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In State of Survival, you join the last survivors on Earth to fight against the zombies and face epic survival and tactical difficulties. Explore a post-apocalyptic planet where the majority of the people have been transformed into mindless monsters.

Take up your weapons and fight back against these vile creatures. Join forces with other survivors as you develop your base and protect it from zombie invasions. Furthermore, as resources and supplies diminish, your survival journeys in the game get increasingly difficult.

There are many things to do, but you have a limited time period. So, will you be able to persevere in the face of adversity? It’s up to you to figure out the answers. With our State of Survival reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic game by Kingsgroup Holdings.


Android gamers are caught in the ultimate survival challenge, in which a zombie outbreak has wiped off the global population. Only a few survivors remain, making them easy prey for the undead. It will be tough for survivors to find their way out of the scenario, as there are only a few places to escape. 

In addition, you can survive the attacks if you join forces with other groups or individuals. Together, you can fortify your bases, gather additional survivors, food and supplies, new resources, and fight off enemies. As you efficiently manage your bases and control your troops to fight against the opponents with creative strategies, you’ll get a taste of the in-depth tactical gameplay.

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Here you’ll discover a list of the game’s fascinating features.

Rebuild Your Settlement to Provide the Survivors a Place to Call Home

You can build your safe haven for the survivors as you begin your survival tasks. Discover a secure location to escape the madness and rebuild the ancient community. Feel free to create your base, structures, food and other resources, and weapons for the forthcoming attacks from the zombies. You can begin carrying out your plans to exterminate the opponents.

Recruit Fresh Survivors From All Across the World

You can start sending out investigative teams to explore for specific resources and rescue other survivors around you once you’ve secured your bases with sufficient resources. Increase the number of survivors in your base and their strength so you can defend it more effectively. You’ll also notice that each survivor has unique attributes, which you may use to improve your foundation. Take on exciting rescue missions to collect valuable members that require your assistance.

Get Crucial Research So You Can Deal With the Zombies Successfully

To improve their chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse, players can purchase various upgrades to improve their bases and make their expedition trips more capable. Also, you need to stop the zombies from claiming their following targets by controlling the illnesses.

Heroes Who Are One-Of-A-Kind and Have Useful Powers and Attributes

This game also includes a cast of distinct heroes, each with its own set of talents and powers. You can successfully assemble your ultimate squad of super troops and use their powers to defeat the nefarious undead and surpass the obstacles. Completing the assignments will get you closer to your objectives.

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Interact With Other Survivalist Groups From All Over the World

You’re not alone in this ultimate survival challenge. Not only are there zombies stalking you, but there are also multiple groups of survivors who want to work with you. As you struggle to survive the deadly illness, pick your companions and make friendships. Also, remember to be on the lookout for potential dangers from others.

There Are Numerous In-Game Quests and Challenges for You to Enjoy

State of Survival presents gamers with a range of exciting quests and challenges to enjoy as they embark on their ultimate survival expeditions. As you become more involved in the game’s events, you’ll find yourself fulfilling different objectives. There will also be a variety of special incentives for you to collect.

Battle the Zombies in Strategic Battles

Gamers have the opportunity to fight zombies and foes in intriguing strategy fights, which adds to the game’s appeal. Develop a variety of techniques to deal with your opponents and defeat them by devising effective strategies. Choose the appropriate team compositions and the best heroes with useful skills to defeat your adversaries.

Play the Game With Your Friends or Other Internet Players

You can join your friends and other Internet gamers in fun multiplayer games. Assemble a team to combat the spreading zombie outbreaks and restore order to the world. 

Take Part in Daily Activities and Reap the Benefits

To reward active players in State of Survival, the game offers a variety of daily awards that you can collect every time you log in. You’ll find yourself with more exciting prizes as you stack rewards.

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It’s Free to Play

The game can also be downloaded for free on mobile devices. Go to the Google Play Store and search for State of Survival to download it for free.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

This game includes in-app purchases and advertisements, and some of you may find it irritating. As a result, you can check out the customized version of the game, which includes unlimited money and no advertisements. All you need to do is download and install the State of Survival Mod APK from our website to enjoy the mod. Lastly, there is also a no-cooldown hack in the game that allows you to use your skills related to attack. 

Sound and Video Quality


State of Survival brings Android gamers to dramatic surroundings that are precisely what you’d expect from a zombie-apocalyptic world, with beautiful and detailed 3D visuals. Undead hordes roam the countryside, blood and gore blanket the streets, and so on. Thanks to immersive sets and high-quality graphics, the game makes you feel like you’re living in this vast zombie survival nightmare.


Furthermore, the game’s vivid sound effects and intuitive soundtracks keep Android gamers thoroughly engrossed in their State of Survival adventures.

Download State of Survival Mod Apk 1.14.10 for Android.

Fans of the popular zombie-apocalyptic games Dawn of Zombies and Last Day on Earth: Survival will get the opportunity to play another fantastic mobile game with zombie-apocalyptic settings. Thanks to its in-depth gameplay, strategic fights, and engaging narrative, you’ll find the game highly enjoyable. Furthermore, our fully unlocked gameplay will allow you to get the most out of the game.

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