Stickman Rope Hero Mod Apk 3.9.6 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Requires4.0 and Up
Size95 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Explore the vast metropolis, which offers a variety of exciting activities. Have fun discovering the stunning 3D map, which includes different interactive goods and in-game elements for you to use. Play as a fantastic hero with special abilities and capabilities and take on epic missions against the demonic clone armies posing a danger to the city and its citizens. 

In Stickman Rope Hero, you can freely explore the life of a stickman hero and uncover a variety of interesting gameplay that will undoubtedly impress you. The great storylines from Stickman Rope Hero are now available, which will make the game a lot more fascinating.

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this excellent mobile title from Stickman Rope Hero.


Join our Stickman hero on his journey to protect the city from deadly adversaries. As you progress, take control of the magnificent rope hero and use his incredible abilities to defeat creatures and opponents. Unlock a plethora of intriguing adventures and thrilling tasks as you progress through Stickman Rope Hero’s never-ending gameplay.

Have a good time playing this addictive mobile game and discover your incredible superpowers. Participate in various thrilling superhero battles and explore the big metropolis at your leisure, with various locations to choose from. Take to the streets in spectacular vehicles and explore the city at your leisure. Also, have a good time defeating nefarious foes in amusing battles.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

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Simple Control System

Android gamers will be able to enjoy the convenient and exhilarating action gameplay of Stickman Rope Hero on their mobile devices, thanks to the simple and accessible touch controls. Immerse yourself in the thrilling in-game environment with simple controls and immersive graphics

Tips and Suggestions 

You can take advantage of hints and tutorials, which will guide you through a variety of interesting in-game components. Have fun experimenting with the fantastic features and learn how to play through various tutorials.

Lots of Accomplishments 

Stickman Rope Hero also has amazing in-game accomplishments for you to enjoy. Have fun unlocking your special goodies by completing the available achievements.

Gain New Abilities and Stats

Your Stickman can grow in strength and capability through upgrading his abilities to its maximum potential. 

Fantastic Weapons at Your Disposal

Feel free to experiment with the wide range of weaponry available, which will allow players to unleash their incredible firepower and enjoy the gameplay. Working with your melee clubs and machete, but if you want to spice it up, use your heavy weapons, which will allow for spectacular in-game moves.

Interesting Cars to Board and Ride 

Stickman Rope Hero offers vehicles that you get inside as you immerse yourself in the awesome action gameplay. Feel free to go about the city in comfort in your automobile. Enjoy thrilling high-speed adventures in your sports automobiles and explore the fully-equipped large SUV that will make you stand out. Have a blast riding in the amazing limousine and strutting around like a rockstar. You can even rent a chopper with unlimited access to the city. Alternatively, you can have fun with your amazing tanks that have incredible firepower. 

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Have a Good Time Customizing the Tiny Guy

You can also modify your in-game Stickman and give him unique looks to make the game more intriguing. Change your character’s appearance to that of a hero. Dress up your heroes in serious business skins to go with your high-end vehicles. Alternatively, put on some comfortable clothing to get the day started. 

Pick Up Your Free Resources

Enjoy gathering your distinctive in-game resources, which will allow players to collect their daily rewards and scattered crystals throughout the city. 

Enjoy the Game Whether or Not You Have Access to the Internet

Stickman Rope Hero’s offline gaming is accessible on the Google Play Store, Android gamers may enjoy their in-game adventures whenever and wherever they desire. 

It’s Free to Play

Those of you who are interested in playing the fantastic mobile game can now do so for free on our website, exploring all the game’s features and characteristics. Download it from the Google Play Store and start playing the game.

Have a Good Time With Infinite In-Game Cash

Android gamers in Stickman Rope Hero can now enjoy their interesting mobile game, even more, thanks to the limitless in-game mod that is now accessible on our website. Enjoy the ad-free gaming while exploring the in-game features. All you have to do is go to our website and download and install the Stickman Rope Hero Mod Apk.

Sound and Video Quality


Unlike classic Stickman action games like Anger of Stick 5 and others, Stickman Rope Hero provides you with fascinating 3D landscapes to explore. You’ll find your in-game travels to be a lot more engaging with the spectacular visual effects and interesting animations. Not to mention the realistic mechanics and fluid gameplay, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the captivating mobile game at all times.

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Android gamers can adjust certain in-game visual settings to ensure that the game runs well on their mobile devices, regardless of their hardware limitations. This should result in smooth and lag-free gameplay on any of your mobile devices.

Music and Sound

The game’s amazing sound effects and unique soundtrack, in addition to its intriguing graphics, will allow Android users to enjoy their fantastic mobile application. As a result, you may find yourself immersed in Stickman Rope Hero’s attractive metropolis.


Android gamers in Stickman Rope Hero will now enjoy the great Stickman adventures, thanks to incredible gameplay and intriguing simulation experiences. Feel free to use your hero’s unique talents to guide your players around the open-world environment. Enjoy the unique simulations with your tweaks while learning about the in-game features. You’ll have even more reasons to enjoy the game now that it’s accessible for free and unlocked on our website.

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