Free Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2021.1.68 for Android Users (Unlimited Gems)

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DeveloperMax Games Studios
Requires4.4 and up
Size102 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems (You can spend gems even when there is no amount)
Updated3 Days Ago
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In the most renowned web game ever, take part in ancient combat with a blade and shield. Stick War: Legacy, an outstanding and engaging game, is now available for Android smartphones. In this game, you can command your troops to conquer other territories, build a fort for defending your land, and take charge of each figure in your army.


The game has a great deal of replay value and is easy to play. In your drive to augment your territory and power, you’ll be commanding an army of stick men. Join the realm of stick men to become a king and lead your country to triumph.  

You’ll be able to build your army with various units with a particular purpose. You’ll have miners looking for gold mines, builders constructing fortifications, and other military-related units like archers, infantry, and cavalry. Your sole ambition is to defeat your foes and become the greatest ruler the land has ever known.


Those who enjoy strategy games will enjoy Stick War Legacy because of its strategic elements. You’ll have to start from the beginning to develop an empire, go on campaigns to gain more land and property, learn the strategy of a real-life conflict, and so on. Here are some of the characteristics that will undoubtedly pique your interest.

Stick Is a Fun and Thrilling Game Battle

We all think of a stickman as a simple character, which makes the thought of two armies of stickmen fighting each other quite entertaining and exciting in certain aspects. But don’t think of it as a basic conflict between a few stickmen; in a large-scale battlefield, you can have access to hundreds of different units.

Furthermore, you have the option of manually controlling any figure in your army. As a result, you can experience what it’s like to be a soldier fighting in massive combat. By carefully controlling your character, you can decrease the number of victims on your side.

Items That You Can Customize for Your Characters

The units are equipped with various weapons and goods that will significantly aid them in battles. These weapons can be obtained through in-game progress or by purchasing them with gold. A slight advantage can make all the difference in snowballing your force to victory during a pivotal fight.

Different Varieties of Objects

Leaf items, ice items, lava items, savage items, and vamp items have unique features. When you wear leaf items, you will obtain a minor speed increase over other items, but your power will be diminished. Enemies of units wearing ice items are slowed and may freeze due to the cold. On the other hand, Lava goods have the power of volcanoes, burning your adversaries and returning some of the damage to them. 

Vamp goods, which are born from chaos, make your soldiers resistant to poisonous harm and let them steal life energy from adversaries. Furthermore, the goods fire a devastating energy blast at any incoming enemy. Finally, the savage things constructed from the bones and skins of great monsters provide extreme strength and resilience, allowing them to rush through the enemy’s line like a savage warrior.

Zombie Mode

Talking of savage things, you will find them extremely useful when dealing with swamps of zombies in the Endless Survivor Mode. Your achievements will be calculated judging on the number of nights that you’re able to survive. Stand fast as you’ll receive incredible prizes at the end of your quests.

Intros With a Cinematic Aesthetic

I’ve always enjoyed the way Stick War Legacy tells its stories. The cinematic intros make the game highly thrilling with their striking art styles. They also do an excellent job summarising the prior chapters and describing what will happen in the following stages. This allows players to be calm while keeping up with the game’s progress.

In Campaign Mode, Obtain the Crown of Inamorta

In single-player mode, your major tasks are expanding your country, where neighbouring governments are continuously at war. Each faction has its own technological and military styles; choose the best fit for your preferences. On your quest to find the legendary Crown of Inamorta and bring peace to the nation once and for all, advance on the map.

Stick War Legacy Is Completely Free 

If you get your Stick War game through Google Play, you’ll almost certainly be bombarded with adverts and forced in-game purchases. As a result, many players will lose interest. 

Access our website and search for the Stick War Legacy hacked game if you want to play a free game that requires no purchases. You simply need to download the file and install it on your Android devices.


The stick characters appear exceedingly friendly because of the visual style. But don’t think of them as ordinary stick figures; they can be fierce warriors on the battlefield. Aside from the realistic strategy, the game features a massive battleground with incredible weapon effects. Furthermore, there were no apparent lags during our tests, and the game runs well.


With realistic sound effects, each of the in-game activities is perfectly portrayed. You may hear your miner working for gold, for example, or metal weapons bashing into each other in frantic combat. In addition, there are intuitive audio tracks in each step to improve your experience.

Download the Newest 2021.1.68 Android Apk for Stick War Legacy Mod

Thanks to its fantastic features, the game is probably one of the best stick war games available.