Smashy Road: Wanted 1.4.9 for Android Users (MOD Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBearbit Studios B.V.
Requires4.1 and up
Size35.03 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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No matter what season it is, car games are always popular. Thanks to games like Need for Speed and others, this is one of the most popular and iconic genres in gaming. They’re popular since they’re entertaining, simple to play, and challenging. If you enjoy these types of games, you’ll enjoy this one!

Bearbit Studios B.V. produced Smashy Road Wanted, a car racing game. The Google Play Store alone has over 10 million downloads. You’ll assume the character of a fugitive in this game. As a result, there will be several police car chases, and you must flee from all police forces on the ground and in the air. The more you progress, the more incentives you’ll receive. Continue reading to find out more.

What Is the Purpose of Smashy Road’s Search?

Today’s market is flooded with car racing games. The Need for Speed franchise and the Real Racing series are two of the most well-known. There are, however, many racing games that we are unaware of. Smashy Road Wanted is a Google Play Store hit with over 10 million downloads. Aside from that, 90 vehicles can be unlocked.


Smashy Road Wanted is a fun driving game. The cops are after you, and you’ll have to use your car to get away. This game has several unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Unique Gameplay

Developers constantly look for new and intriguing methods to add to our favorite genre. Smashy Road Wanted is a game that combines racing and action elements. Participate in spectacular vehicle chases that can last for hours on end. Are you able to outrun the cops?

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Car Collection

There are a total of 90 automobiles to collect in this game. There are a variety of vehicles to choose from, including pickup trucks, sedans, limos, buses, and more! Each car is distinct and attractive, making the game a lot more enjoyable than usual. With so many cars to choose from, you’ll quickly have a favorite.


In this game, you’ll be racing in a randomly generated environment. You will also come across secret sites that may assist you in eluding the authorities. The roadways in this game are huge, yet they are littered with obstructions.


Smashy Road Wanted has the same 8-bit visuals as popular games like Minecraft and Roblox when it comes to graphics. However, in this one, the view is from the top, so you can see the cops chasing you. Aside from that, the surroundings are also well-designed.


This game’s controls are quite simple. To steer your vehicle, tap the left and right screens, and you won’t have to do anything else since your car will accelerate independently.

Smashy Road Wanted – Unlimited Coins Mod Apk

Smashy Road Wanted is a fantastic automobile chasing game in which you can take part in thrilling police chases! Now is the time to get the infinite money mod.

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