Rules of Survival Mod Apk 1.610637.613906 for Android Users (Aim Lock & More)

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DeveloperNetEase Games
Requires4.1 and Up
Size88.97 MB
MOD FeaturesAim Lock & More
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Those looking for a fun multiplayer FPS game will like Rules of Survival. The gameplay provides enjoyable and exciting experiences, with Android gamers immersing themselves in action. In this challenge, you’ll be joined by friends and Internet gamers from all over the world.

As you play this wonderful game from NetEase Games, you will discover the unique and refreshing gameplay of Battle Royale. Choose your weapons from a large selection and explore the various maps to find out about their unique and interesting surroundings. With Rules of Survival, you can take on several thrilling tasks.

With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


Following the PUBG craze, a slew of new Battle Royale games has been released on the mobile platform. Share spectacular shooter experiences with friends and gamers from around the world. With fantastic team matchups or solo combat, have fun with various activities and in-game challenges.

Take on the ultimate battles with the classic aspects of Battle Royale gameplay as you dive into the spectacular challenges with a selection of various firearms and weaponry. Enjoy the entertaining shooter tasks that will allow you to experience unique gameplay with magnificent mechas. As you fight your conflicts in a more entertaining way, hop aboard a selection of incredible machines and robots.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Take Part in Traditional Battle Royale Action

You can join up to 100 other gamers in a single matchup here, where you can compete for the ultimate title by being the last one standing. In amazing shootouts, take on your opponents as you take on every player on the map. Explore the beautiful locations around you, gather various gears and weapons, participate in many shooter challenges with other players, and, most importantly, try to remain alive until the game’s conclusion to be the champion. Because, like any other Battle Royale game, the ring of death will arise after a certain amount of time in the game.

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A Large Map With a Variety of Features

Gamers in Rules of Survivals will have the opportunity to enjoy the epic gameplay while exploring the enormous in-game maps with intricate designs. Explore the enormous landscapes, which feature a diverse range of terrains. Challenge your opponents in various shooter scenarios, ranging from head-on shootouts to long-range sniping.

Rules of Survival allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in action with a choice of various maps and setups to enjoy. There will be new locations and experiences to discover each time you play the game.

Play With Your Friends or by Yourself

You can also participate in the ultimate in-game challenges while enjoying the gameplay. Become the Last Man Standing after taking out your adversaries. Alternatively, you can play in team mode and defeat the entire opposing squad to win. You’ll find yourself immersed in a lot of fun and excitement during your game, with up to 120 survivors per battle.

There Are a Variety of Rifles and Accessories 

Players will have access to a range of weaponry and accessories, each with its own set of abilities and purposes. Walk around your neighborhood looking for new things and accessories. Pick up the necessary items and enter the ring, attempting to stay alive. Use the appropriate and capable loots to obtain an advantage over your opponents.

Hop on Several Vehicles and Explore the Terrains

Along with dramatic shootouts, gamers in Rules of Survivals will also be faced with the greatest racing adventures, in which you can choose from a variety of vehicles and embark on ultimate rides. Compete against your opponents in dramatic chases over varied landscapes, and take the races to the air or water. With a large variety of vehicles to choose from, including incredible gliders, boats, and even robots, you’ll have a lot of fun with Rules of Survivals’ ultimate driving challenges. 

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Simple Touch Controls 

To add to the game’s appeal and accessibility, gamers in Rules of Survival will appreciate the game’s pleasant and easy touch controls. That is to say; the game successfully blended both touch and gesture controls. This makes it simple for gamers to navigate their avatars and make moves against their opponents. Change your weapons quickly and keep an eye on the surroundings. The game is a lot of fun, especially with the excellent controls similar to those seen in games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

Customize Your Heroes With Amazing Skins and Customizations

Gamers can also design their in-game characters with a range of various possibilities. Change their appearance by putting on new hats, shirts, shoes, pants, and special costumes. Dress according to certain themes and earn respect from others by personalizing your characters.

It’s Free to Play

The game is currently available for free on Android smartphones for all Android gamers. All you 

have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download and install the game without paying anything.

Have Fun With Our Website’s Customized Gameplay

Gamers in Rules of Survival will also have access to our modified version of the game. This includes unlocked features and comprehensive gameplay. All you have to do is go to our website and download and install the Rules of Survival Mod Apk.

Sound and Video Quality


The game exposes Android gamers to excellent visual experiences with beautiful gunfights and explosions. Precise and engaging physics makes the game more entertaining and interesting, especially when you get hooked on the shooter encounters. Not to mention the game’s atmospheric designs, which make it a lot of fun. Furthermore, the customizable aesthetics allow gamers to tailor their in-game experiences.

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The game includes fantastic sound effects and amazing audio experiences in addition to its attractive images. With powerful soundtracks, incredible audio effects, and more, you’ll be thoroughly involved in the gameplay. All of this combines together to make the game fun to play.

What Is the Procedure for Installing Rules of Survival Mod Apk

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Rules of Survival will undoubtedly be great for people who appreciate the explosive Battle Royale gameplay. That being said, the great multiplayer FPS challenges will help you to get the most out of the game. Download the game now and enjoy.

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