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DeveloperTeam 17 Digital Limited
Requires5.0 and Up
Size84 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is a 2D pixel RPG game set in a prison. The game is ideal for everyone who likes adventure and wants to experience a thrilling jail escape. Prepare to have a fantastic time in this game. To get out of prison, you must fulfill various challenging tasks that allow you to build a unique character. Your final goal is to establish an escape route with the help of things and hints. 


Prison Experience

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout provides an addictive experience with various fascinating features. Each prison has been carefully chosen for its unique set of challenges. You investigate and learn about jails, together with buying and trading in the game. The more items you require, the more fascinating crafting combinations you’ll be able to come up with. 

All of the products are designed to assist you in escaping from prison. Of course, you’ll have to adjust in a prison full of strange individuals. Prepare and ensure that you participate in the dialogues, keep track of the time, and comprehend the jail map. You can also increase your cognitive skills by going to the library or building your body by going to the gym. To become a mentally and physically powerful prisoner, you must perform various tasks.

In the game, you have various options to deal with an onslaught. Attempt to devise prison-related ruses, strengthen alliances, and confront or bribe the guard. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout aims to provide an enjoyable escape simulator experience. You take on the role of a prisoner, and your goal is to devise a devious escape strategy. Learn and collect all familiar activities to design your path while gathering valuable stuff. Share them with other inmates and avoid the prison guards. 

Simple Gameplay

The game will take you back in time, to the famous TV show “Prison Escape”. This show had two awesome characters, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield. With dramatic details, intelligence, and courage, the story centers on the escape of two brothers. 

When you become an intelligent, strong, and brave prisoner, you can perform several activities. The game has several degrees of difficulty, and things get more difficult as you progress through the jail chain with the most stringent security system.

You’ll be subjected to a range of monitoring and safety devices. You’re a dangerous and tough person to deal with, so devise a flawless strategy to flee the most draconian prison in front of the cops. You must go through a lengthy procedure, and everything must be meticulously prepared. You must, of course, become accustomed to life in prison. If you have free time, talk to other inmates or participate in sports to strengthen your bonds.

Entertaining Tasks

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout has some of the best real-life simulations. Every activity bear significant danger, including the possibility of death if you fail. You must become familiar with the huge and diverse jail systems. You must pass through Central Perk Jail or Rattlesnake Springs prison, both of which have a strong security system for prominent offenders and death row convicts. There are numerous rooms, roofs, vents, and underground tunnels.

To discover the prison’s flaws, you must investigate each one, make friends, and connect them to a safe escape route. You must deal with the security system in each prison, including radar and aggressive guards. You can either take down the guards or bribe them. The game needs players to be calm, wise, and smart.

In The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout, you can establish squads to make planning easier. To begin the quest, you can form a group of three inmates. Be sly with your creativity and sell everything you can to add to your prison experience.

In addition, you can spend your leisure time socializing with other inmates by chatting and playing. In the game, each prisoner will be of immense assistance to you. If you’ve had your fill of opportunities, utilize whatever you’ve accumulated to sneak out through secret passages. At the same time, you must stop the attacks, block the jail guards, and the harmful targets. Careful calculations will aid you in constructing a grand escape and releasing the light of liberty.

Finally, The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is presented in traditional 2D pixelated graphics. Both the visual effects and the life simulations are awesome and realistic. You will learn more about jail life as you play the game, where you will find a plethora of exciting things to discover.

If you enjoy the same type of games, try “The Escapists: Prison Escape,” a strategic prison simulation game with various challenging missions. You’ll need to use various strategies to stay alive and eventually get out of jail. Of course, you’ll need to participate in prison activities, and make friends.


  • A realistic jail simulator with a lot of cool features.
  • Discover 13 different jails, each with its unique security system.
  • You’ll need to buy, sell, and employ the right goods to get out.
  • Investigate prisons, participate in prison activities, and provide support to up to four players at once.


The graphics in 2D are a bit shabby, and there is a lack of group cooperation.

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If you like prison-oriented games, then give The Escapists a try. Download the game and enjoy its modified version.

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