Free Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Mod Apk 3.0.2 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Sword Art Memory Defrag is a part of Bandai Namco’s blockbuster action role-playing series, Sword Art Online. With high-quality visuals and infinite rich sound, you can play this game on a PC using an Android emulator. The abbreviation for this 2D anime adventure game is SAO MD. The game is based on the popular Beat-Em-Up series and features easy-to-use controls. 

Your main goal is to guide Kirito and the Assault Team through the Sword Art Online virtual world. Memory Defrag is the planet where you can wipe out Aincrad’s 100 stories of towers and free them from the dreadful captivation. 

General Information

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, it is based on a vertical screen scene. The player will direct the character’s movement and combat against opponents. In addition, the game allows players to acquire characters via dialing numbers. Lastly, gamers have to spin multiple times to get the character they want. This game is based on the plot of Sword Art Online and recreates the intricacies of the well-known manga. The plot of the game is also based on the series’ material. 

Aside from the single-player gameplay, gamers can team up with friends and other players in multiplayer mode to take down epic bosses. It is is a quirky and unique action-style game that will be a must-have for manga enthusiasts.

Background Information

SAO (Sword Art Online) is a Japanese love novel series authored by Kawahara Reki and drawn by ABEC. They put the series in a futuristic setting with much Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (VRMMO) elements.

Since April 2009, they’ve published the novel series under the ASCII Media Works name. In 2012, a spin-off novel series was released. Sword Art Online has been adapted into manga, anime. This game features a recreation of Sword Art Online’s original animated series, which is based on the same-named virtual reality game. Players join Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and a cast of interesting characters in a vertical screen landscape layout. Lastly, it has a unique touch and swipes control technique to fight.

Each objective in the game involves players joining a group of up to three characters to face combat against hordes of demons Aside from the single-player gameplay, players can team up with friends and other players in multiplayer mode to take down epic bosses.

Overall Evaluations

In terms of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre, Sword Art Online invites readers to enter an unexpected virtual world where in-game activity can cause your life to end, thanks to the virtualization of online games. It is based on the framework that has its form of a romantic story. 

Gamers can cultivate heroic fantasies and transform into mighty warriors in a fantasy world. Players will have to pass through 200 gates to play online, and that’s when your adventure begins. This game is a true RPG game in which players must control the character, directly to block and attack the opponent. Even though the screen is vertical and the character’s movements are easy, the game’s combat system relies heavily on fire. 

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Is a Good Alternative

Alicization of Sword Art Online Rising Steel is a continuation of the popular Sword Art Online series. The game blends feature from the Sword Art Online series with fantasy role-playing components on mobile devices. It has anime-themed animations and particular skill-introduction styles.

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel offers players a unique experience based on the Alicization story plot, combining stories from the original Sword Art Online series with additional content. It has a touch-screen system that allows you to unleash exceptional sword skills. Both novice and experienced gamers are expected to enjoy the game.

On the phone screen, Rising Steel provides anime combat with stunning effects. When the new game from the Japanese business is presented, you can see a comprehensive picture of this function in the highly fantastic video. To win tasks in this game, you need to go to unknown regions and meet new characters to discover different stories. It combines novels, cartoons, and original content to create a unique experience. Players can exhibit superhuman ego powers in several intriguing confrontations. A Master skill produces massive damage and eye-pleasing effects with different aspects and effects.


Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Mod Apk has a unique style that combines casual aspects with brutal ARPG components. It’s an action RPG game that lets you relive the game’s original story and TV animation using your smartphone. Lastly, characters with several personalities, such as Kirito, Asuna, Lifa, and Sinon, can be controlled easily.

They employ a variety of beautiful talents to fend off powerful opponents’ surprise attacks as they go through the stages. There is also an online multiplayer mode, which allows players and partners to work together in stages and enjoy the thrill of overcoming formidable foes as a team.

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