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Royal Revolt 2 is a strategic game in which players have to construct defense lines and attempt to seize other bases. Collect and upgrade stuff like weapons and armor to customize and power up your King. Battle with your army and defend your throne from the enemies. Develop your kingdom, improve your defenses and forge strong partnerships. The Royal Revolt 2 craze hasn’t subsided in the last six years. And it’s clear to see why new players continue to flock to it. 

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the popular strategy-based game, Royal Revolt. The latest sequel can be played on Windows 8 smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

General Information

In this game, you’ll go on real-time raids against enemy kingdoms to grab gold. Employ these items to construct your city and defense agency, strengthen your army and defend yourself against other players’ attacks. When the time comes to assault, you’ll take the role of a sword-wielding hero who will lead the army into battle. You can mobilize knights and archers and unleash strong ranged attacks, unlock enormous monsters, fire wizards, and mortars. 

To clean up quickly:

1. Use magic.

2. If a hail of explosives is heading your way, employ your hero to deflect them.

3. If any soldiers fall behind or rush your body forward without thinking, don’t forget to sound the battle horn to call all forces to your position.

The defense, on the other hand, is fully automated. However, you must ensure everything is in order. Construct a long, twisting road leading to your castle, with several obstacles. When the adversary tries to destroy your defensive barrier, the enemy will fall into a wide gap if the tower is placed correctly. You can release creatures from vicious pandas to long-eared rabbits to defend the city entrance. Conquest Mode on the hexagon grid battlefield allows you to form alliances online. You can team up with an ally to expand the region and get more resources. 

Background Information

In the game, the player’s primary job is to construct, defend, and conquer. This section incorporates both offensive and defensive elements. You must construct castles, expand their defense lines, set traps, and deploy formidable turrets to defend the base. Not only that, but embark on adventures and explore your friends’ lands in the game too.

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After each battle, you will gain experience points and gold coins, which you can use to improve the strength of your army and construct castles and ramparts. You can optionally design perilous curves or traps for the enemy. 

What Is Royal Revolt 2 and How Do I Play It

Royal Revolt 2 is a real-time strategy-oriented game that includes construction, engineering, army research, and the manufacture of defensive weapons. Royal Revolt 2 is a game that allows players to use turrets, gates and traps to change the layout of the terrains. Almost all of the game’s features are inextricably linked to gems that players will use their money to convert. 

Alternatives to Consider

Kingdom Rush Is a Good Alternative

Kingdom Rush is a game with familiar gameplay mechanics but entails many rounds and deadly monsters. Anyone who wants to succeed will face a difficult task. The player’s primary objective is to defend his kingdom from hordes of enemies. For this reason, the player’s priority is to construct fortresses and guard posts along the highways that monsters must cross, stopping and destroying them.

Players will need to correctly arrange their fortifications because they have a limited range. They can build any of the four fortresses. Archer Tower, Militia Barracks, Mage Tower and Bombard, each having its own unique features.

During conflicts, the player can upgrade fortifications with gold acquired by slaying enemies. A fortress’s strength and look will alter as it progresses through the levels. Aside from leveling up, players can utilize experience points earned in matches to upgrade stats in the game. 

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Final Thoughts

Royal Revolt 2 features stunning 3D visuals, vibrant and lifelike visual effects and music to the original. If you enjoy role-playing games with aspects of strategy-based games, Royal Revolt 2 is a good choice. Create your kingdom, develop your defense line, make alliances, and defeat opponents. The game was voted one of the greatest games of 2020 by its users. Fight against tens of thousands of real-life opponents worldwide to prove you are a true king. You’ll need an online connection to play Royal Revolt 2 and purchase optional in-app packs. Start the struggle for the throne today by downloading Royal Revolt 2 for free.

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