Space Arena Build and Fight Mod Apk 3.3.1 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperHeroCraft Ltd.
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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HeroCraft’s Space Arena Build and Fight is a two-dimensional strategy game. During the game, you’ll be entering the Spaceship Arena, where you will compete in a fighter aircraft competition against other pilots. In general, Space Arena Build and Fight is a pretty passive game in which players’ main goal is to develop himself as the most potent fighter.  The shape of the fighter cannot be changed, but the contents of the aircraft can be customized.


The game’s plot is not difficult to comprehend. You will play as a new starship designer in a 4000-year-old world. Your mission is to prove to the rest of the world that you can compete with other opponents by building your ship and sending it to the PvP wars. You can travel far and also upgrade warships so that they can deal the most damage to foes. Players can equip these ships with guns, electronics, and other enhancements.

Build and Fight in a Space Arena


Category: Strategy, Games

Creator: HeroCraft Ltd.

Current Version: 2.7.7 

Update: 4th May 2020 

Version: Android 4.1 or higher

Size: 84.9 MB

Being a Designer 

Space Arena Build and Fight allows you to personalize your ships. A propeller engine and a power supply are required for every airplane. If players want to defend themselves, they will need other equipment, such as firearms. Lastly, various armaments must be installed on the plane.

The airplane’s tools require power to operate. The more elements you add to your system, the more energy you’ll require. As a result, ensure that both propulsion engines/weapons and auxiliary power sources have enough energy. Armor and shield are two of the side pieces installed to provide protection.

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Small Ion Drive, Warp Drive, Vectored Thruster, Vectored Thruster MK2, Afterburner, Large Ion Drive, Grand Ion Drive, and Grand Ion Drive MK2 are the eight variants of the engine. You’ll unlock each of them at a different level. For example, when you reach level 5, you will have the Small Ion Drive first, followed by the Warp Drive. Except for the Small Ion Drive, none of these engine types are accessible. So, while leveling up, make sure you have enough money to buy a better engine.


Reactors or power modules that deliver power to other modules are an important part of the game. When the power modules are destroyed, they can explode, potentially causing damage to other surrounding modules. The power modules, like the engine, must be purchased.



The majority of weapons hidden inside the armor will not harm the user. On the other hand, missiles that deal with individual damage appear to be the most effective weapon. 


The shield will create a bubble encircled by a protective layer and block projectiles when you use it. It usually vanishes when a specific amount of damage has been dealt. However, some extraordinary shields can replenish, but only to a certain extent. 


Ballistic: a weapon with two fire modes: burst and regular. Most of them have a weak point versus armor but a good point against shields. 

Splash damage, tracking, and long-range are all features of the missile. They can deal with armor, but they are vulnerable to shields and point defense turrets.

Lasers can completely bypass shields. This weapon usually requires a lot of electricity to operate. The longer you fire the lasers, the greater harm they can do in the long run. They are not, however, required to reflect.

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Two Modes to Play

Players can play the journey mode in addition to the regular game. This mode is for individuals who appreciate space exploration and fleet battles. To be more exact, you will use a fighter squad to fight and win interstellar wars when playing this mode.

Currency System With a Wide Range

If you wish to purchase a new aircraft, credits are required for a complex and novel aircraft. You must win as many battles as possible to gain more credits. Celestium is a different type of currency. It’s a bit of a gamble when you buy this type of currency through a micro transaction. There are various packages, including the USS Enterprise and the PSS Sparrow. Once you’ve purchased them, you’ll have a significant battle edge.


Space Arena Build and Fight Mod Apk is essentially an addictive airplane game. You will enjoy thinking about the appropriate design for the style you desire. There are numerous variables to consider in the design, such as the value of the shield or armor. Download the game now and enjoy the unlocked features.

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