Swamp Attack MOD APK for Android Users (Unlimited Money/Energy)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Requires4.1 and Up
Size143 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy
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You are enjoying a tranquil life in a lovely house by the marshes until one day, a swarm of creatures and zombies besieges your home. You will, of course, do everything to protect your location. Swamp Attack Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Energy) is a thrilling shooting game that deliver awesome battles and fights. 


Simple Gameplay

Swamp Attack begins in a peaceful manner with a man sitting in front of his house in a recliner chair, listening to music and holding a rifle. The first crocodiles attack your house swiftly, which disrupts the serene atmosphere. You will have to shoot them with the gun in your hand. The gameplay is simple, requiring only a few touches to move the creatures across the screen.

Swamp Attack includes almost 300 levels and eight separate chapters. At first, the game consists of using the gun to kill the crocodiles, after which you collect money from them. You’ll have to battle with more powerful monsters as you progress through the stages. Each level appears to introduce a new sort of monster and weaponry to defeat them.

With over 35 distinct creatures, each with their specific abilities, you can be attacked not just by monsters who approach you but also by far-off monsters. When destroying creatures, you will come across medicine vials that can be used to heal yourself.

System of Weapons

Because you start with only one shotgun, your weapon selection is limited at first, but you will eventually acquire new weapons as you progress through the game. Also, you can quickly switch guns or upgrade them. Gas tanks, bombs, acid rain, and other auxiliary weapons are utilized via easy drag and drop.

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Like many other sorts of games, Gold coins are a crucial component that you must actively obtain. You’ll obtain gold by slaying monsters when you click on the golden ducks or by earning incentives for completing each level. To help your house have more HP, upgrade your weapons, buy additional weapons, and upgrade defense equipment.

Additional Modes

In addition to the main mode, you will encounter Quick Missions, which will provide you with intriguing activities to assist you in earning more money. When you play Quick Missions mode, you will receive the primary and auxiliary weapons at random before the game begins. If you complete the game as quickly as possible, you will earn more money. There is also a Multiplayer mode, which allows you to play with your friends and family.

Attractive Design

Swamp Attack is simple in terms of aesthetics, i.e. with a character and a scene similar to those found on the Cartoon Network channel. On the other hand, the game’s scenery is always home between the marsh, with no variation from beginning to end, likely to bore players.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Swamp Attack Mod Apk  

Although not particularly impressive, the game is worth playing for entertainment value and gameplay. Download Swamp Attack on your phone and defend your area with guns and ammunitions. 

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