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Fans of Star Wars who appreciate strategy games will love Star Wars: Commander, the most recent and most tremendous mobile game from the franchise. Choose your side, gather your armies, construct your headquarters and prepare for an epic inter-galactic conflict between massive civilizations.

Take on the ultimate strategy difficulties as you command your light or dark forces in your quest for the Force’s ultimate power. As you establish your ultimate base, enjoy the builder and strategy games. Create your own ultimate armies and let the fighting begin.

With our evaluations, you can learn more about Star Wars: Commander, a fantastic mobile game.


Game Theme

The game assists Android players to the popular Star Warfare film series, in which you’ll get caught up in the ultimate interstellar wars between the forces of good and evil. On your mobile devices, you’ll be able to play with your favorite characters in the game and participate in fantastic strategy and real-time combat.

Choose between the Rebellion and the Empire, the two sides in the game. Discover the force’s unique and fascinating powers and build your HQ from ground up by erecting critical structures and gathering resources. As you continue through the game, you’ll be able to unlock and upgrade your defenses.

As you explore the vast universe, board your spaceship and travel to numerous planets, fight various enemies and progress through the game. Command your forces to affect and pillage the enemy’s headquarters in search of amazing loot.


At this place you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Choose Between the Two Sides for Which You Will Battle

For the first time, Android gamers will be able to play as either the Rebellion or the Empire in their own Star Wars adventure. Feel free to switch between the two factions and have a blast with each. Learn about the distinct and intriguing characteristics that each of them exhibits to offer. As you move through your ultimate in-game experiences, fight for the Emperor or the Rebellion.

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Establish Headquarters for Future Missions

Begin by constructing your ultimate HQ in Star Wars Commander by utilizing the game’s numerous building options. Build your ultimate HQ, where you may collect resources, unlock new improvements, recruit new warriors, and produce war machines, among other things. To secure your base from enemies, make sure to include appropriate defenses around it.

Prepare Your Own Army to Assault

While we’re on the subject, gamers can even design their own ultimate army to fight in epic battles. Different squad compositions can be chosen depending on your strategies. Instruct your warriors as you experience the ultimate interplanetary wars.

Recruit Incredible Heroes to Aid You in Your Fights

To add to the game’s appeal, players in Star Wars have access to powerful and capable heroes who can aid you in your battles against the forces of evil. Choose from different characters, such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and others. Each character has their own unique abilities and capabilities. Make use of these exceptional abilities to deal with your foes successfully.

Reinforce Your Army

Gamers in Star Wars also have access to a selection of upgrades and power-ups to install. Utilize the game’s different researches to efficiently upgrade your units and vehicles. Furthermore, you can level up your soldiers and powerful heroes by providing them with appropriate stat and skill boosts.

Defend Your Base

Android gamers in Star Wars Commander are able to participate in epic defense battles against the forces of evil. You’ll need to correctly plan and construct your base to ensure that critical regions are well-protected and all deployable defenses are used well against enemy attacks.

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Take On Your Enemies in Epic Cosmic Conflicts

You’ll also be able to allow your army into space and fight adversaries from all over the galaxy on a completely new world. Raid your opponents’ headquarters for massive sums of loot and more. As you compete for control of a new planet, engage in heroic battles between the two sides.

New Refreshing Plot

For those who are interested, the game also includes a series of fun quests that guides you through the entire plot. Complete the in-game challenges and earn some unique rewards. Most importantly, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in modern and exciting Star Wars activities developed by the franchise’s original creators.

Play With Your Friends

Gamers in Star Wars Commander also have the opportunity to participate in spectacular in-game battles where they can join friends and players from all over the world in dynamic online action, increasing the game’s appeal. To cope with the enemies, join forces with your allies and compete against one other.

Furthermore, you can earn a variety of unique accomplishments at any time while playing the game. Enjoy the game as you earn fantastic gifts and trophies. In addition, you can participate in exciting online events with other gamers.

Free to Play

The game is currently available for free on Android smartphones for all Android gamers. Having said that, you can search for the game on the Google Play Store and download it without offering anything.

With Our Mod, You Can Play for as Long as You Want

It’s also feasible to explore for other solutions if you find the in-game purchases and advertisements to be intrusive. Our modified version of the game, which includes unlimited gameplay, ad-free experiences, and no in-app purchases, is sure to impress. Alternatively, you only need to download and install the Star Wars Commander Mod Apk. Have a good time and play the game to your heart’s content anytime you like.

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Sound and Video Quality


Explore Star Wars Commanders’ gorgeous and spectacular visual experiences as you become completely engrossed in this amazing universe of mobile games. The magnificent galaxy sets, fantastic civilization fights, and realistic visual effects will leave you speechless. You’ll also find that the game is highly accessible, even on low-end devices, thanks to the changeable graphics.


As you dig into the amazing Star Wars mobile gaming adventures, enjoy the powerful and stunning in-game music. Feel the thunderous cannon blasts and vivid gunshots as you lead your army into combat. The entertaining and memorable tunes will undoubtedly keep you glued to the game for hours.


Star Wars Commander remains another fantastic option for individuals who appreciate the tactical gameplay of Clash of Clans. Furthermore, if you are a fan of the popular Star Wars franchise, you will possess even more reasons to play this game. Have it available on our website at any time, completely unlocked for free.

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