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Suppose the space simulation of the infamous video game Kerbel Space Program has piqued your interest. In that case, Simple Rockets is an alternative that transforms you into a member of nascent space projects on your Android device. Simple Rockets is a simplified 2D experience for building rockets and exploring space using real-world orbital physics engines. Jandro released it for mobile in 2013, and it has been available on PC and Steam since 2015.

Simple Rockets, along with Simple Planes, a building-airplane game with a similar idea, is the work of Jandro, a young development team. In all of its games, Jandro focuses on understanding how the devices are created and used.


This is a simulation game where users build and control rockets to explore a solar system called a “Smolar System.” Everything is around 90% smaller than it is in real life. Smearth, for example, is a tiny counterpart of Earth that is 10% the size of our planet. Despite this, the surface gravity and atmospheric pressure are the same.

Science, including engineering, astronomy and gravity, are the key themes that the developers aim for when producing this game. With this notion, the game pushes players to use analytical, problem-solving, and critical/logical thinking skills to complete various tasks and difficulties. You can create your rockets with various designs ranging from simple to complicate. These tutorials will teach you how to design, manufacture, fly, orbit, and land rockets, which are your primary responsibilities in the game.

The initial step in training is to construct a simple rocket by dragging and releasing its components into the proper positions. The rocket should have enough components to complete a mission successfully. The following procedures will assist you in completing all of the required stages and preparing to explore the universe and take on challenging assignments.

After completing the spacecraft, you can utilize it to participate in various game modes. For example, in Sandbox mode, you can freely explore all of the planets in the “solar system.” You can compete with other players in Challenge mode by flying, guiding, or landing rockets. In the following part, we’ll take a deeper look at this game mode.

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Unique Customization

You can make your spacecraft using Simple Rockets. You can buy additional rocket skins in-app currency to make your spacecraft stand out among thousands of other rockets traveling through the solar system.

It also sells various equipment, like rocket engines, propelled wheels, fuel tanks, and other devices. With so many options, you may build a complete rocket ship by selecting and connecting whatever elements you like. On your trip to the universe, only your restricted imagination can stop you.

Space Exploration

Your journey will begin wherever in the solar system that you desire. Open the Smolar System and choose the planet you want to launch your rocket. You can also use your rockets to go across dozens of moons as well as countless meteoroids and comets. This function serves as a nice reminder that we live in a golden age where you can carry around the entire solar system and all of NASA’s spaceships in your pocket.

Educational Value

Simple Rockets isn’t just a game to pass the time, and it’s based on Kepler’s 400-year-old formulae for designing realistic orbital mechanics. You will learn something real about rocket physics and astrodynamics while navigating the space. By “real,” we don’t just mean “false animation for fun,” as in the plethora of space battle games on the market.

Simple Rockets is a fantastic STEM enhancement tool for schools, especially in physics and astronomy programs. While teaching children about engineering and physics, the game stimulates the imagination and the important scientific idea of trial and error. We strongly advise all teachers and students to use this app instead of dull books and presentations.

Clear Instructions

Simple Rockets is neither stiff nor difficult to understand while including knowledge of challenging scientific subjects such as machinery, astronomy and physics. For anyone who has no concept of periapse, there are instructions to lead you from beginner to space-flight expert. Even children with limited experience and unfamiliarity can benefit from a thorough training session. Watching your rockets go into orbit and accomplish missions one by one would be thrilling and inspirational.

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In addition, the creators have already developed suggestions and mini-tutorials for some of the more difficult missions to assist people who are having difficulty or are feeling overwhelmed. Once you have these items, you will be inspired to fly into space and see your rockets reach the top of the leaderboards, as well as your overall standing among the other players.

Several Obstacles

Simple Rockets offers a challenge mode in which users can compete in various challenges to determine who the best “astronauts” are. The competitions are not only fun, but are also realistic and useful. Flying races (to see whose ship travels the fastest and farthest), orbiting competitions (to see who can travel the farthest with a small, low-fuel rocket), safe-docking (to see who can land exactly on a defined point such as the moon with a satellite), are some of the challenges.

The missions will start easy and gradually become more difficult. The first task is to launch a rocket that only flies up to a height of at least 100 kilometers. The spaceship you’ll need to execute this mission is likewise simple: an engine, a command pod, and a fuel tank are all you’ll need. Later on, you’ll need a more intricate infrastructure to complete increasingly challenging objectives. For example, the mission that needs you to fly a rocket around the entire planet and land safely using a parachute will necessitate a complex-designed rocket.


Simple Rockets is a customized version and includes all of the customizations you’ve ever wanted in the regular program. The Simple Rockets Mod Apk unlocks all modes, allowing you to participate in any challenge you desire without having to wait for the software to be purchased or spend money to open the products.

Simple Rockets: What We Don’t Like

On the downside, although having a full training part, the touch controls can be a little tough to work through. After launching the ship, you must utilize touch sensors like buttons and a spinning circle known as the “steering wheel” to guide your transport flight in the proper direction. Landing is also a challenging technique to master, especially when using a parachute or a satellite.

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Teacher and Parental Advice

Adding Interest to Your Class

This tip is dedicated to science teachers. When teaching Simple Rockets to your pupils, attempt to figure out their stages and create a reasonable path for them to follow when playing the game. You might separate youngsters into small groups when they’re learning about basic engineering. Each group can try out different rocket designs before sharing what they’ve come up with. After that, advise them to explore the solar system in Sandbox mode using these designs.

Additionally, after your students are comfortable launching and orbiting, provides them with specific in-game challenges. Based on the Personal Best Scores functionality, you can also establish a class leaderboard with many successes and failures. This will keep the entire class motivated and striving to better their results.

Continue to Strive

Children will inevitably fail and become bored with Simple Rockets because it is still a science-oriented game despite the attractive graphics. As a result, parents and instructors should encourage youngsters to try again while watching them play the game. Make it clear to the youngsters that this is not an exam and they will not be penalized if they fail. Even if you’re a senior in high school or an adult, there’s a good chance your rockets will fail. Don’t let yourself down. Your continuous attempts to launch, orbit, and land rockets will undoubtedly pay off.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Simple Rockets Mod Apk, a 2D simulation of real rockets. So, are you ready to join this exciting game as a starship scientist and launch out into space? It’s entertaining, educational, and challenging; however, a few overburdened tasks can be annoying. You’ll also need to use prior math and physics knowledge to complete objectives. Download it and give it a shot.

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