Shadowmatic Mod Apk 1.4.3 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperTriada Studio Games
Requires4.4 and Up
SizeVaries with device
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Unlocked
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Shadowmatic is a 3D puzzle game that is developed by Triada Studio Games, an independent studio. The game is known for its realistic 3D graphics and its hard and soothing gameplay. The extremely detailed graphics, high resolution, comfortable controls, and multi-touch experience on the phone impresses players.


Triada Business, a computer animation studio with decades of industry experience, created and developed Shadowmatic. The game provides inventive challenges by highlighting abstract elements.

The game takes you on an exciting long journey, during which you will encounter a variety of unexpected and incredibly diverse silhouettes. There are a variety of environments in the game, each with its own experience, ambience, and soundtrack. The game’s first 14 levels are available for free in four different environments.

The puzzle genre is well-represented in the game. You must finish 100 levels in 12 different settings. Sub-goals must be completed, and success points must be shared with friends. Shadowmatic gives the feeling of viewing stunning photographs as though they were works of art. When you go to Arcade mode, you’ll see a lot of intriguing silhouettes. The gameplay is simple to pick up, but understanding the challenge requires imagination. 

The game features a lot of new content. If you start playing the game, you will be able to explore three distinct theme environments (Ancient World, Music, and Space) with over 30 thrilling levels. A hint system is included in the game. However, if you want to get the most out of the game, you should minimize your hints usage.

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During the game, you utilize a powerful light source that reflects objects on the wall. The player’s job is to rotate the object till the shadow makes a good silhouette. On some levels, two or three objects are present simultaneously. Players will attempt harder to rotate objects appropriately in 3D space as their number and size grow. 

The game’s content focuses on solving puzzles. It also includes several stages where each level has its unique theme. When you join the levels, the environment takes on the appearance of a forest. The surroundings look like a kindergarten if you join the kid-themed stages. Look at the progress meter to figure out on which level you are. 

The game includes three ranks: score, level completed, and secret discovered. Shadowmatic highlights the fundamental concepts of light and space arrangement. Players must perfectly align floating objects to create the perfect shadow as the challenges become more difficult. Players feel the delicate curves of light that generate flowing shadows around freely rotating objects. 

The 3D shapes stand out in terms of structural intricacy, although the game isn’t a pioneer in silhouette-based puzzles. When players complete challenging levels, they will notice the difference. To make distinctive shapes out of shadows, players must combine different types of objects and textures. The game’s concept is intriguing, and the player will require a significant amount of time to complete the problem. You must use your imagination to move the shapes and form a complete design. Everything is simple at first, but the task will become progressively difficult with the addition of specific structures.

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A hint system is also included in Shadowmatic; there are four hints on each level. The first and second proposals are merely hints about the theme, and the final indication is the theme, which also provides direct information about the object. Finally, the fourth clue reveals the silhouette that must be deciphered.

A “Hint Point” is required if you wish to use hints on each level. You will be granted a set quantity of hints right at the start of the game. Hints can also be obtained through completing tables, earning daily awards, or purchasing using real money.


Shadowmatic controls involve rotating objects. To rotate them, you can use your fingers. You’ll learn how to rotate the image using one finger and two fingers. To complete the challenges, you’ll need a little patience and inventiveness. There are two or three objects on each stage, and a button is provided to switch controls between them. To find a solution, you hold down the “convert” button while sliding one finger across the screen to follow two objects’ around each other. You can also get advice on rotating things in the appropriate direction by pressing the assistant button in the upper right corner.

Sound and Graphics

The 3D graphics are absolutely beautiful, and the game brings graphical experience to life in an entertaining and relaxing way. The game is divided into 12 rooms, each with its theme, ambiance, and soundtrack. The game entails 3D lighting effects, which provides an attractive view. 

Alternatives to Consider

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Check out “Monument Valley 2” if you enjoy 3D visual puzzles. In this game, you become a part of an exploration journey of the world. Study the secrets of Sacred Geometry while admiring magical constructions, exploring illusory paths, solving exciting riddles, and admiring magical structures. The game features stunning 3D graphics and live music set in a fantastic setting.

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If you enjoy 3D image puzzles, Shadowmatic is an excellent pick. You use your hands to construct appropriate silhouettes from various odd forms. You can make a rabbit, a kettle, and much more complex animals (about animals or stuff) in real life.You must spin abstract items in the spotlight to complete the puzzles. The game is a fantastic blend of stunning 3D graphics and soothing and intriguing gameplay; you’ll come across numerous unexpected and incredibly diverse silhouettes on your adventure of discovery. Download the game now and enjoy.

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