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Toca Blocks is a basic construction game that allows you to make and play with blocks. It is a game for children, which tests the youngsters’ imagination and originality on the animated visual background. The character is hilarious and attractive. When children play with Toca Blocks, they can not only have fun, but they can also improve their drawing skills and reasoning by mixing blocks to create a dream world.

Toca Blocks is an app where kids can let their imaginations run wild by marrying, sketching, demolishing, and adding different types of blocks to create a new universe. Children can design their adventure by selecting one of the supplied characters. Explore various settings by passing through doors and discovering different blocks.

Games can help children learn more about the world by stimulating their imaginations. The company creates items from children’s perspectives to encourage them to play, be creative, and be who they want. Toca Boca games have won numerous awards and have been downloaded over 200 million times in 215 countries, providing children with a fun, safe, and free experience.

Information in General

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant and Toca Life City are two of the app’s general settings. It enables children to create a fantastic world on their own. We believe the Toca Blocks are easier to set up than the Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant in terms of operation settings. In terms of content design, it’s more attractive than Toca Life City.

The game’s operation is fairly simple. To construct a small piece of scenery, players just need to select the appropriate brick materials and place them in the area. What’s more intriguing is that it includes a scenario involving merging new materials. When building, the player can fuse two different blocks to create a new block substance.

Children can use the three little monsters with diverse skills to explore the environment. They can also use the bricks given inside to construct an exciting map. The game also allows an unlimited number of archives, which is impressive. The software is now completely free, and there are no in-app purchases. Players who enjoy this type of companion should look into it right away.

Why Do Toca Games Continue to Attract Children?

Many children like spending time grooming, trimming, and drying unusual characters’ hair. For example, the youngster constructs a house out of unique bricks and paints them, and measures and designs with his companions. Toca Boca cooking games for girls’ come with strange materials and monstrous consumers. Last but not least, most kids want to make weird robots out of repurposed parts and gorgeous patterns.

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We think it’s terrific that these games transmit such delight through a riot of colors and many characters. They’re virtually a hymn to diversity, where everyone can have a good time without feeling self-conscious about their appearance. We would also recommend these apps to students who have difficulty in school, and they promote amicable problem-solving.

In particular, there is no gender race in Toca Boca games, as male or female makes no difference. There’s also no marketing gimmick. The stated intention for games to be designed from a child’s perspective. Do you think that’s incredible?

Toca Blocks: How to Play

The main goal in Toca Blocks is to design a universe and enhance it with your adventure paths. The player can design complicated pathways, detailed barriers, and floating islands. You’ll also meet new people and learn about their special powers as you introduce them to your universe.

You may learn about the properties of blocks by fusing them to create something in the game. Players must also remember their characteristics, such as good bounce and adherence. You can sometimes transform into beds, diamonds, and various other surprises for the others.

To change the blocks’ color and shape, you should combine them. The more you know about the blocks, the more useful and inspiring they will be for your project. Save and share the incredible works of art you bring into the world. Remember to take pictures with your camera and share unique block codes with your friends so they may log in and explore your environment for themselves. Alternatively, log in to your friends’ world and become a part of it.

Combine blocks to create new materials and widgets, build over 60 unique products, and create the environment you desire with no restrictions by playing this game. Take a photo of your products and share the Block code with your friends and family. You can use an eraser head to remove blocks and the pencil tool to create many blocks at once. 

In the Club Blocks channel of the app, gamers can access unique content such as watching videos, submitting images, and exploring new worlds. The gameplay is unrestricted by employing a child-friendly interface, with no harsh restrictions or constraints. It also doesn’t have any third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Tips and Tricks

Toca Blocks’ core concept is to build your planet out of blocks. The game begins with a massive blank environment that stretches into space and four basic building blocks: round bricks, yellow bricks, red bricks, and green grass.

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Players can also create new blocks by sliding one block onto another in Toca Blocks. Each new block type has its own set of features. A black warp, for example, will allow you to transfer to another. All heroes walking on sticky blocks will be frozen until they jump. A frail rock will break if you stomp on it for too long. However, it will revert to its former shape after a few seconds.

You can also employ a variety of additional block combinations to explore and build your world, as well as try to create magical doorways. If your hero passes through the gate, he will be sent to a new planet with fresh building pieces. Toca Blocks have two modes of operation: design mode and play mode. You can browse the planet in design mode by tapping the blank space and dragging the screen with the big ball on the bottom toolbar.

You can delete a block and add it to your world by double-clicking it. Click and drag it to the desired location to move a block. When you drag a block over another, it signifies the two are joined. A new block type may be unlocked if the combination is correct. You can learn about the non-basic block types from the side toolbar once you’ve unlocked them.

Consider using a sketching tool to finish the task if you’re adding numerous tiles at once. To begin, select the block you want to use. Then, using the painted icon, begin drawing. Instead, you can remove unneeded blocks with the black flying monster tool, and it will also consume the blocks it comes into contact with. This game is appropriate for children aged six and up.

Alternatives to Consider

Sushi Restaurant Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is a fun cooking simulation game that is great for children. You’ll convert into a chef, assemble the kitchen, and develop your recipes and delicacies. It’s an instructive game that encourages your child’s creativity while seasoning the food and serving it to guests.

You can enjoy cooking with the ingredients available in Toca’s kitchen. Cook the dishes and see how the characters respond after they’ve tasted them. Suppose you’ve ever played Talking Tom or other simulation games where the character interacts with the player. In that case, Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant will undoubtedly be a fun and unique experience for you.

In this culinary game, you can utilize any ingredients in the refrigerator, such as vegetables, fish, and meat, to make various dishes by using appropriate cooking instruments, such as pots, pans for frying, and blenders to make a smoothie. You have the option of selecting one ingredient and preparing it yourself, and they can be slid, cooked, fried, grilled, or mixed. Shrimp mixes and flavorings like mustard and ketchup can even make a fish smoothie.

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Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant features cartoon-style 2D graphics that are adorable and appropriate for children. The game’s elements, such as furnishings, cooking instruments, and ingredients, are quite varied and relatively realistic. Furthermore, the results of slicing substances are incredibly realistic. It’s accompanied by the sound of kitchen cooking, such as boiling water or fish frying, and it brings the game to life. 

Toca Life City 

Toca Life City is a children’s game that allows them to experiment with common tasks. By downloading it, you will provide your child with essential information and allow them to learn new things. Join Toca Life City and explore the six gorgeous and unique locations, including apartments, shopping centers, hair salons, food parks, theatres, and a textile factory.

You can go shopping at the mall, have a bite to eat at the food park or entertain guests at your flat. Characters can move from one location to another. In addition to life exploration, participants in Toca Life City can put their treasure-seeking abilities to the test. There are innumerable hidden gems throughout the city, and Life Weekly makes it simple to discover them. This feature is located in the top right corner of the game launch screen and allows you to grasp Toca Life City’s reality better.

The video recording of a player’s game experience is another intriguing element that Toca Life City provides. You can record stories and save the video to your camera roll before sharing it with your pals. Also, through the videos your friends share, you can discover what your pals are up to in Toca Life City today.


Toca Blocks Mod Apk is an excellent mobile app for young children to enjoy since it naturally promotes their creativity and logical thinking. Six well-designed characters with various responsibilities and skills are featured in the game. Toca Blocks is, in our opinion, the best building game for kids ever.

Many users, including parents and children, gave the game positive reviews. As a result, the creator is always coming up with new ways to make more appealing versions. It grants everyone access to all of the game’s rewards. As a result, receiving products does not require the use of a code, and unlocked gifts might be found on a post office shelf or a conveyor belt.

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