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Sonic 4 Episode I is an action-packed 2D arcade game about “Little Sonic.” The game is a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles and is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game follows Sonic and Knuckles on their quest to stop Dr. Egg man’s plans, an evil figure seeking vengeance following a series of catastrophic machinations. 

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The game provides the same gameplay as the traditional version and includes sophisticated features such as classic Spin Dash and flexible Homing Attack. Prepare to be rewarded for the original game’s high worth and to have fun with two different levels of gaming (based on acceleration). Sonic gains a slew of new moves in this game.


After more than 15 years, Sonic 4 TM Episode I deserves a fans’ remake. The game retains its original highlights, especially Sonic’s final fight with Dr. Eggman. The accelerometer is used in both modes to distinguish between them. Try to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding monsters. You can also defeat the monster by leaping on top of it and stabbing it. You will have the option to enter a particular level if the player completes a level with 50 or more rounds. 

Sonic will coil up in the form of a ball and bounce off obstacles, with the maze’s wall in a moving state. It must navigate through the maze in a set amount of time, collecting rings to open gates and time bonuses along the way. Players earn one of the seven Chaos Emeralds after a certain level. When all seven Chaos emeralds are collected, the player gains the ability to transform into a Super Sonic character that is invincible and strong. 

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This game introduces new attacks and levels of excitement. It keeps the old storyline’s material and narrates the story of the race through four different zones. There are four activities in each region and seven special levels. Attempt to complete unique stages, collect the 7 Chaos, and unlock Super Sonic. The game also includes a classic boss fight with Dr. Eggman. 

Sonic 4 maintains the fundamental values of SEGA’s adventure-oriented games. The graphics and background music are all identical to the original game on different electronic platforms. Your goal is to collect all of the coins and liberate the caged animals along the route. At the end of each level, Sonic faces the final Boss, a formidable foe armed with massive weaponry and armor. 

Overall, the game is not only an updated version of the previous Sonic the Hedgehog game, but it also features improved graphics and new, appealing gameplay. I recommend that you use spring pads, acceleration pads, and acceleration while crossing steep ramps, roll ramps, bottomless holes, and so on. 

Sonic can curl up in a ball, unleash tremendous swing attacks, smash walls, and kill foes. In addition, it can jump on an opponent and destroy it completely. The gold rings collected by Sonic can be lost once it gets hit by an obstacle or is attacked with a bomb. You will fight bosses and free the poor characters captured after passing checkpoints in each zone (factories, deserts, etc.).

Sonic 4 TM Episode I is a complete, enjoyable, and immersive 2D scrolling platformer. The game version, on the other hand, has been enhanced with several valuable and noteworthy features. Players have a much clearer idea of what they’re up against, particularly in bouts with famous bosses like Dr. Eggman.


The gameplay of Sonic 4 TM Episode I is identical to that of the previous video game version. The controls are realistically simulated. Two independent buttons, one for navigation and the other for action, are situated in each corner of the screen. The user can then activate commands to control the character’s activities, such as jumping, rolling, to change direction, etc. 

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Sound and Graphics

The first episode of Sonic 4 TM features realistic graphics and brilliant colors. Detailed 2D graphic design with a wide range of terrain, including ruins, deserts, factories, and snowy highlands. When Sonic hops on adversaries or changes its shape, he creates a bomb effect along with lighting. In addition, new sound effects have been added to the game to enhance the adventure experiences.

If you enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog’s speed, you should also try “Sonic Dash.” In this game, you can rush, jump, and spin your way through breathtaking 3D settings. Run through difficult obstacles to unlock stuff and compete with friends for the highest score.


Sonic 4 TM Episode I is a game for those who enjoy adventures. The game has a 2D look reminiscent of Sonic’s Sega Genesis. Sonic is the protagonist, and you control him as he races across levels, collecting rings and attacking opponents. Special stages of acquiring Chaos Emeralds and competing with others on the Internet leaderboards are also included in the game. 

In conclusion, if you enjoy action-adventure games, you should give this one a try. Download the Mod Apk version and play an ad-free game for an extended period.

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