Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk 1.039.07 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGarusoft Development Inc.
Requires6.0 and Up
Size151.05 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Enjoy the engaging adventures in SAKURA School Simulator, where you can create and design your high school character, on an exciting academic year. Enjoy the in-depth and interactive aspects that will keep you hooked on the fantastic school adventures.

Simultaneously, enjoy the gameplay, in which you control your avatar and go on an all-out rampage around the world. Pick up your jetpack and take a spin around the city. Transform into colossal figures and roam the entire region. Discover new weaponry that might help you better your game. 

You can learn more about this fantastic mobile game from Garusoft Development with our in-depth reviews.


Android gamers will get the opportunity to enjoy the amazing stories in the SAKURA School Simulator, which will introduce gamers to exciting adventures of high school. Feel free to explore your immersive school life simulation in traditional ways, such as going to school, joining groups, and making friends with your classmates.

Alternatively, enjoy the thrilling action gameplay, allowing gamers to lead their super-powered anime characters through epic battles. Use your punches and kicks to knock out classmates. 

However, all of the damage you do will be undone the next day; the only thing that will change is people’s perceptions of you.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

In-Game Controls Are Simple

Thanks to the intuitive and interactive controls in the game, you can easily move around and do different actions. Connect and converse with a person to strike and kick them in the face or enable unique equipment such as the Jetpack. 

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Exciting School Life

Android players will have a blast in the game as they immerse themselves in thrilling school life. Have fun chatting with your classmates. To start fighting and make someone detest you, punch them. Alternatively, you can embark on romantic love travels too. Take a look around the enormous school, which has a variety of intriguing sections for you to explore at your leisure. 

As you move through the game, interact with the teachers and pupils. Also, explore the town, which has a variety of interesting places to visit. Last but not least, the game’s exciting occurrences and random interactions will ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

Take On Enormous Rampage Scenarios

Have a good time with the in-game characters in classic hand-to-hand combats. Alternatively, you can start having fun with the fantastic action gameplay by borrowing weapons from the Yakuza office. In your epic in-game combat, fly around on your jetpack and try to shoot down any target.

Also, don’t worry about murdering anyone in this game because the characters aren’t supposed to die. As a result, they’ll wake up alive the next day with no damage to their health bar. Their hatred for you is the only thing that will alter.

Play Up to Four Different Characters

Gamers can attempt to play as numerous characters in the same game. Play with up to four different characters and let them freely interact with one another. Customize and design your narrative in planned interactions and have fun.

Interesting Goods to Work With 

Android gamers will love the fascinating gear and weaponry available, which they can easily equip on their characters to enable intense action gaming. Feel free to think of new and exciting methods to explore and enjoy.

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Have Fun With the Dressing Game

You’ll find yourself enjoying unique adventures in Star Girl’s exciting dressing gameplay. Dress up your amazing characters in various costumes and outfits, and use unique accessories to modify their appearances. This will ensure gamers can easily create their characters according to their preferences.

Completing Accomplishments 

SAKURA School Simulator includes several achievements that you can try to complete to progress further in the game. Unlock fun achievements and collect your unique gifts.

Change the Camera View to Your Choice 

SAKURA School Simulator also has a changeable camera perspective that allows Android gamers to modify their in-game experiences while playing the game. Zoom in and out of your characters as needed, and rotate the screen quickly to inspect the map completely. 

Save and Load Your Game Quickly

SAKURA School Simulator also provides rapid save and load options to use during the game. You can use them to load your game or go back to several critical scenes.

Take Pictures of Memorable Moments 

The built-in camera can be used to capture memorable moments in the game. Allow the camera to record your fantastic and badass moments in the game by enabling the camera option.

Play the Offline Version of the Game

DaruSoft introduces offline simulation gameplay for Android players to enjoy. You can access your saved games without connecting to the Internet or using your mobile connection.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all the fascinating in-game features, SAKURA School Simulator is still available for free to all Android players. As a result, you can always have fun with many of its fascinating features without paying anything.

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With Our Mod, You May Access All of the In-Game Material

Android gamers will have a lot of fun with their unique simulation games, thanks to our website’s customized and unlocked gameplay. You can use intriguing hacks to make your character nearly unstoppable. Download the SAKURA School Simulator Mod APK and enjoy for hours on end.

Sound and Video Quality


SAKURA School Simulator allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the distinct school scenarios, thanks to its engaging graphics and fascinating 3D components. Playing the game is a lot of fun, and it allows you to create unique relationships between your characters. 

Music and Sound

Prepare to be immersed in SAKURA School Simulator’s fantastic world and enjoy the spectacular in-game adventures with interactive sound effects and fascinating tunes. 


Android gamers will have the opportunity to experience the mobile title fully. Have fun with the game’s intriguing characters, exploring the vast surroundings, which offer a variety of activities and in-game aspects to experiment with. Most importantly, the game is free and unlocked on our website.

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