Free Terrarium: Garden Idle MOD APK 1.26.13 for Android Users (Premium Unlocked)

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DeveloperGreen Panda Games
Requires4.4 and Up
Size38.26 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Terrarium: Garden Idle has received a lot of praise from gamers worldwide since its release on the Android platform, thanks to its engaging content. Feel free to tap on each plant during the game to increase the amount of oxygen it produces in the air. That is the most fundamental aspect of it.

Download it to your iOS or Android device and enjoy. Grow plants and get them to emit a particular amount of oxygen every second; the amount is decided by the plant’s stage of development.

General Information

At first glance, you’ll notice how well-designed and animated the game is, not to mention how lovely the plants are as you go through the levels. You can not only adjust the home plant shelves and pots, but also change the background if you want to. People enjoy playing it because it is simple and addictive. 

However, the game does not allow you to scroll down; it will choose a plant for you instead of you choosing one. Aside from that, you’ll appreciate its simple and elegant design and the basic controls that appear to be minimalistic. 

A few choices are accessible during the game to help you speed up oxygen production. Fertilizer, intensive watering, and repellant are common examples. The countdown timer will appear once you’ve used the boost and will run until you use it again. 

Try Terrarium if you’re looking for a relaxing game. It’s a great way to unwind and relax without practicing Yoga. You can also gain money by watching advertising, which isn’t bad compared to some games where you have to watch an ad every second or two. 

Overall Evaluations

Everything is almost flawless; however, once you’ve leveled up all of the plants to the maximum, you’ll still want to know whether they are upgraded or not. Nevertheless, you will get cash for finalizing each plant. The shelves are another issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes the archive doesn’t operate at all. Once these are overflowing with plants, drag & drop them into the archive to make room for new ones. The majority of them appear to be quite appealing, especially when you consider that you can plant and cultivate various plants, fruits, and flowers from around the world. 


Terrarium: Garden Idle is a simple game in which you can boost your earning potential by making purchases. Make more in-app purchases with the currency to get the things you want. When it comes to growing plants, oxygen is the most essential feature. If this is your first game, don’t worry; it’s fairly simple and shouldn’t cause any problems. All you have to do is buy and upgrade plants to make additional money. While playing this game, do not be stressed and relax.

Furthermore, gathering money allows you to level up quickly. Hit the “level up” icon in the top right corner of the screen. Leveling up allows you to access more plants and shelf spaces and gain benefit. Finally, Terrarium: Garden Idle only allows the player to register two fingers for tapping, on two different plants, rather than one. 


One of the reasons for everyone to fall in love with this game is the graphics and art, which are simple but adorable. The dynamic images, as well as the plants and tap vibrations, are all stunning. Some players dislike the game because once they reach level 190, there are no more strange plants to acquire. Only through your daily log-in page will you be able to do so, and you will receive one new plant every five days.


We wholeheartedly recommend this idle game to everyone who likes plants or has recently experienced stress. Terrarium: Garden Idle is a relaxing game which takes your mind off problems and issues. Download the game now and enjoy.

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