Free the Blockheads Mod Apk 1.7.6 for Android Users (Unlimited Crystals)

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DeveloperNoodlecake Studios Inc
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Crystals
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Are you a fan of Minecraft, the world-famous sandbox game? Or are you looking for a new game to play with somewhat different setups? Then you’ll undoubtedly become addicted to The Blockheads’ thrilling adventures.

Explore the world’s most extensive 2D sandbox landscapes, transporting you to various settings and environments. Have fun in the interactive universe of blocks, colors, and stages.

You can learn more about this intriguing game from Noodlecake Studios with our evaluations.


The game introduces Android gamers to Minecraft’s unique 2D environments. You’ll find yourself in a range of varied locales, from warm beaches to endless icy mountains and dark dungeons.

You’ll find yourself lost in a strange environment. As night sets and hunger and cold begin to take their toll on your body, you only have a few minutes to build your hut, kindle a fire, and search for food to survive. Not to mention the dangers of blood-thirsty animals and beasts hiding outdoors. 

You can help your character live and uncover unlimited possibilities in the game by hunting down animals for sustenance, collecting resources to make goods, constructing incredible structures, and taking down monsters within the dark dungeons.

Play with others or by yourself in The Blockheads’ fully dynamic environment.


Here you’ll discover a list of different fascinating features.

Immerse Yourself in This Challenging Game

Fans like The Blockheads’ thrilling survival gameplay. Explore the vast realms with various activities while controlling your blockhead characters. As you search for resources to keep your blockheads alive, take them to various areas on the randomly created terrains. Create goods and gadgets to aid you in your survival struggles, and participate in a wide range of game activities. 

Have fun with The Blockheads’ unique realms and gameplay.

Make Wonderful Products and Tools by Utilizing the Crafting Features

To make your survival struggles more intriguing, gamers in The Blockheads can create various objects and tools with the necessary materials and tools. You can also provide the blockheads with better tools to work faster and sturdy weapons to defend themselves. Make a new bed, table, chair, and other items to furnish your home.

Explore a Variety of Destinations Across the Vast Universes

The game entails a world with numerous interactive features, including an entire climate and season system and different terrains. Despite its block-oriented aesthetics, you’ll be immersed in the game’s captivating environment. 

As you find yourself shipwrecked on an unfamiliar island, begin by gathering the luscious coconuts and feeding yourself before nightfall. Learn how to stay alive on a tropical beach by discovering unique plants, animals, and fruits. 

You can build a sturdy boat to help you navigate the vast waters. Travel to a variety of locales and collect one-of-a-kind resources. You can even travel to the North Pole searching for unique fur apparel.

Finally, the game includes vast underground dungeons where you can find a variety of rare stones and metals and collect unique ingredients for crafting magnificent tools.

Prepare Delectable Dishes Like an Expert

Your alternatives for avoiding hunger during the first nights are exploring fruits, hunting down animals, and consuming raw meat. However, because we all know that these energy methods are inefficient, it would be fantastic if you could cook during the game. 

You can begin cooking food by simply roasting the meat over an open fire. Once you’ve completed your work, you can begin your MasterChef tasks in the game, including various recipes. Make tasty, high-energy snacks for your blockheads whenever you’re ready.

Make the Most of the Available Building Possibilities to Create Incredible Structures

When it comes to shelter, you don’t want to be stuck inside a run-down building all the time, do you? Players can use the building feature in The Blockheads to create their ideal hideouts. You’re allowed to build whatever constructions you want; all you need is supplies and tools. Constructions include buildings, marble castles, etc. 

Feel Free to Alter the Settings as You See Fit

After you’ve finished the erection phase, you can use the game’s customizations to change the design of your castle with fresh paint and images. Feel free to use whatever color you want in the surroundings. 

To Harvest Food, Grow Fruits and Veggies

If you don’t want to waste time searching for food, start by settling down and planting an orchard so that you can enjoy fresh fruit whenever you want. Also, you can plant some vegetables, care for them, and harvest them when the time comes. This is a great way to stay away from famine. 

Animals Can Be Tamed and Used to Help You

You can either tame them to help you with your everyday tasks or have them as food bites when it comes to animals. In this game, you’ll find yourself riding all kinds of animals, including donkeys, cows, etc. Lastly, your animals can join you on your fantastic excursions as friends.

Play the Game With Your Friends and Other Online Players

You can play it with your friends and other online players to make the game more exciting. Join an existing world or form your own in which you can make things or take on challenges from other players. 

It’s Free to Play

Android gamers can download and play this game for free on their mobile devices from Google Play Store despite all its fantastic features. However, you may find the commercials and in-game purchases somewhat restrictive. If this is the case, you might want to check out the customized version of Block Heads. 

With Our Version, You May Play With All of the Game’s Features Unlocked

With The Blockheads Mod, you can now make unlimited purchases for free. Furthermore, you can delete all advertisements from the game to keep away distractions and noises. You need to download from our website rather than the Play Store.

Sound and Video Quality


After playing Minecraft, we’ve all grown accustomed to the game’s intriguing block-oriented aesthetics. Because of the distinctive 2D graphics, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game in a whole different way.  


The game provides Android gamers with exciting survival techniques and pleasant sound effects. Not to mention that everything in the game looks and feels more realistic with authentic sound effects.

The Blockheads Mod 1.7.6 Android Apk Is Available for Download

For fans of sandbox games like Stardew Valley, Terraria, and a few more, The Blockheads will surprise you with its varied and engaging gameplay. With our updated version, you have numerous maps to discover and excellent gamers to play with.

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