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The Sonic CD was a tremendous hit when it was released in 1993 for the SEGA CD (Mega CD). The game’s amazing popularity on iOS inspired SEGA to release an Android version of it. The Sonic CD features the company’s mascot in a timeless adventure that pits him against, the contemporary Dr. Robotnik, and his console counterpart.

The gameplay is similar to previous Sonic games on SEGA and disc platforms. The game has a variety of robot adversaries and tough boss encounters, as well as fast-paced seven-set gameplay. The UI is developed well, and each play corresponds to the relevant old versions. Some unique sets feature 3D effects and a J-pop-inspired electronic music system. 

Although the game might be unpleasant and puzzling for players at times, it continues to generate millions of downloads on the App Store due to its unique and exciting originality. As a result of this accomplishment, the Android version will be released soon.

General Information

SEGA’s Sonic CD will transport you back to your childhood with classic 8-bit graphics and gameplay. You can control Sonic in order to obtain as many rings as possible and race up to the end. The gameplay is also simple as you have to overcome obstacles, opponents, and bosses at the conclusion of each stage. 

There’s a time match option to unlock the tail, as well as three different variants at every level. The game also has a competition mode where you can compete with other players for top scores. However, if you download the game for free, it will display advertisements on your smartphone which you can disable by purchasing it from the store. Over 14,000 players have given Sonic CD a 4+ rating for download and play.

Background Information

Even if those who haven’t played Sonic games, they should be familiar with the famous cartoon character. This blue hedgehog was born more than two decades ago and there has been approximately 100 games made on Sonic as the protagonist. 

Sonic CD was one of Sonic’s early games, and it rapidly became a hit all over the world after its release in 1993. However, it received less attention than Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles because it could only function on the SEGA CD platform (an ancient Sega game console held by only 15% of gamers at the time).

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Since then, we’ve programmed Sonic CD to a variety of systems. In 1996, it was released on the PC, and in 2005, it was released on the PS2 and GameCube. Sega released the most recent enhanced version of Sonic CD only a few months ago. After this update, the supported platforms have grown to include PSN, Steam, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

The game includes Sonic, who notices himself on the beach of a nearby lake—a secret world hidden in the stone of time, past, present, and future through the collision of time. Sonic sees that this world is encased in a twisted metallic shell. Dr. Eggman, his nemesis, has arrived at the Stone of Time and will govern it. Sonic must use his powers to stop Dr. Eggman’s wicked plan. 

SEGA was seeking for a new game to compete with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. In the early 1990s, programmer Yuji Naka proposed a simple game, in which a character with large ears would turn into a ball and toss around objects, roll through pipes and destroy the enemies. The porcupine and the taut were created as a result of this concept (a species of shellfish that specializes in eating insects). Sonic the Hedgehog was born as a result of SEGA’s decision to go with the hedgehog.

SEGA was stumped when it came to name the main character after agreeing on the porcupine species. Because many people believe that the American market is unfamiliar with porcupines, it is vital to create a name that is both noticeable and unique. Mr. Needle mouse was suggested by a game development engineer. It’s the name of the hedgehog in English, translated from Japanese. However, this name faded into obscurity until SEGA renamed this project to develop a sequel of this game in 2019.

Best Way to Play Sonic CD

Sonic CD is an action game for mobile devices. Emi Rose and Metal Sonic both make appearances in the game. In seven areas, players acquire props, fight the monster, and use the Time Stone to travel through time to save Amy Rose. The Time Stone required for time travel must be gained by fighting Dr. Eggman, who has a seven-dollar bounty on his head. If the player journeys into the future blindly, he may confront more difficult adversaries. 

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After completing the game, the player can use the little fox to assist them. Sonic CD has a devoted fan following because it was the first game in the series to have cut scenes. This time, the mobile game version features soundtracks from both United States and Japan. If you’re a fan of the Sonic series, you will definitely like this game.


Sonic CD’s game approach could not be simpler. The virtual direction joystick is in the lower left corner of the screen, and the “A” key is in the lower right corner. To control Sonic’s actions, you don’t have to constantly click the direction joystick; instead, simply slide to point it in a new direction.

Few Minor Flaws

The game’s difficulty is excessively high due to its rapid pace. The color blocks on the game screen are a bit dazzling, and it’s difficult to tell the difference between the background and the real game scene. However, if you play for a long time, you will gradually adjust. Sonic CD is also built specifically for mobile phones. If you wish to use it on a tablet, you’ll be disappointed because the initial pixelated image becomes a full-screen mosaic after being enlarged.


Sonic CD is a game that you will definitely like if you have played the previous editions. The picture quality of the Xbox Live edition of Sonic CD has been improved, resulting in a considerably greater effect when viewing images on a large-screen television. We’re hoping that the Android version will get the same treatment. Overall, Sonic CD is a fantastic game with few major flaws. 

Overall Evaluation

The player must guide Sonic to gather golden rings and avoid being injured by the enemy. The golden ring also is a bonus item in the game, and collecting 100 of them will grant you a life. Also included in the game are certain disposable goods, such as shields and acceleration boots. The game is divided into seven sections, each of which comprises three levels, two normal levels and a boss encounter.

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The time shuttle system is the game’s most prominent element. Sonic can find signs throughout the levels that mention past or future and use them to travel. To get the time stone, the player must uncover the secret region concealed in the level and gather at least 50 golden rings. Also, the player confronts more opponents if he speeds through the future. After clearing the game, Miles will assist players.

Sonic Dash Is a Good Alternative

For those who are unfamiliar with Sonic Dash, it is a video game based on the iconic anime Sonic Boom. Sonic Dash offers a Team Play mode that allows players to challenge three other characters, in addition to the exquisite 3D graphics and character possibilities for racing across each location.

Sonic Dash not only recreates excellent characteristics of its predecessor, but it also adds a slew of new ones, giving this game a fresh look. The gameplay is basic but appealing, with the dizzying speed catches the player’s attention. The player begins his pursuit of the crafty and devious Dr. Eggman, defeating him with Sonic’s agility and speed.

Many obstacles and adversaries surface on the track and players must conquer them to set the highest record on the scoreboard. Simple touch movements are used to operate the game: swipe left to right to dodge obstacles, swipe up to jump over ground traps, and swipe down to roll into a super speedball to crush adversaries. When the Dash is enraged from gathering charged orbs, you can activate your character’s acceleration by tapping the screen twice in a row. Then, for a few seconds, destroy all obstacles and become immortal.

Final Thoughts

The Sonic series is now available on Android. This game was first released in 1993 on the MD platform and is regarded as the most powerful Sonic game. It has a unique vibe to it that is unlike anything else in the Sonic series, with several hidden aspects.

Sonic CD Mod Apk is an iconic mobile game with high quality graphics and an adventure-oriented gameplay. This game faithfully recreates the story of Sonic the Hedgehog. Many of the players remember this story from their infancy. Come on, let’s go on this exciting adventure with the protagonist.

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