the Arcana Mod Apk 2.19 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperNix Hydra
Size113 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Nix Hydra’s “The Arcana: A Mystic Romance” is an adventure game. Players will take on the role of great artistic wizards and go on an adventure. It will immerse you in a murder investigation that will be filled with intrigues and storylines. Along with it, a romantic encounter will occur, based on a true love story. 

Background Information

The black-skinned lady and the Duchess invites a magician to investigate a murder case. The murder suspect is a frigid personality with a short temper. This game has a strong narrative and the training is entirely in English. Krypton gold is the currency that you have to spend for purchasing things. It’s fortunate to receive a small reward for the free turntable every day, and it can also be used to restore the key.

Gameplay and Functions

For starters, it’s a free game on the App Store, and it can be played without spending any Krypton gold. The Queen, the nasty doctor, and the loving master are the three targets in this game. You can choose who you want to call, whether it’s a man or a woman. The game setting is based in ancient Rome, during which magic, demons, tarot divination, and the Colosseum coexist. The tale begins with the Queen, who had lost her spouse, approaching you as a diviner, asking for help. 

The painting style is quite attractive and distinctive. We can also apply the ancient Roman-styled game, which drew a lot of attention. Each of the three targets are adorable. The doctor is the favorite of all who looks great in the blonde wig with the bow knot.

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Let’s discuss the core gameplay now. We need keys to move through parts, and some alternatives require gold coins if you want to proceed through the chapters and make selections. There are three mini-games along with the Wheel of Fortune, which you can play for free once a day. To see the bonus plot, go to minor things and acquire items. You can earn gold coins by logging the tarot card daily, and you can acquire free divination for seven days from the Raiders’ goal.

The last mini-game involves rolling the dice and exchanging love letters for postcards. It’s time to fight for character and put the European spirit to the test three times a day. Gold coins and keys can be obtained by playing these mini-games. There are a lot of small shocks and highlights in this game. The color, for example, is based on the dialogue box of some of nature’s colorful characters. There are six different Q variants of the small animals that roll the dice in games.

Graphics and Designs

The First Page

The painting style is more refined, and it is clear that this is an unusual tale of magic. Here are a few of the most important characters.



Asra, a powerful sorceress, is a beautiful young girl. She has the air of a gentle and determined master, but her face occasionally turns bright red. She has purple eyes, silver hair, and magnificent clothing. Also, she is intelligent and has a volatile personality. 

Asra has an intense yearning for protection and is very close to MC and his snake. However, other factors are affected by one’s mood. This character has an odd relationship with another character, Doctor Julian; besides this one, Asra has good relationships with other characters. 

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Julian, the attractive doctor, attempted to develop an antidote during the epidemic and was the prime suspect in the Earl’s death. He appears to be a romantic and refined pirate captain at first glance. He enjoys drinking in a certain bar, yet he is shy and uneasy when interacting with others. Furthermore, he constantly pushes the people he loves and puts himself at risk. People sometimes want to punch him because of his obstinacy. He is presently residing with a family member. Despite his pessimism, he is always concerned about others and has a distinct sense of humor.


Nadia, the haughty countess, hired you to find out what killed her ex-husband. In short, she has a princely-shaped persona and gets quite intimate with attractive men at times. 


Julian’s sister and Queen Nadia’s maid, Portia, are gorgeous. She is a skilled housekeeper, cook, and gardener, with Portia being lovely and sweet. 


Muriel, who is quiet and avoids the world, is cursed. He and Asra were orphans and passed their childhood together. When Muriel met Duke Lucio, he compelled him to murder some individuals for which he obliged and executed them in the courtroom. He has scars all over his body, wears chains, doesn’t trust others, has trouble interacting with others, and likes to takes risks. 


Nadia’s late husband, Lucio, fits the description of a wealthy scumbag. He’s a narcissist, and he believes that people like him all around the country. He has two large, cute dogs, and one of whom claims to be his father. Lastly, Lucio was assisted by Asra’s father in creating the golden arm after one of his arms was broken.

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Purchases and Additional Mini-Games

The lucky roulette, can draw money and magical props, as well as gather a certain amount of accessories to unlock a minor plot, such as Lady Nadia’s birthday bonus. Five gold coins will be given to you in the Tarot area every day. In addition, you can get a free tarot reading in seven days. 

The third game, Heart Hunter, is thrilling. It allows you to collect postcards from six different personalities, which is quite admirable and intriguing. Collecting specific postcards also provide you with rewards. 

Romance Club

Romance Club is a fun romantic love simulation game that is highly recommended. Players come across several types of romantic moments and are able to savor memories. Even more enjoyable is the variety of game plots that provide you with the option of creating love. Each protagonist requires their own story to make a decision. You can play each game one at a time, read the planned task, answer the questions, and expand. Interested players can get the game here and try it out.


The Arcana is a fun game to play. We consider it a work of conscience, even though the plot isn’t complicated. We are hoping that the production crew will sketch more detailed sceneries, but for now, everything is ideal. You don’t require a high level of English, and you don’t need krypton gold to play. The game is notable for its amazing storyline and unexpected turns. Each of the six characters have a strong personality and a well-designed showcase to appeal to gamers of all ages. 

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