Toca Boo Mod Apk 1.0.1 for Android Users (Paid for Free)

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DeveloperToca Boca
Requires4.1 and Up
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Toca Boca’s pretend play world will never fail to astonish you with its fun games. After giving players a thorough makeover in the Toca Hair Salon 4, gamers can now enjoy Toca Boo’s entertaining fright pranks. Join Bonnie as she takes on the game’s exciting and thrilling obstacles to shock and amuse all family members.

Feel free to use pretend play features to enjoy Toca Boo’s fascinating gameplay. Have complete control over an entire house and six family members on whom you can play pranks. Watch how they react to your tricks and boo them at the appropriate times to make their hearts skip a beat. Enjoy the game’s numerous amusing and thrilling moments.

Most significantly, pretend play’s freed and stress-free gameplay will allow you to interact with in-game features freely. Enjoy your fright pranks in a variety of ways, and keep discovering new features in Toca Boo.

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing mobile game by Toca Boca.


Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy their exciting gameplay in Toca Boo, as they join Bonnie in her funny adventures to scare the family members away with her malicious pranks. Prepare your entertaining moments to exact vengeance on your frightening family members who enjoy teasing others. You can’t wait to see their amazing responses.

Feel free to explore the in-game locations and plan out your stunts using the available pieces. Make inventive use of the game’s various items, devise multiple ways to frighten the in-game characters, and have fun with Toca Boo in your unique way. Explore the one-of-a-kind home and a variety of intriguing rooms with arrangements. 


Here is a list of all of the game’s exciting features.

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Simple Controls 

Because of the game’s intuitive touch controls, Android gamers will enjoy it effortlessly in Toca Boo. Pick up your characters and set them anywhere you want in the rooms. Pick up and drag the items about the screen to interact with them. Create intriguing scenarios with Toca Boo by coming up with your creative ideas and working freely with the in-game controls.

Plan Your Pranks in a Large Mansion 

Toca Boo now allows you to tour a large house and freely explore your in-game areas with a variety of settings. Plan your pranks in a large mansion with six distinct rooms to choose from. Examine the one-of-a-kind props and objects in each chamber. Enjoy the engaging game of pretend play and simulation in various rooms, and work freely with the available props to build your unique scenarios.

You’ll Have a Lot of Fun Pulling Pranks on Your Relatives

Android gamers will get the opportunity to play with a family of six in Toca Boo. Feel free to engage with the various characters and accompany Bonnie as she attempts to scare them away with nasty pranks. Have fun playing with the game’s several characters, each with their distinct appearances and interactions. 

Explore the Hidden Surprises 

Android gamers will find themselves interacting with the objects around the house. Feel free to explore the entire neighborhood and discover a variety of surprises. Come up with creative ways to collaborate with them and pull off your epic scares on the rest of the family.

Stress-Free Gameplay

Unlike other games that need you to be present and devoted, Toca Boo’s stress-free gameplay will keep you calm and relaxed. Come up with your own rules and configurations to make the game more enjoyable. 

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Educational and Kid-Friendly Gaming

Android gamers will have access to Toca Boo’s instructive gameplay, which pleases many parents. As a result of the game’s appropriate age levels, i.e. four and up, parents may now feel safe letting their children alone to enjoy games like Toca Boo.

Have Fun With the Offline Games 

Toca Boo’s offline gameplay is now available online. Feel free to make up your pranks anytime you want and enjoy Toca Boo’s fascinating gameplay without having to use your mobile data or hunt for a Wi-Fi connection.

You Can Play a Free and Unlocked Version of the Game 

Android gamers may find it tough to enjoy their pretend play experiences because the game is now categorized as a paid app on the Google Play Store. As a result, you may prefer to download our unlocked version of Toca Boo from our website. This version removes the obnoxious advertisements and also adds more features to it. 

Sound and Video Quality


Prepare to be immersed in the fantastic world of simulation and instructional gaming. Unlock a variety of intriguing in-game features and observe how they interact with one another. Enjoy the game’s unusual scenarios, including various stunning visual effects. Furthermore, the simple gameplay will ensure smooth and enjoyable experiences on your mobile devices.

Music and Sound

Gamers in Toca Boo will now be able to enjoy immersive in-game music in addition to interesting visual effects, allowing them to get the most out of the instructional offering. Furthermore, the entertaining and on-theme tunes will keep you engrossed in the experiences at all times.

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Prepare to get immersed in this spectacular Toca Boca pretend play title, which introduces players to a creative, fun, and humorous pranking experience. Examine your one-of-a-kind and comprehensive interactions with the game’s aspects. As you develop your ways to have fun with the game, enjoy pretend play’s stress-free and unfettered gameplay. Download the game and enjoy its ad-free experiences.

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