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Titan Quest, a popular action role-playing game (ARPG) released in 2006, has earned the nickname “Diablo Killer” from players all over the world. Indeed, the game ascended to the top of the Diablo ARPG category at launch.

The company has continued to create enhanced game versions in subsequent years, such as Titan Quest: Immortal Throne in 2007, Titan Quest: Ragnarök in 2017, and Titan Quest: Atlantis, which was launched this year. Developers will be enticed to port their games to other platforms rather than simply personal computers due to their success.

The mobile version was unveiled in 2016, exactly ten years after the initial game was launched. Since its release in 2005, the game has gotten positive reviews. The mobile version has been a challenge for developers due to the need to adapt to the touch screen, with over a hundred thousand downloads from Google Play.

Players will enjoy an iconic hack and slash game in an open world with attractive graphics, a new touch interface, and no advertising. Unlike other games today, gamers will not be stopped while playing by irritating advertisements.

Is the Original Plot Appealing

The game’s original plot takes place in ancient Greece, Egypt, and China and features Olympian Gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, and Prometheus. The gods exiled and imprisoned the ancient Titans for all eternity to preserve the mortal world after the epic war. After a certain period, a trio of minor Titans known as the Telkines severed the link between Olympus and the mortal Earth, 

A Classic Hack and Slash Game 

The journey into the wild begins at a village, where the monsters are wreaking havoc on the local crops. Players will overcome these monsters and begin exploring the environment. Also, participants will choose their gender, name, and tunic color. Players receive experience points by conquering beasts and monsters and performing tasks for non-player characters, which grants access to new talents and points that can improve character attributes, including health and energy levels, dexterity, intelligence, and strength.

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In-game quests are divided into two categories: main quests that pertain to the game plot and side quests exclusive to specific locations. Other NPCs act as merchants, selling equipment and items that can be bought and sold. Players have item storage and various equipment slots, which can add limb and torso armor, weapons or shields, and passive buffing accessories.

In-game items can be purchased from NPCs using gold, the game’s main currency. Still, they can also be gained from fallen creatures or chests in the surrounding environs, varying rarities and quantities ranging from hundreds to thousands.

Grey items are low-quality gear, purple items are legendary, and extremely rare orange items are relics or charms that can improve a specific attribute, such as elemental damage resistance, etc. Swords, clubs, axes, and staves are among the weapons in the game, used in real-time hack and slash combat.

Masteries – skill tree-based upgrade systems that employ skill points to unlock and increase different skills. Defense, Warfare, Hunting, Rogue, Earth, Storm, Nature, and Spirit are among the eight masteries available, and players can access up to two masteries at a time.

By selecting one or both branches, a character’s class will be created, each with its own set of talents. There are 36 classes in total, including pure disciplines within one mastery and hybrids between various masteries with 150 talents.

These abilities are also highly unique and accurately detailed. For example, with two masteries branches, nature and Earth, the player’s protagonist will become a summoner and be able to cast a skill to summon warriors to assist in combat. Compared to other RPG games, it can be stated to be exceptionally diversified. Players will have to find diverse tactics to combat 80 mythical animals, like Minotaur, Cyclops, and Gorgon, because each species has its strengths and weaknesses. 

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Realistic Visuals 

When Titan Quest first came out, it had some of the best visuals available. What about the ten-year-old smartphone version? The developer has completely enhanced the game’s graphics for mobile devices.

Graphics have been enhanced, from equipment to creatures and immovable things like statues in dungeons. Even the game’s depiction of the time of day and night is remarkably accurate.

Titan Quest Mod Apk, like many other ARPGs, has a conclusion. The game will conclude after the player’s protagonist fights a Titan named Typhoon. It is sufficient for a mobile game and enough for players to explore the huge universe of Titan Quest. It has around 60 play hours, which is neither too lengthy nor too short.

Download the game now and enjoy its features.

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