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Tabou Stories is a one-of-a-kind mobile storytelling game. It has a lot of exciting stories, but how they grow and conclude is up to the player. If you wish to modify the course of your favorite stories, download Tabou Stories for free right now.

Have you ever envisioned yourself as the main character while watching an episode of your favorite TV show? Tabou Stories is a role-playing game based on an interactive novel that allows you to do whatever you like. You’ll make critical decisions like how to dress, how to navigate fantastic movies, and how to fall in love. You can make your hidden wish come true in these romantic romances.

Tabou Stories is a fantastic comic book anthology. On the other hand, the reader has complete influence over all of their advances. Tabou Stories allows you to modify everything, from love to solving crimes to an epic fantasy journey.

General Information

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a game created specifically to provide players with a unique experience. When it comes to this game, players can take on various responsibilities, which will benefit them, and you’ll earn a lot of valuable experience. 

If you’re seeking a game with an exciting but romantic love tale, this is the game for you. This game’s gameplay is quite simple. To manipulate the screen, players only need to use their fingers. This game is designed in the style of a dating game. As a result, the game’s gameplay will mainly revolve around story discovery. 

In the game, players have to decide whether to continue the game’s journey or not. The difficulty of this game provides players with a choice, and each choice offers a different result. There will even be some scenarios in which players will perish. So, if you don’t want to be a loser, be as cautious as possible. Players usually have three alternatives to choose from. Each decision in the game is based on the character and previous events. If the player wishes to make a decision, he must learn what transpired previously. 

Background Information

The game entails a collection of story lines rather than a single tale. The player takes on the role of a girl who uses a matchmaker to find the man of her dreams. However, players are unexpectedly chosen to participate in a reality program with notable people, including singers and actors. Their goal is to make eye contact with the female. So, who are you going to select now?

The player takes on the role of a typical college girl. She meets Henry Lockwood, a young millionaire, who requests her to be his fictitious girlfriend.

Game Popularity 

Despite the low overall percentage, we have placed this game among the best-selling apps in the US App Store in terms of long-term success. Tencent invested US$60 million in Pocket Gem in 2015, according to public records, and received a 20% ownership. It again invested $90 million in 2017, bringing its share to 38 percent. Thereon, Pixel berry, the creator of Choices, was acquired by South Korean gaming company Nexon (DNF, a running kart developer) in November 2017 for $100 million.

According to a study provided by the overseas tripartite data business, there were six interactive games with a monthly turnover of over 14 million US dollars in North America in the first quarter of 2018. Chapters: Interactive Stories was one of them that made it to the international market and is one of the top 50 best-selling games on the App Store in the US.

Chapters: Interactive Stories

According to the data analysis of the Data Eye-ADX, the games represented by Chapters: Interactive Stories pay close attention to satisfying the emotional needs of women, which is also one of the reasons this game can break millions of female players’ hearts. 

In February, Chapters: Interactive Stories ranked 32nd in the foreign income of Sensor Tower’s domestic mobile game. The interactive mobile game has demonstrated its capacity to draw funds worldwide. According to Sensor Tower data, the game’s global turnover in February totaled US$4 million on iOS and Android.


  • Stories You Play and Episode-Choose, Your Story, are competitors in the US market.
  • The game packaging and promotional materials are incredibly similar.
  • The flow of these two games is relatively consistent.

According to data from the Sensor Tower advertising intelligence network, this game has lately been advertised on Facebook and Applovin platforms.

Final Thoughts

Tabou Stories is a mobile application where you can play romantic stories. Rich storytelling, a variety of options to provide you with a better experience, provides you with additional story content and allows you to enjoy the game’s pleasure. So, what exactly are you waiting for? 

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