Temple Run 2 Mod Apk 1.85.3 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Imangi Studios
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Prepare to put your hand-eye coordination to the test with Temple Run 2’s unique gameplay. Have a blast with its engaging graphics and various features, such as collecting coins on the way, picking up treasures and much more. Furthermore, the game’s diverse characteristics will ensure you can enjoy it for hours on end.

Take on the interactive runs by moving the figure around with your touchscreen. Challenge yourself on various maps and run the longest mile before getting crashed or tripped by an obstacle. You can enjoy this game from Imangi Studios while competing against friends and other online players.
With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about the unique mobile game and its features.


Android gamers can join us in our latest adventure, Temple Run 2, a game that is based on an individual who escapes from the clutches of an evil monster and runs away. You are in control of this character, who goes on epic quests through vast dungeons, labyrinths, jungles, and other exotic locales. With a monkey or other terrifying monsters after you, you’ll have to move quickly and make split-second decisions to leave the catcher behind.
To get over obstacles:

  1. Utilize the intuitive touch controls to freely move the characters left and right, up and down, or even swing around vertically.
  2. Test your skills on various maps, each with its distinctive setting and growing difficulty.
  3. Play with a variety of characters, each with its distinct appearance.
  4. Discover a variety of unique power-ups that provide incredible effects and boosts.


The following are the game’s fascinating features.

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Simple Touch Controls

Thanks to the game’s easy and simple controls, Android gamers can rapidly immerse themselves in the exciting gameplay of Temple Run 2. To easily command your characters, use the basic motions and touch controls. Avoid obstacles by moving left and right. Also, use the touch controls to activate your power-ups instantly.

Increasing Difficulty

Temple Run 2 has growing levels of difficulty, ensuring you get the most out of each location. As the game progresses, you’ll find yourself up against increasingly difficult obstacles, which will keep the game entertaining.

In Temple Run 2, you can enjoy various power-ups to overcome obstacles, run as an invincible individual and speed up your run. Play around with the special boosters to increase your immunity, slow down the sudden traps, and multiply your cash. These will ensure Android gamers can get the most out of the game.

Numerous Accomplishments

Android gamers can work on several accomplishments throughout their in-game experiences, which allows them to reach different milestones. Collect a variety of achievements to gain access to special auxiliaries in the game.

Dress Up Your Avatars

You can freely customize your characters’ appearances with various clothing and accessories, making it simple to change their appearance. Have fun combining hundreds of various outfits and accessories on your avatars to create amusing combinations.

Various Monsters Will Pursue You

In Temple Run 2, Android players will have the option of customizing the gigantic monsters. Allow for the creation of huge alien monsters with distinct appearances. Also, you can unlock the powerful extraterrestrial for more fun and excitement.

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Collect Coins and Achieve the Highest Possible Score

The purpose of running on a course is to collect as many coins as possible. Try moving on for as long as possible so that you can reach the highest scores in the game. Enjoy the game with the highest possible score and win bragging rights among your friends. Alternatively, you can compete against other top-tier gamers from across the world.

Play Offline

You can also play the game without any Internet connection. This helps in using it outside, when you are with friends or enjoying your trip.

Free to Play

Android gamers can still play the game for free on their mobile devices. Download it from the Google Play Store, and install it on your devices instantly. Begin having a great time with the numerous in-game features.

Enjoy the Unlocked Features

If the in-game purchases and advertisements upset you, you can download the free, unlocked version. Download and install the Temple Run 2 Mod Apk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


Temple Run 2 immerses Android gamers in intense and terrifying environments, along with a variety of challenging and thrilling runs. The animations and intriguing visual effects will keep you entirely engrossed for hours. Thanks to its enhanced in-game graphics, Temple Run 2 is also playable on most mobile devices.

Music and Sound

Thanks to innovative sound effects and on-theme tunes, Temple Run 2 gameplay enhances further and becomes more enjoyable.


Temple Run 2 allows gamers to enjoy their traveling expeditions and enhances their level of fun while they are with friends or alone. Feel free to immerse yourself in the fantastic game and discover new adventures of your choice. In addition, enjoy working with a variety of unique adaptations, which will make the game more thrilling and captivating.

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