Rolling Sky 3.5.7 for Android Users (Mod Unlimited Balls/Shields)

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DeveloperCheetah Games
Requires4.1 and up
Size87 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Balls/Shields
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Cheetah Games is one of the most successful publishers and has come up with another easy yet addictive mobile game. As you play the arcade ball game, immerse yourself in the musical enjoyment. Take on the tremendous levels and difficulties at Rolling Sky to put your eyes and hand coordination to the test. Learn more about this fantastic game as we examine it with our reviews.


Rolling Sky is easy to comprehend; all you have to do is to control the ball, such that it follows a straight path. But that’s not all; you’ll have to overcome a few obstacles along the way. Make sure you don’t get knocked off the tracks by avoiding the obstacles placed in your path. With the easy touch controls, you can direct the ball to jump, dodge, turn left and right, gather diamonds, and more.

Not only that, but the game also entails music, which means you’ll be able to listen to some great tunes along the route. As you avoid obstacles and guide your ball to triumph, keep your ears on the beat.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Simple Controls 

To begin with, Rolling Sky is a simple game in which you need to guide the ball in the appropriate path. Control it carefully to avoid a variety of obstacles along the way. To guide your ball to the finish line, players must have good eye-hand coordination, aided by the music’s tempo. Furthermore, the game features user-friendly interfaces that rapidly allow players to move between different in-game options. In Rolling Sky, look for the desired choices or make quick adjustments.

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Rolling on a Variety of Songs With a Variety of Elements

The game also includes a variety of courses to make your journey more thrilling and enjoyable. Some of them include Rocky Mountains, the unknown Universe, deep and gloomy jungles, immense snowfields, and fiery infernos.

Travel over unimaginable terrain and explore the fascinating places. It’s simple to obtain access to the destinations; all you have to do is commit to the game and complete your assignments. 

Furthermore, additional and more fascinating maps are available as the game progresses.

As You Continue, You’ll Be Able to Unlock New Music Tracks

Players in Rolling Sky also enjoy different pieces of music that include songs from a variety of genres. You can effortlessly listen to your favorite songs while immersed in Rolling Sky’s addicting gameplay. As you progress through the hurdles, keep your eyes on the beat. In addition, new music tracks are automatically updated with new game versions, just like the maps.

Discover Many Intriguing Customizing Options

Producers of this game also allow a variety of adjustments that can be made by the players. However, you can quickly change the ball’s appearance by selecting from a variety of options. Instead of just a plain steel ball, you can make your balls seem more fascinating. You can also change the difficulty and addictiveness of the maps by customizing them. Switching between different styles allows you to have a completely different experience. The visual effects as your ball hits obstacles, sprints, and more can be customized. 

Gameplay That Rewards You With Significant Prizes

Rolling Sky is one of the few Android games that genuinely cares about its players, which renders a competitive edge to it. One of its features include the opportunity to unlock and gather great prizes without paying a dime.

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To unlock your daily incentives, you can begin by being active and logging into the game regularly. The more you play, the better the prizes you’ll win. Furthermore, the game has certain thrilling occurrences that appear randomly for players to enjoy. Last but not least, even routine missions can be incredibly gratifying if you know how to maximize your efforts.

Complete Challenging Tasks and Achievements

Gamers in Rolling Sky can put their talents to the test by completing challenges and achievements in addition to the campaign mode. Complete them to get precious and useful accessories. 

Take a Look at the Addictive Internet Game

If you get bored with offline gaming, Rolling Sky offers an attractive online mode where you can compete against the finest players from around the world. Begin by putting them to the test in the leaderboards. Compete for the top spots in the ranks, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. You might even link the game to your social media accounts to see who is currently logged in. 

Free to Play

Rolling Sky is a free-to-play game, despite all its fascinating features. That means you can download it to your mobile devices whenever you want. Nonetheless, in-app purchases may substantially slow down your progress.

With Our Tweaks, You May Play for as Long as You Like

Our tweaks are quite useful if you’re annoyed by in-app purchases and advertisements. It also allows players to acquire unlimited money and bonuses. As a result, you can easily complete challenging levels or accumulate spectacular ball customizations.

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Sound and Video Quality


Rolling Sky offers an entirely different experience than other similar games because of its beautiful 3D graphics. Additionally, amazing visual effects help you experience the intensity.


Music is one of the most important aspects in a rhythm-based running game like Rolling Sky, and it demands a lot of attention. The creators of Cheetah Games adds hundreds of fascinating tracks by world-famous singers, including Alan Walker and others. 

Download the Newest Version of Rolling Sky Mod for Android (Version 3.5.7)

Rolling Sky comes with excellent physics and dynamics, in-depth gameplay, a plethora of discoverable material, and more. It’s difficult to deny the game’s addicting nature. Download the latest version and enjoy it for hours on end.

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