Stickman Skate Battle Mod Apk 2.3.4 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperDjinnworks GmbH
Requires4.1 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you enjoy skateboarding? Stickman Skate Battle will be a terrific choice that you should not overlook if you are looking for an adventure game. In this game, you’ll get on a skateboard and show off your incredible skateboarding talents. 

Through our evaluations, you’ll learn more about the game.

Graphics and Audio

Djinnworks GmbH has created and offered several games, including Stickman Skate Battle. Djinnworks GmbH, based in Austria, is a mobile game development studio that focuses on the iPhone (App Store), Android (Google Play), Windows Phone (Windows Marketplace), Amazon, and MacOS platforms. Stickman Skate Battle is also compatible with tablets like the iPad and Samsung Tab. The game can be downloaded for free.

There are a variety of structures in the game. For instance, ramps, railways, automobiles, or swimming pools. The game, in particular, allows you to choose the visual quality that is best for your devices. Low, Medium, or High are the three options. Furthermore, when the character wins the competition, you can hear the sound of skateboarding or triumphant screams. If you’re in a public location and don’t want to bother others, you can turn off the sound from the settings.

Prepare for the Contests and Win Them

Like several other games, Stickman Skate Battle will teach the player how to skate. You must choose the Tutorial option for this. During the game, you’ll control your character’s motions with buttons. For instance, the Ollie button allows you to do Ollie (Jump), tricks, grinds, and halfpipe. The other button is the Left button that helps in maneuvering.

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Each skateboarding trick is performed in several stages. You must pick up speed and skate straight to the ramp in order to jump. After then, you must press and hold the Ollie button to release it after some time. Let’s put in extra practice time to participate in the matches.

Skateboards are also an essential component in skateboarding. As a result, the publisher has offered gamers up to 32 skateboards. Brain Twister, Bad Boy, Flower Power, Arrows, Pearl Diver, Aurora, The Ambush, Cube Royal, Baywitch, and so on. 

There will be three indicators on each skateboard. Agility Air, Agility Ground, and Agility Speed. To earn a lot of gold coins and buy new skateboards, you must fulfill the game’s missions and win matches. Daily awards will also provide you with coins. 

You can choose from 22 different skilled characters in the game. Stickman, Spaceman, Foxy, Beach Girl, Ghost, Rook, Colt, Buddy, Poser, and many others are among them. Each character will have a distinct style and two indicators (Acceleration and Ollie Height). The gold coins or cash are required to own the characters. For example, to unlock the Ace character, you must reach rank 2. High marks will come from having a strong character. You can also execute 15 amazing stunts, including Christ Air, Method, Rocket Air, Stiffy, and many others. The better the trick, the higher the score. However, certain stunts will be extremely tough to execute. 

There Are Two Game Modes Available

The publisher provides two game modes for players to make Stickman Skate Battle more exciting. Training and live events are the two categories. The 12 handcrafted skate parks will help you improve your skills. Plaza, Pool, Combination, The Wave, Battle Arena, Playground, Workout, The Ramp, Parcours, Halfpipe, Grand Theft, and Ramp Zone are some of the locations in the game. Throughout each park, the challenge level will grow, and will assist you in improving your abilities.

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On the other hand, the live events option allows you to compete against other players online. Stickman Skate Battle will take you to spectacular 1vs1 clashes in this mode. The player who pulls off the best feats and scores the most points in one-minute wins and receives a prize. 

Stickman Skate Battle features ten different events where you can compete against gamers from all around the world. Participate in events and demonstrate your abilities so that other players can learn about you.

Make New Acquaintances and Take on New Challenges

The publisher has created a unique feature for you in Stickman Skate Battle. The game allows you to create friends with your opponent after each combat. After that, you can challenge them to new combat. This will be a chance for you and your friends to get to know one another. In 1vs1 battles, you can compete against your friends and individuals from all over the world. Aside from that, there are daily and weekly competitions, including league tournaments, where you can showcase your skills. 


Perform incredible tricks and combinations to defeat your opponent and get a chance to compete in the world’s top high-stakes events. Stickman Skate Battle has attracted over 10 million gamers worldwide. Install Stickman Skate Battle to get a true skate vibe and become an awesome skater known worldwide.

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