the Walking Dead: Season One Mod Apk 1.20 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperHowyaknow, LLC
MOD FeaturesAll episodes purchased and downloaded
Only in Unlocked + mode without frame: frame is disabled during cutscene.
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Telltale Games has launched The Walking Dead: Season One for mobile, based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning series The Walking Dead, with the filmmaker’s consent. That doesn’t imply the game will stick to the original series’ themes; instead, the game has entirely rewritten the old tale and replaced it with a new scenario and new character lines. The game has become a worldwide success due to that prudent decision.

The Walking Dead series is a brand to leverage and an excellent theme to stimulate a player’s fear. However, realistic graphics, fascinating and varied gameplay, as well as a powerful message are all great elements that make the game incredibly appealing, especially to aficionados. Furthermore, the game is only 1.6 gigabytes in size, does not require high specifications to play and is free to download.

Spectacular Action Gameplay With Fast and Exciting Rhythm

Unlike the theatrical version, the Walking Dead: Season One for smartphones boasts a fast-paced and intense gameplay. Just 10 minutes after starting the game, our main character, Lee Everett, encounters a walking corpse. Then he sees his saviour – Clementine, a 9-year-old girl who lives nearby. The game then begins, with a slew of challenges and perils in store.

Players interact with non-playable characters and the surroundings via a circle that appears on screen. Following that, players must make decisions in a short amount of time. Each choice the player makes will result in a new set of outcomes discovered during the game. When the player is confronted by zombies and must swiftly find a way out of a dangerous position, eye-catching action scenes occur. You can kick the zombie in the face, but it will not kill it unless you shoot it in the head or shatter its head with an axe. All of this takes place on your phone, right in front of your eyes. 

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New Tale, New Characters, Yet the Essential Values Remain the Same

The plot shift is the game’s most notable element, and if the game follows the original story of The Walking Dead, there would be nothing to dispute. Unlike the theatrical version, the Walking Dead: Season One for smartphones boasts a fast-paced and intense gameplay. Just 10 minutes after starting the game, our main character, Lee Everett, has already encountered a walking corpse. After that, Lee encounters his saviour – Clementine, a 9-year-old girl who lives nearby – while asking for assistance. Then the two’s trip officially begins, with a slew of challenges and perils in store.

The game asks the player to decide, whether it’s a chat with another NPC or activities with the undead. It comes with some essential principles, which include tolerance, assistance, selfishness, and lying. The NPCs refer to the player as Lee Everret and bring the story to various conclusions. Lee and Clementine’s adventure highlights each character’s features and experiences in the player’s imagination. You’ll see that they all need attributes like camaraderie, courage, occasional drive and ruthlessness to survive in such a brutal post-apocalyptic environment.

Interaction in the Game 

During the game, the player takes on the character of Lee Everret, a Macon native who is being prosecuted for his murder. Players will interact with the environment and other characters by tapping on the circles on the screen. Most of the time, the game offers a third viewing angle to give the player a more realistic image of the post-apocalyptic environment. However, in some dramatic action situations, the screen provides the user with a first-person perspective, allowing them to experience the action in the most authentic way possible.

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Furthermore, Telltale recommends that players utilize headphones or earphones to get the most out of the game because they can hear and reply to other NPCs. The time constraint accelerates the game speed for decision-making, which also helps players get along with Lee. Before zombies attack, gamers may only have a few seconds to decide. 

A Wonderful and Engaging Game That Teaches a Valuable Lesson

The Walking Dead: Season One is an excellent illustration of video games, based on movies. The characters, Lee, a true and seasoned character, Clementine, a tiny girl with great courage, and other unique personalities offer proper dynamics to the game. Telltale Games succeeded in breaking away from the movie’s original plot and created a game complete with teachings that convinced many fans and made them love it more than the original The Walking Dead series. The gaming style is unique and it boasts light graphics that are attractive and realistic enough. No game can potentially teach a player a life lesson in a virtual environment.

Is It Worth It to Play a Pay-To-Play Game?

Even though The Walking Dead: Season One Mod Apk is free to download and play, it is a pay-to-play game. “Is it worth it?” however, this is the question, and the answer is a resounding affirmative. A minor fee of around $5 is required to unlock an episode, making the entire cost, including the special episode, $25. It’s a reasonable price for a game of this caliber, especially considering the story and values it provides. This game is a “must-try” for zombie aficionados, especially fans of The Walking Dead, but even if you don’t know or enjoy zombies, it is well worth your time to play the first free-to-play episode.

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