Free The Wolf MOD APK 2.5.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money & Super Power)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperSwift Apps LTD
Requires4.1 and Up
Size123 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money & Super Power
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Swift Apps has created The Wolf, a mobile RPG game accessible on Android and iOS. It is currently one of the greatest mobile wolf role-playing games. When users join the game, they will be transformed into wolves where they must live in a frightening animal-filled world. But, before you dig into this addictive time-killer, look at our in-depth assessment of the game. We hope that this post serves as a guide to encourage you get the most out of the game and enjoy every minute of it once you’ve downloaded it.


Aside from the standard missions, there will be epic bosses to enhance the game’s difficulty and let you collect more precious experiences and goods, much like any other game.


The Joystick Button 

This button serves as a directional and movement handle. Drag the handle in the direction you want your wolf to go, and it will follow. You can only type brief sentences at a time using the chat keyboard.

The Arrow Icon 

A wolf’s four characteristics are health, defense, attack, and speed. To find out how much they’re worth, go to your Character Statistics. You can purchase them with coins to increase them. Health and Attack have the greatest values of 300, while Defense and Speed have the lowest values of 60.

The Little Lightning Emblem 

Basic, Auras, Special, and Totems are the four skill kinds available to the wolf. There are around seven to nine skills in each group, and you can try out all of them to see which one is best for you.

The basic group is copper-red and comprises abilities that hurt, slow or poison foes. The Auras have a pastel blue color scheme. It comprises powers that help you, and your allies stay healthy, increase their HP, and improve their talents. The purple group represents the external environmental threat, such as fire, cold blast, hurricane, icy spikes or thunder. The Totems skill set includes abilities that act as obstacles and deploy adversaries.

The Scoreboard

The Scoreboard is a graph that displays the current status and achievements of the active players. The Alpha Wolf can transfer other wolves in the pack to a specific place by opening a portal there. To open the gateway, use the howling button above the attack panel if you become the Alpha.

The Teleport Icon 

It takes a long time for the teleport to load fully. If you move or press any key during this time, the procedure will be interrupted. When you wish to howl without teleporting, you can use this ability.

The Assault Panel

The large scratch icon allows you to assault the prey, adversaries, or bosses. Four little buttons representing four skills will emerge when you press it. Furthermore, there is a trap button on the top right, but you must first unlock it.

Additional Specifications

Each level necessitates a significant quantity of experience. During your games, you will earn experience, cash, and gems. As you may have gathered from the above information, kill, determine your score on the Scoreboard. In the meantime, cash and gems are used to purchase traits and improve your skills.

You can also purchase the Premium version with gems. The Premium accelerates leveling (plus 50% XP), strengthens your wolf (plus 50% money), and gives it a revolutionary look with attractive skin.

You can use the buttons on the top of the screen to track the statistics mentioned above. The coins and jewels you own are displayed in two little bars in the upper right corner. To purchase additional, tap the plus sign. Simultaneously, you can see your ID, name, team color, level, and current XP in the right corner.


You can select your character from various wolves at the start of the game. Using the experience and money, your wolf will develop its powers and skills. You can design your wolf using the customization options and the character creation system. There are five different varieties of wolves, ranging from the common to the exceptional that everyone desires.

The Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf is the most common wolf that a newbie can have. Although the Gray Wolf appears to be ordinary, it is already powerful and equipped with keen teeth to combat any foe.

The Black Wolf

The Black Wolf is perfect in woodlands and grasslands since it can locate and attack prey in half a second.

The White Wolf

The White Wolf, like any other animal with white hair in real life, can survive and hunt in extremely cold weather.

The Mexican Wolf

The Mexican Wolf was created for ambush combat. This topographic demonstrates great intellect and speed.

The Ferocious Wolf

Finally, the ferocious Wolf is a true predator in any setting. It’s quick, adaptable, and extremely powerful, making it an excellent choice for taking on the toughest foes and bosses.

Cooperative Multiplayer Hunting (CO-OP) and PVP Battle Arena are two modes in which you can test your strength (PVP).

Collaborative Mode

You can get experience by hunting prey alongside other players in the CO-OP Hunting mode. Small animals such as mice and rabbits are prey, as are raccoons, does, and foxes. Large and powerful animals, such as bulls and bison, are sometimes the targets. As a result, you’ll need to create a gang with other wolves.

Green Hills, Dark Forest, Wild Tundra, Legend Mountains, and Mammoth Creek are among the five maps available in this mode. The higher your level, the more maps you’ll be able to unlock. Each map has a varied set of creatures to hunt, which change according to natural environments.

Pvp (Player vs. Player) Mode

The PVP mode is similar to a battle mode in that it splits your group into two teams. This game, in our opinion, is a little more difficult than Hunting mode because in addition to hunting your prey, you must also be wary of the opposing squad, which is constantly ready to beat you down.

Multiplayer Mode

The Wolf Online Simulator is a real-time online multiplayer game, as its name suggests. This function allows you to play with people from all over the world. If you don’t like meeting new people, you can form a group of friends and communicate with them via your chat options on the screen.

Rpg Element of Excellence

The role-playing method is perfect for The Wolf. There’s no more realistic way to learn about a wolf’s world than to let you live your life as a wolf and do what wolves do.

The developers provide no predetermined directions or instructions. To reach your aims, you need to develop your wolf in your own unique way, choose which attributes the wolf should have and which talents should be upgraded first. Each player has a unique path to becoming the Alpha Wolf. We’re confident that this RPG will provide you with a continuous supply of difficulties and interests.

Graphics Design That Is Simply Awe-Inspiring

Swiss Apps did an excellent job replicating the magnificent sceneries in full 3D. The game includes a lake, woodland, tundra, mountain, snow area, and other natural topography found in real life.

Furthermore, all of the animals appear to be realistic to us. As they’ve just stepped straight from the wild environment onto your mobile device, the prey or bosses and each type of wolf have distinct characteristics.

Several Game Modes

The Wolf will suit your needs whether you prefer to play alone or in conflict. The CO-OP mode allows you to freely explore and hunt for prey and team up with your pals when necessary. If you like to compete, try the Battle Arena mode, where you can declare war on other packs.

The Wolf’s Negative Effects

The Wolf, like everything else, has its flaws. However, consider that the following are our personal feelings; your experience may differ.

The Pvp Mode Isn’t That Exciting

If you spend enough time in the PVP mode, you will notice that there are a lot of empty servers. Aside from that, each sector has one room. You’d enter a random server, leave, and then enter again, and it’d always be the same room.

We hope that the devs will continue to improve the PVP servers in future releases.

Duplicate Tasks

Some of the quests in this game are a little confusing and pointless. The awards are not always commensurate with the abilities and traits required for the tasks, and they are not always proportional to present levels.

Concerning the Version of Modification

We’re excited to provide the updated version of this game, including infinite money and coins. These coins grant you unrestricted access to Health, Defense, Attack, and Speed, and the infinite gems are used to upgrade talents for free.

Compared to typical players, these qualities will rapidly increase the strength of your wolf. As a result, the game will become less challenging and more enjoyable.


The Wolf is well worth your time and effort to download. It features all of the elements that make a game popular: engaging gameplay, gorgeous 3D visuals, demanding game types, an online multiplayer simulator, etc.

The mod version is available to bail you out of these troubles, even though the prizes appear to be less in fresh versions.

Prepare to enter a fantastic universe, develop your character, and improve your talents to become the Alpha of the pack by following this link. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this game beyond your wildest expectations.

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