Steel and Flesh Mod Apk 2.2.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Have you ever wished to take part in a grand medieval tale? Are you a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones, the Assassin’s Creed video game series, or the mobile game Clash of Clans?

Virtual Studio has released a smartphone game that combines role-playing, strategy, and action. In a nutshell, the game’s purpose is to defeat the enemies to dominate the land and, eventually, become king.

Continue reading our in-depth review of Steel and Flesh below and be ready to have one of the most thrilling experiences.

Story & Concept

There is no story in the game; the entire premise is still based on true historical events. Various clans, petty kingdoms, and pirates coexisted in the Middle Ages. Each society had its own set of rules that was to be followed. After some time, disputes started to grow which lead to states fighting with each other. 

In Steel and Flesh, you take on the role of a medieval fighter and engage in epic conflicts for the land between 12 great clans. The Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, Vikings, Rus, England, France, Germany, Poland, Song Empire, Pirates, and Rebels are among the 12 tribes. 

You have the option of being a traditional robber, pillaging towns with your gang. Alternatively, you might aspire to a loftier aim, raise your army, and fight real-life battles against fearsome foes. As a clan fighter, you have the opportunity to become king and control the land by defeating the opponents. 

Villages, towns, castles, and ports are some of the game’s important locations; these are also the primary locations of a medieval kingdom in real life. You will fight wars and conquer these locations with the help of your men.

Each land you successfully overtake will assist you in obtaining gold coins. Golds allow you to hire more qualified warriors and equip your army with high-quality weapons. The in-game level rises swiftly as the amount of acquired area grows.

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Version 2.2 of Steel and Flesh adds 25,252,525 gold coins to the game and adds Chinese to the Settings menu. Aside from the change, it also has a few notable features that can be found towards the bottom of the screen:

  • Enhance the global map.
  • Establish a base camp.
  • Create a squad of recruits.
  • Clans are made to manage war-torn areas and their current political condition.
  • A store where you can buy supplies (mainly food), luggage, animals, weapons, ships, etc.
  • Check your rank and change your character’s appearance, such as gender, facial features, hair/beard styles and colors, helmet, etc.
  • Flags belonging to different clans
  • Choose each army’s troops (archers, swordsmen, and catapult). 
  • The game enables third-person fighting.


The Renaissance Era Is Beautifully Shown

Steel and Flesh performs an excellent job depicting the Middle Ages in rich 3D graphics and realism. Compared to the vast number of mobile games available, we can say that the graphics are rather amazing. The creators created a 3D animation that included landscapes and characters.

The music in the background is also a plus. The soothing sound of the flute relaxes the players and complements the medieval theme. It’s as if you’ve been transported to the Middle Ages from the present.

Stable Operation

As far as we’ve seen, the game works smoothly and without stuttering most of the time, and it also works with practically all smartphone models.

It’s Not Only About Warfare

You have various duties and things to explore in the in-game world, in addition to creating troops and occupying the additional area. You can go to marketplaces and taverns, which is a whole new experience than the wine bars we’ve seen in other FPS games. You can also interact with the citizens, townspeople, and villagers. Participate in the tournament to test your abilities, and build your army to conquer lands.


Absence of Direction

The absence of information and direction, in our opinion, is the game’s worst flaw. On YouTube or Google, you won’t find many tutorials or reviews, and there are a few instructions available even when you first start the game. After losing soldiers and gold in the game, several players claim that it took them two hours to figure out the optimal approach to play. Furthermore, we don’t think any of you desire a piece of cake because it will rapidly get tedious. Isn’t it true that the more complex the game is, the more fun you have?

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Few Territories

Another flaw with the game is that it does have a conclusion. Let’s say you’re a seasoned pro at this type of game. In that case, perhaps you’ll be able to defeat all the other empires and conquer the existing territories.

Top-Of-The-Line Mobile Devices

The game may not always fit the entire screen for players who utilize high-end devices with extra-large screens.

Suggestions for a Better Game Outcome

Recruiting troops, exploring the landscape, and engaging in battles to overtake neighboring regions are the main tasks of Steel and Flesh. As previously said, there are only a few instructions available on the Internet. So, to make it easier for you to attain your goal, we’ve compiled the following principles and tips:

When you start the game, you should concentrate on gaining experience and avoiding getting shot by NPCs. Attack robbers first; they are weak and provide a lot of experience. Take the items that have fallen out and sell them. You can do the same thing to any other adversaries or opponents you kill.

A crossbow is the ideal weapon because your level isn’t high enough to use a sword in a fight, and NPCs can’t kill you if you go sideways. There are three methods to obtain valuable stuff: pillage large villages (you will become their enemy), build farms (expensive but higher profit), or buy the products you want on the market (pricey, but you can trade any other things here, sell your items).

Try to Occupy as Many Castles as Possible 

To command and control your lords, maintain a high leadership level will help you hire more soldiers and construct more troops. Recruits are vulnerable to strong NPCs, and some NPCs are capable of defeating them in a single hit. Before invading neighboring castles, you should utilize skilled warriors to occupy pirate strongholds and capture their leaders. 

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Attack a castle only if it has at least three features: siege towers, rams, and catapults. Siege towers can only be used to attack castles, and to get to the peak of it. Rams and catapults can be used for various purposes, but they’re great for attacking. Due to their range, catapults are effective defenders and attackers when paired with archers. So, if a ram is killed, a catapult can be used instead.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, raising an army, going to battle, and rising in power to become king are the primary aspects of Steel and Flesh. It’s not easy to watch your soldier die. Nonetheless, you must fight and press on to become a true hero and a powerful king. That is what the game instructs you to do. Steel and Flesh is nevertheless appealing, despite having some minor flaws. It’s a feature-packed 3D RPG mobile game worth your time and money.

We hope that this article will assist you in your quest to win this fantastic game. Take the first step in turning your squad into a gigantic empire by downloading today.

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