Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Size98 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Unlocked
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The Outfit7 App developer has released a brand new game called Talking Tom Gold Run. If you’re a Tomcat admirer, you’re probably familiar with this publisher. The cult Talking Tom series’ originator is Outfit7. 

Talking Tom Gold Run is based on the Tomcat and Friends theme from the Talking Tom family. This game renders an interesting bond between you and the cat. In addition, during the game, you have to assist Tom in chasing down gold thieves, recovering what’s stolen, and constructing a dream mansion.

Talking Tom Gold Run offers the same gameplay features as Talking Tom Hero Dash. It remains a popular game with many positive reviews; it has received over 100 million downloads and 4 million reviews on the Google Play store. The game is currently available for free for anyone to explore and enjoy.

Unrestricted Race

Your mission in Talking Tom Gold Run is to help Tom recover the stolen gold. The game begins with Tom immediately running after the thief’s vehicle. You can swipe left and right to dodge obstacles, jump over them or slide under them. There are numerous roadblocks, such as fences and walls which arise at random and without warning. 

Pay great attention in making the best option as even a minor error can cause Tom to collapse. You will lose at that point and will have to start over. The gold thief’s car will constantly sprinkle gold money throughout the game. You will assist Tom in collecting all of the gold coins while jogging.

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In Talking Tom Gold Run, the race is unrestricted, and the game’s difficulty will rise over time, just like in other endless sprinting games. In terms of new hurdles, they will increase in number along with the rate of movement. Meanwhile, if players do not wish to be flung off the racetrack, they need to have quick reflexes and agility.  

Talking Tom Gold Run is a collection of adventures set in various locations, including woodlands, docks, motorways, and even under the sea. Each place has a unique design style and a variety of hurdles to overcome. 

Helpful Items

There will be support items that arrive along the way during the game. They are quite helpful and provide Tom with a great deal of assistance in a short period. For instance, Tom is protected from falling over in case of a collision, if he is wearing a helmet. Tom can also soar into the air with a jetpack where there are no obstacles but plenty of gold coins. When you pick up a magnet, gathering gold becomes easier since Tom gathers all the gold along the road. 

It is necessary to update the tools and gadgets to help Tom with an extended run. Although upgrading costs a significant amount of gold, the advantages are numerous. You can get multiple treasure boxes with precious things after finishing each assignment, in addition to a lot of gold. 

Upgrade Tom’s Home 

Use your money to enhance Tom’s house after each stage. Tom’s house has several floors, each demanding a considerable sum of money to update. The amount of money spent on upgrades will rise along with the house’s level. Renovating a new home will introduce you to numerous new and exciting realms. 

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This house, in particular, is not only Tom’s but also belongs to his friends, including Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Hank. New characters such as Hyper Tom and Cyber Angela, in particular, are ready for infinite races.


The graphics in Talking Tom Gold Run are crisp, with vibrant 3D images. The game’s inherent brightness is preserved, with Tomcat and his friends retain their original innocence and mischief. Furthermore, the sound system is vivid and inspiring throughout the entire team’s adventure. 

The game also includes a variety of unique environments, such as the forest, the seabed, and the street. It takes you on thrilling escapades you’ve never experienced before. There’s a lot of fun stuff in store for you ahead.


Talking Tom Gold Run for Android continues to entice users, particularly children as there are numerous characters to choose from along with enjoyable music and sound effects. Play games in different worlds with Tom and his buddies, earn gold and help them build their dream home. Thank you for visiting MaxDroid; please download the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk and play it now.

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