Toca Life Farm Mod Apk 1.2 for Android Users (Paid for Free)

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Toca Life Farm is a fun, instructive two-dimensional simulation game. You get to control intelligent kids while setting up a colorful farm. The game is exciting to play as it offers a pleasant life in the countryside with various accessories to work with. You live and work as a farmer, milking cows, collecting eggs from chickens, and developing your favorite fruit crops, among other things. You can als organize a fun picnic and participate in various entertaining mini-games. Lastly, the game provides a wealth of wonderful experiences.


The game features four separate farm settings (barns, houses, fields, and shops), each with a unique story. It accurately depicts a regular day in the life of a farmer where you look after the animals in the barn, such as feeding them and cleaning up their mess. After a good night’s sleep, you go to the fields to tend to your crops which require water and fertilizers. Finally, you can make money by selling your food in the store. 

Practice spreading seeds and learn how to grow tall plants. As a farmer, you will find numerous useful pieces of equipment throughout the game. Cheese is made from milk, and cheesecake is made from cheese and corn. You can make a variety of simple and tasty recipes through proper cooking knowledge. Jam is made with berries, bread is made with wheat, and donuts are made with the appropriate components. You learn about various cuisines and how to prepare them. 

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During the game, you can record your voice to make engaging stories, and report the characters’ dynamic movements. You can also create two-minute farm videos and save them to your photo album. The game is ideal for sharing fascinating stories with the entire family and allows you to create fantastic accounts using a variety of characters and animals.

Different types of animals, including rabbits, pigs, sheep, cows, and small birds are available at Toca Life Farm. Keep in mind that you must assist the veterinarian in inspecting the animals. For a clean and tidy farm, you need to regularly wipe out manure and other particulates present. To enjoy even more, you can listen to music and also play instruments, such as the banjo, guitar or bass wash bucket. 

Toca Life Farm allows you to participate in a variety of farming chores. If the players are minor children, they will gain information and enjoyment from living in the country. You can pick fruit from your garden and eat healthy meals. You can also grow your favorite plants and maximize the production by using different vehicles, such as tractors or harvesters. There is no time limit or high scores in this game and you can play for as long as you want. Also, there are no third-party advertisements in the game, so you’ll have fewer distractions.


Toca Life Farm is user-friendly, and the rules are generally appropriate for youngsters. The game comes with detailed instructions and huge icons that make it simple to follow. 

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Quality Characteristics

H3 – Sound and Graphics

Toca Life Farm has cartoon-style 2D graphics. Everything is made to look like a color painting, and the colors are vibrant. The locations, objects, and creatures have all been thoughtfully designed. The sounds are entertaining, and the background music is appropriate for children. If you’re looking for a light, kid-friendly educational simulation, try “Toca Life City” (if you enjoy urban living) or “Toca Life World” (if you prefer outdoors) (If you like global experiences).


Toca Life: Agriculture is a good farm simulation game for young children. You tend to gain hands-on experience on a farm and develop a passion for animals, environment, life, and the people around you. You can participate in various hands-on activities related to a day on the farm. The game teaches children about the evolution of food resources and thrilling aspects with playful colors, entertaining cartoon character designs and imaginative gameplay. 

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