Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk 6.2.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Requires4.4 and Up
Size102 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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We all desire to be a superhero with superpowers, but we all know this isn’t possible. As a result, it’s always preferable to spend your time playing games and dressing up as your favorite superhero. Android gamers will have the opportunity to combat criminals and save the city in this new game from Naxeex.

Join our rope man on exciting adventures across Vice Town, where you’ll save the residents from dangerous gangs and criminals wandering the streets and corrupting the authorities. Use your special rope ability to fly throughout the city and jump between the buildings. To make the game more interesting, unlock new powers as you progress. Take part in the engrossing and exciting in-game stories will keep you glued to the action. Also, feel free to take your time exploring the city.

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Android players can join their interesting protagonist in Rope Hero: Vice Town, where they have an interesting rope power that allows them to create fire and attach it to any target. The rope can then be used to fly around the city or to assault your adversaries with rope shots. As you progress through your superhero adventures, you’ll discover a variety of new abilities that will empower your heroes.

Our hero must embark on adventures to free the town from the dangerous forces, which takes place in a chaotic metropolis where crime reigns supreme over orders and peace. Fight evil opponents in various quests that will lead you on a variety of exciting adventures and intriguing in-game activities. Make your hero more capable by unlocking new abilities and weapons. Explore the open-world city at your leisure while engaging in various entertaining gameplay.


Here’s a rundown of the game’s most exciting features.

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Take Part in Thrilling In-Game Activities

Rope Hero: Vice Town’s easy and freed touch controls will make shooting experiences more pleasant. You can engage in hand-to-hand battle or use various melee weapons to confront your opponents. Enjoy the dynamic shooter mechanics and freed experience when playing your favorite FPS game.

By Becoming a Hero, You Can Rid the City of Crime

You can now rescue Vice Town from its criminal gangs by assuming the role of the superhero that everyone is waiting for. Throughout many exciting tasks and difficulties, make excellent use of your gifted abilities to defeat the adversaries. Uncover thrilling adventures while also following an intriguing tale that will keep you engrossed in the action. To acquire prestige and fame, defend the people and defeat the enemies. As you go through the game, new tasks with increasing difficulty will become available. The increasing gameplay of Rope Hero: Vice Town will keep you entertained for hours.

Make the Most of Your Existing Superpowers 

You can also use your rope power freely and experiment with it to make the game more exciting. Unlock new abilities that will help your hero become stronger, more resilient, and more capable of overcoming difficult obstacles. Prepare your mega jumps and unlock amazing landings that will send shockwaves through enemies. Also, enhance your existing abilities with a variety of upgrades.

Weapons of Various Kinds

Android gamers will have access to various weaponry throughout the game, which they can quickly pick up and use from their armory. Feel free to use your standard shotguns, assault weapons, snipers, or even bazookas to fire at your opponents. The game also includes a large variety of technical weapons, which will undoubtedly add to the excitement of the action. 

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You can use the freezing cannon to temporarily freeze your opponents, such as robots, automobiles, or tanks. Try out the incredible flamethrower guns, which can set anything on fire with a single shot. Have fun with your fantastic Gravigun, which will draw all of your foes towards you. Alternatively, you might use the Dance Gun to have everyone dance for you, which is nuts.

Wander the City in Style With These Unique Automobiles

Android gamers can traverse the city in various vehicles, each delivering its distinct ride, to make their in-game excursions even more intriguing. Have a good day driving about the city in your SUV or bicycle. Alternatively, you can board one of the legendary tanks capable of taking out an entire army. 

Numerous Interesting Gadgets

Android gamers can explore a variety of unique gadgets in Rope Hero: Vice Town, which will make their hero’s task more entertaining and convenient. Feel free to ride your skateboard about the streets, especially on tight bends with small areas that are difficult to navigate with your ordinary car. Work with the glider to let your hero fly quickly and easily. You can easily snap beautiful selfie photographs from the game with the included selfie stick, which is a wonderful addition that you don’t see in other games.

Explore the City at Your Leisure 

Rope Hero: Vice Town offers unlocked adventures, to make your in-game experiences even more exciting. Instead of completing assignments, you can spend your time exploring the city at your leisure. Play around with your vehicles and try to pull off some impressive feats with the ramps offered. Explore the city for available loot, which includes a variety of exciting gifts. If you’re weary of being the hero, stroll around and start shooting.

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Use the Offline Mode

To make the game more accessible, Rope Hero: Vice Town has an offline mode that includes all desirable features. There’s no need to use Wi-Fi or mobile data to play your superhero game anymore.

Take Advantage of Our Website’s Unlocked Games

We also have a customized version of Rope Hero: Vice Town available on our website to make the game more pleasant and accessible. All you have to do now is go to our website and download the Rope Hero: Vice Town Mod Apk, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


Naxeex has exposed Android gamers to a fascinating open-world adventure with many interesting in-game things to explore, thanks to compelling 3D graphics. Simultaneously, the game’s accessible and undemanding aesthetics will ensure that everyone can play it on their devices. Enjoy the spectacular actions and battle experiences, owing to the stunning visual effects, realistic in-game physics, intriguing animations, and more.

Music and Sound

Rope Hero: Vice Town encourages the actions and storylines with a variety of amazing soundtracks and sound effects for Android gamers, in addition to the exciting gameplay and visuals. 


Prepare to don your blue superhero costume and assist your hero on his quest to combat the baddies and restore peace to the residents of Vice Town. Rope Hero: Vice Town will ensure that your actions are always filled with excitement, thanks to engaging storylines and thrilling in-game components.

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