workers, like machines, take a long time to complete their tasks. 

Investigate the Milky Way

After completing the missile system, you can now explore all other planets, including the moon. Each planet has its interface, and if you wish to explore it, you must meet specific prerequisites. These conditions typically entail deploying particular number of rockets to that planet to open up the possibility of constructing a space station there.

Enhance and Customize Your Rocket

You’ll need to make more rocket parts, which can be purchased with in-game currency. By looking at the charging meter on the missile’s components, you can figure out how much money you’ll need to spend. The necessity of mastering and maintaining the balance of upgrades cannot be overstated. Upgrades for all workstations, including elevators, deliverers, and platforms, should be balanced. It will assist you in quickly increasing your money collection efficiency

Rocket Star Is a Good Alternative

Rocket Star is an excellent choice if you’re bored and don’t want to play challenging, multi-functional online RPG games. The game also implies that players do not need to play for hours every day to keep track of their progress.

Instead, Rocket Star is about getting to know the robots and learning more about the planet. So, what’s the best way to play Rocket Star? To play well, what secrets do we require? If you’re new to Rocket Star, keep the following tips and strategies in mind:

  • Collect items that workers drop: These items only remain on platforms for a few seconds before being converted to in-game money.
  • Whenever the word ‘Space Dog’ appears on the screen, click it: ‘Space Dog’ is a feature that can speed up production for any platform in seconds.
  • Keep an eye on the advertising in the game, even if they are bothersome. You will gain a hefty payout for watching advertisements in the game.
  • Don’t forget to click on the UFO frequently. Move throughout the galaxy to collect free goods to help you in the game.
  • Complete the following quests in the game: The same objectives will reward you with Skill Shards and Space Cash if you complete them (money).
  • Upgrade platforms and elevators regularly as it is critical for increasing production efficiency. You will be able to accomplish more goals.
  • Each space station has a leader appointed to help you manage while you’re away. When you have enough cards for a leader, you can unlock him. These cards can also be obtained from the space crate.
  • Every day or when crafting rockets, it will reward you with these space crates. Go to the bottom of the screen, click the plus sign, and choose your favorite person to get the leader. Once you’ve assigned the leader, his specific powers will assist you in producing more quickly.
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Rocket Sky is another wacky game from Kwalee, a company proficient in making these types of games. This game comes with a space station from where you have to launch a rocket as far as possible into the aforementioned space. To accomplish this, we must touch the rocket at precisely the right moment to generate a thrust that will increase in strength as we get closer to the target position. A rocket upgrade and customization mechanism are also included in the game. Both occur through using coins gained during play. Lastly, both iOS and Android versions of the game are available, and it has millions of downloads, just like every other game in this category.

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