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Requires4.0.3 and Up
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Do you want to design and build a rocket that will take you into space? Are you a multibillionaire with a passion for rocket science? Space Agency is a rocket-building simulation game. You can download it from our website and see whether you can successfully build a rocket. After that, launch it into orbit.

Players in the Space Agency can create a large number of rockets. You can even construct space stations in the game to investigate the solar energy system. It’s a challenging and intricate game where players can design the interior in their own unique way. You can also build a variety of indoor entertainment options.

General Information

Space Agency is a casual business simulation game. In the game, players can construct an entire rocket. You’ll need constructing a range of various homes, and you must also put out effort into the work of customers. Every day, you can collect through harvest. Then you can start constructing your home. You have complete control over the many amenities in your store.

In the game, you can design your own dream home. It will make managing your game store easier and more enjoyable. Players can create their indoor residence according to a simple game rule, and you can also make various dwellings. 


Space Agency is a great game to play. Players can design their own interior homes and then construct various structures to put up stalls. There are numerous facilities to unlock throughout the game. In the game, users can even construct their own homes. The design is efficient. To build their cottage, players only need your active cooperation.

Do you have any admiration for astronauts? Do you still wish you could travel to another planet? The Space Agency can now fulfill your requests. The game has developed an extensive and complete space agency for you to govern from start to finish. You can sense the intricacies of everyday operations, from rocket construction to satellite control. Develop your favorite spacecraft, and then watch them all takeoff!

What Is the Best Way to Play Space Agency?

It’s a simulation game for aerospace that’s quite close to reality. Implementing the game’s elements, you can assemble spacecraft and execute tasks like launching rockets, satellites, and space stations.

Tutorials, Quick Play, Sandbox and Career are the four-game modes in the game. Simple missions and educational demonstrations are included in the first two, and they make it easy for newcomers to get acquainted with the game. On the other hand, the latter two is the favorites of traditional players. 

In Tutorials, the main objective is to assemble and manipulate various airplanes. There is a total of 11 levels. One unique objective is to construct a miniature rocket and launch it into orbit around the Earth. The ability to regulate the direction and the timing of ignition and separation of the first and second-level rockets is critical to completing the mission.

To ignite, press and hold the button in the lower right corner. The engine will switch off if you let go. Then, push the button and move left and right to alter the direction. The physical setting, similar to the real world, makes the game more enjoyable, and it does make it more difficult.

Sandbox mode is where space fans can showcase their skills. It is unrestricted in terms of funding and mission. You can also use all the unlocked pieces to construct a variety of spaceships. Experience the high-end player’s game interface. Some gamers have compared the game to the Battle of Karbala. It’s an identical game to the previous one in terms of aeronautical simulation. 

Alternatives to Consider

The Limits of Space

Space Frontier is a strategy game in which you must expand your business. In an unknown world, players will develop and construct. The game will show players the game’s globe in a 2D sequence of displays, starting with the desolate planetary surface and progressing to the progressively developed base. Numerous primordial terrains have been uncovered following the critical examination of the stars.

Players will gradually gain access to all of these elements in the game until the new settlements are ready. The soundtrack has a lively style to it, and it sounds fantastic. 

Simulator of Space Flight

Space Flight Simulator is a game that simulates the construction of a rocket and its launch into space. You will explore outer space with a simple orbital mechanism in Space Flight Simulator. With this unique simulation game, you can have a limitless number of adventures.

You will learn a lot by playing the Space Flight Simulator. Planets of actual size and scale are included in the game, and it has such a large capacity that you can go for several weeks without running out. The gravity in the game is fundamental, with various landing methods on each planet.

The rocket launch method in Space Flight Simulator is straightforward, but it could not be any easier. However, several items can assist you. To assemble and equip rockets, you will need to purchase several materials and parts. Even if you don’t have such accessories, you can still play.

Final Thoughts

Many people have probably had the dream of becoming an astronaut. However, executing space missions is far more complex than most people think. You will join the Space Agency MOD APK as a member of the aerospace organization, and will build a rocket and participate in several space missions.

Players will have many courses to learn because of the space missions. In the game, you can train your mission execution skills through various courses and situations. The missions will grow more complicated as they progress from the basic launching of orbiting satellites and telescopes. There will also be time and money constraints. 

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