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School Days, a free high school simulation game, has been released by Mdickie. This game provides you with a brand-new environment in which you can engage in school activities, social events and acting like a lovebird. Overall, its gameplay is extensive and necessitates daily experience accumulation. However, its graphics, in our opinion, are not suitable.

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You have a real-time experience of living your life from your home to school. Getting out of bed and attending a planned lesson, getting good grades and interacting with friends. In a city full of objects and people, you must explore and visualize. 

If you want to get a good grade, you’ll have to choose your answers in ten different topics. On School Days, there are contests in the hall where you must answer questions to achieve a high score. In addition, this game requires you to choose whether your day is filled with happiness or misery.

You can customize the game’s built-in mechanisms and features. For starters, you can work with a student or modify the entire staff and faculty of the school. This customizable option makes it more appealing than ever, providing players with fascinating and new experiences.


H3 – Take Advantage of the Real High School Experience

Your school experiences come alive when you are engrossed in School Days. For instance, if you want to complete the level, ensure you arrive on time and avoid getting into any fights. You can’t concentrate on the class when you’re fighting because your energy is depleted.

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During play, there are three ways to achieve a high score. Firstly, you can read literature to locate the answer. This procedure takes time and isn’t always accurate. Secondly, you can receive the solution from another student, but you must pay for it. Finally, you can also cheat by looking up the answer on the Internet. You can also skip classes and loiter around the area without any restrictions. As there are no maps in this game, it’s simple to become lost. 

Simple Gameplay

This game, in our opinion, includes a lot of activities, and offers simple controls. You can, for example, press A to attack, R to run, P to pick up, and G to grapple. Compared to Hard Time (Prison Sim), School Days provide additional opportunities for more complex behaviors. If you want to start a massive battle, for example, you can press Run and Attack at the same time. You can press Pick-up and Run if you want to burn your opponent.

Purchase Isn’t Necessary

One of the reasons people enjoy this game is that it is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get started and you don’t have to spend any coins to level up or unlock a fun feature, either.

Video and Sound Quality


The game’s graphics design is a major flaw. To begin with, we cannot deny that the game’s scenes are rather varied. However, the concepts are incredibly genuine and alive. In terms of quantity, the graphical design of this game is acceptable. All the characters’ customs, hair colors, and designs are antiquated and it will transport you back to the 1990s.

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The in-game mobility is not as fluid as you might expect. On the other hand, the game’s characters have no facial emotions. We understand that this is only a 2D game, and we shouldn’t expect too much. However, School Day’s aesthetics are a unique drawback compared to other 2D games like Hard Time (Prison Sim).

Effects Sonores

While the graphical design entails some flaws, the game’s sound effects are strong and audible. However, its inexplicable buzzing causes a bit of disturbance. Everyday sounds, such as an alarm clock, ambulance siren, and school guitar practice, can also be heard during play. On the contrary, the noises produced in this game aren’t complicated or unusual, just ordinary sounds that you can hear in your city. 


In general, this is a fantastic simulation game that offers different activities and routines of school life. For instance, discussing results with teachers, enjoying the class, and others. 

Aside from that, if we talk about sound effects, we give this game an 8/10. However, if you’re talking about graphic design, it’s just a 5/10 as it is outdated. 

Also, keep in mind that this is a game for people aged 17 and up. You’ll have to battle a lot in this game, and also simulate a kissing scene. Please do not play this game in front of your child or show it to them.

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