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Greetings, all of my beloved players. Today, I’m bringing you Super Mario Run, a game that you can envision by simply listening to the name. This adorable Mario has been a childhood companion for millions of individuals. 

Despite Mario’s long life, the game has been constantly modified and improved. Previously, Mario’s adventures could only be experienced on the computer, and we can now enjoy them on our smartphones with ease. Let’s discuss some of the game’s features and benefits.


Super Mario Run was Nintendo’s first mobile device game. It’s a well-balanced mix of old-school gameplay and some cutting-edge features. Nintendo had to update and edit this program numerous times during its development for gamers to have a comfortable experience on the touch screen. 

Super Mario Run is not just Nintendo’s newest game, but it’s also the company’s first foray into touch-screen gaming. They conducted a study to develop an adaption for today’s gamers. Even though Super Mario Run offers advantages and disadvantages, it is fair to state that it is quite appealing to players.

I mistook Super Mario Run for a standard horizontal game when I first entered the game’s UI. Nintendo offers great graphics and enables Mario to run very smoothly; it works quite similar to the popular Temple Run game. Mario will continue to run to the right of the screen, encountering obstacles and creatures. 

You must keep him under control so that he does not collide with any obstacles while attempting to sprint as far as possible. On the other hand, Super Mario Run isn’t only about sprinting and evading. There are various distinctions; for example, the player must interact with the screen to jump swiftly.

Super Mario Run is an easy game to play; all you need is one thumb to control this guy. However, when playing this game, I was entertained and brought back childhood memories.


Genre: Casual 

3D graphics

Single-player and online modes are available.

Age group: 4 years and up

Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd. 

Android 4.4 and later, iOS 8.0 and later.

Release Date: 11th of November

Language: English


Super Mario is not an endless game, unlike most other games in the category. We can tell from the photographs that the game’s graphic style is similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series. One of the best features of this game is its modifications, regarding the phone’s touch screen interface and vertical display.

Super Mario Run is broken into numerous stages, with each world having four levels. We also have six planets with a total of 24 levels. Like many other games in the genre, Mario runs on its own, with the player’s sole option is to tap the screen to make the character leap.

The majority of levels contain peculiar barriers that restrict Mario from running or, in rare situations, cause the character to turn. This enables you to time the jumps accurately, wait for the obstacles he moves off the route, and do some complex manipulations. Mario makes various jumps depending on when and where you touch the screen. Some of them are jumping over them or running up walls to get around attackers. 


Super Mario Run, like other games, has unique elements that can gratify any game player. Let me highlight a few noteworthy aspects of this game:

Not Just Dodging and Running

Not only do advance tactics like wall jumping work, but they’re also relatively simple to create, giving the gamer a gratifying sense of play. Super Mario Run even has a haunted mansion, complete with puzzles such as avoiding boos and determining which entrance is legitimate. 

This game, however, lacks the classical mechanics of shooting flowers and wearing unique clothes. They necessitate the use of the second button. Characters such as Luigi and Toad, who have skills that differ from Mario’s, can be unlocked for players to control. The standard game screen finishes when you command the character to jump onto the recognizable flagpole.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, the final stage of each world is a competition with Bowser or a “journey” on the same airplane.

Extremely Difficult 

The gameplay seems to be simple in its initial stages. However, as the level of difficulty rises, the time it takes to complete each level grows. Not to mention the challenge of collecting five pink coins on each game screen, which necessitates a greater skill level from the player.

Completing all the stages and challenges in Super Mario Run, is likely to take you less than a few hours. Although the iPhone version allows for one-handed play, I prefer to play on the iPad. The experience on these two smartphones differs because you use your thumb to press the screen rather than your finger to tap it.

Various Game Modes to Experiment With

In addition to the core World Tour game mode, Super Mario Run includes Kingdom Builder, a city-building simulation. This game is similar to Animal Crossing in terms of simplicity. Another game mode includes Toad Rally, a point-based attack game in which the player must discover a way to beat their friends’ highest score. To play Toad Rally, you must first acquire a Rally Ticket in the main game. You use coins to buy structures and decorate them as you choose, drawing them in.

Some Pointers to Keep In Mind When Playing

You need tricks to be the leader of any game. There’s no need to seek because I learned a few things after playing this game. Take a look at the suggestions below.

Special Coins Aren’t Just Challenges; They’re Game-Changers

The game informs you whether there is a hidden pink coin or which level is the most difficult to complete. You should figure out a way to fit it all. However, the game does not say what happens if you collect all pink coins. Coins will arrive, according to information in the game’s tips area. The fact is that you unlock new levels of gameplay by collecting purple and black coins while playing. The goal of Super Mario Run is to collect all of the pink, purple, and black coins while also unlocking the levels associated with them.

Mario Can Do Many Things That You Can’t See Right Away

The game’s fundamentals are simple to grasp. Mario dashes, leaps, bounces off the wall and shrugs at the enemy’s head. By holding the jump “button” after jumping, you can glide down Doraemon’s bamboo pinwheel. This strategy is excellent for avoiding opponents or “landing” on an unstable surface.

You can also execute a reverse jump by pressing jump while rolling, ascending to conduct climbing-jumping, and throwing opponents to perform a high jump. You’ll get a more comprehensive list if you go to Menu> Notebook> Tips & Tricks.

There’s More to the Mushroom Kingdom Game Than You Think

The Mushroom Kingdom appears to be nothing more than a cosmetic experience. However, this section is more than that. With the Rainbow Bridge, you may enlarge the small region you started with. It grants you access to previously unexplored territory, which isn’t discussed well in the game. You’ll also unlock new mini-games, playable characters, and even personal levels as you progress through the building process.

Don’t Forget to Use Nintendo Points to Unlock a Lot of Free Stuff

I propose that you “check over” My Nintendo at the end of the game. Although some “positive things” lurk inside, the procedure is highly perplexing.

Nintendo ID will enable all the features in the online browser interface, allowing you to keep track of your Nintendo score. Check to see if you’re ID has been created. You will receive 600 Nintendo Points for purchasing and breaking the Super Mario Run.

You may do a lot of intriguing things in this game. You can also get a free Toad character by exchanging points, and also earn coins by creating objects and doing other activities. It’s fantastic because Super Mario Run doesn’t have any virtual stuff for sale, and the assistance tools are available for no cost. Meanwhile, performing super-easy “quests” in the game can quickly win you several points.

Keep an Eye on Your Characters and Foes

The game does not make it evident that you can switch characters, by the fact that three menu tiers are hidden. To change the character, go to Menu> Notebook> Characters. You can swap this character after completing the 24th screen, which involves protecting Princess Peach from Bowser.

As previously stated, Toad characters are available for free via My Nintendo. You must construct a new home for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette. Some of these characters have unique abilities, such as Peach’s hover in mid-air or Yoshi’s unique swaying dance motion. These abilities can be used to obtain difficult-to-reach coins during stages. 


The game is enjoyable and is one of the few potential games I’ve ever played on a smartphone. It follows in the footsteps of past New Super Mario Bros. games in terms of design and innovation. In general, Super Mario Run, like other popular games such as Banana Kong, features an easy approach to play and run. Nintendo, on the other hand, did not make things that easy. Additional components and challenging difficulties will pique your interest and you are bound to spend several hours on it.

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