Scary Teacher 3d Mod Apk 5.17 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Have you considered scaring the villains? Isn’t that a ridiculous idea? Because it doesn’t take long for a quick retort. But wouldn’t it be a good chance if you could deliver a lesson to the mean people? That’s precisely what you’ll get with Scary Instructor 3D. This game entails various tricks and pranks to scare and tease the nasty high school teacher. Enjoy the unique and refreshing gameplay as you freely explore the locations and take your vengeance on the wicked lady. 

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about the fantastic game from Z & K Games.


Android gamers will find themselves having fun with the humorous simulation gameplay, exploring the spooky abode of the wicked instructor. Play various game modes and freely walk through the house, searching for items and using them to torment the head mistress. Plan your actions carefully and develop various creative ideas to ensure that you can quickly get past her defenses. This should assist you in relaxing your nerves and easing tension.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Gameplay

Thanks to the basic control options, Android gamers will immediately become accustomed to the intriguing simulation and puzzle action. You can freely roam around the house and use the action buttons to leap, duck, or do whatever you need to get out of the way of the terrifying teacher. Also, the in-game experiences are fundamental and accessible. All you have to do is obtain your objectives, get the tip, work on the tasks, and enjoy seeing the angry teacher respond to the pranks. Its hard stealth-action gameplay and humorous moments make it highly enjoyable and addictive.

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Explore the Open-World House at Your Leisure

Android gamers can freely explore the open-world area, which includes a big house, garden and the rooftop. Feel free to wander around the house, enter different rooms, and plot new pranks by using different auxiliaries. 

Prank With Several Items and Tools

Scary Teacher 3D will provide a range of discoverable items that you can find in the house to plan your antics. You can freely explore the rooms on each level and look for the required objects. Make use of your imagination to develop unique solutions to the game’s obstacles. Most importantly, this game has a tracking feature which can provide you with a view of where the teacher is. 

Various Chambers With a Variety of Mysteries

Gamers will get access to 15 various rooms in Scary Teacher 3D’s vast house, each with its unique gameplay. In Scary Teacher 3D, you are free to participate in the addictive in-game mysteries and have fun solving the unusual riddles. Explore these unique adventures and enjoy Scary Teacher 3D’s fantastic gameplay to the fullest.

Variety of Game Modes to Choose From

For those interested, Scary Teacher 3D now has a variety of game modes to choose from, each with its own set of experiences.

Career mode: Begin by enjoying Scary Teacher 3D’s gameplay by completing a variety of in-game adventures, each with its set-ups and stories. Investigate the various tasks for dealing with your foes. Enjoy the career mode, which has dozens of different storylines to discover.

Teaser mode: For those of you who want to start scaring the harsh teacher, you can use the accessible teaser mode, which includes a variety of toys to play with. As you try out everything in this mode, feel free to toss cakes, scary creatures, and a variety of other stuff at her.

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Multiplayer: A unique online gaming option has been included to allow gamers to have more fun in the game. Feel free to play the game with your friends and other online players too. 

Have a Good Time Playing Offline 

Gamers can also enjoy Scary Teacher 3D’s career and teaser game modes without connecting to the Internet. When you’re outside and don’t want to use your mobile data, you can still torment the head mistress with all the objects and tools that you possess. 

Gameplay for All Ages 

In addition, despite the horrific theme, parents can let their children enjoy the fun and imaginative gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D. The game is completely designed for gamers of all ages, with no blood and gore effects and hilarious and pleasant approaches, comparable to Ice Scream Episode 2.

Pick Up Your Daily Prizes

Gamers in Scary Teacher 3D will also have access to exciting in-game daily incentives that they can earn. Thanks to the stacking rewards, you’ll be able to enjoy your fantastic goodies at the end of the month.

It’s Free to Play

Despite all fantastic in-game features, Android players can still enjoy Scary Teacher 3D for free on the Google Play Store. 

You can use the majority of the in-game features without spending any money by downloading the modified version.

On Our Website, You Can Play an Unlocked Mobile Game

As the game is full of advertisements and pop-up menus, you can get rid of them by going to our website and installing the modified version. Follow the on-screen instructions for a proper setup. 

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Sound and Video Quality


Scary Teacher 3D allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the scary action with captivating 3D graphics and on-theme visual experiences. At the same time, with the addition of powerful and fascinating in-game aspects, you can find yourself even more enthralled by the experiences. Finally, Scary Teacher 3D mobile gamers should find it relatively easy to enjoy the smooth and delightful mobile title on any of their Android devices, thanks to the low-demanding in-game graphics.

Music and Sound

Gamers can enjoy with the mesmerizing in-game music and an engaging soundtrack, in addition to the unique graphics and immersive images. All of these should add to the game’s excitement.


Prepare to dive into Scary Teacher 3D’s horror gameplay as you try to fool and joke about the nasty teacher. Come up with various inventive and ingenious strategies to deal with her heightened vigilance. Download it now and enjoy for hours on end.

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