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Fans of the Transformers will undoubtedly appreciate their latest adventures in Backflip Studios’ mobile game. Join the Autobots or Deceptions in their fight for domination over their foes. Transformers: Earth Wars offers a fun and addictive gameplay experience with various game types to choose from. Build your bases, defend them with strong fortifications and eliminate any enemy attempting to raid your headquarters.

To carry out effective raids: 

1. Make use of many troops and special units. 

2. Build up your bases, defend them with strong fortifications and eliminate any enemy attempting to raid your headquarters.

3. You may enjoy epic fights with amazing visual effects; have fun with your well-designed characters and a hi-tech base. 

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You’ll be Earth’s only hope as the battle for control takes place. Choose your favorite faction and fight till the death as you face their opponents throughout the game. As you follow the different stories on both sides, you will be involved in various exciting missions and quests. Find a means to set up your headquarters on Earth and begin attacking your adversaries as they expand their borders.

Take part in epic real-time battles with the enormous robots, and use their awesome attacks to defeat them. Unlock the power and fantastic robots and enjoy with renowned leaders like Optimus Prime and Megatron. Participate in fascinating multiplayer combat with friends and Internet gamers from all around the world.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Construction of Bases

Android gamers in Transformers: Earth Wars construct their bases with various building possibilities and unique structures to choose from. Begin by constructing structures that can collect resources so that you can accumulate materials to enhance your buildings. Organize your base, enhance your facilities, and gain access to different fun features. Depending on whatever side you’re on, you’ll have a variety of building possibilities to choose from.

Defend Your Headquarters

You’ll also have to deal with continual threats from your opponents. As a result, you must build robust defenses to counter the attackers’ raids. Feel free to look over the numerous alternatives available to you. To fight any enemy assault, choose the appropriate defenses and have them correctly organized on your bases.

Range of Well-Known Characters

Fans of the popular cartoon and comic series Transformers adore this fantastic game by Backflip Studios, in which you can play as your favorite characters from the franchise. Discover different gameplay options and collect over 100 characters from the Transformers franchise, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Star scream, Grim lock, Soundwave, and more. Each character has unique powers to take on diverse roles in battles and quickly improve.
Not to mention the great Combiners, which give incredible capabilities and skills on both sides of the game. Drop your Devastator, Supereon, Butricos, and other such units onto your opponents’ bases and ready to wreak havoc.

Investigate Your Transformers’ Unique and Powerful Talents

In addition, each Transformer character in the game has unique talents and skills. This allows you to take varied approaches to battles based on the composition of your team. Furthermore, particular strikes from your characters can be unlocked, allowing you to change the tide of battles dramatically. To efficiently eliminate your adversaries, use their exceptional abilities and attack at the proper times.

Upgrade Your Character to Gain Higher Stats

Your characters can also be leveled up to improve their stats and new skills. Feel free to upgrade your characters to unlock new abilities. Choose the ideal squad composition and concentrate on your favorite characters to maximize their skills through upgrades.

Variety of Quests and Obstacles

You’ll also have access to engaging stories in the game. As you begin on your adventures, take on a variety of exciting quests and difficulties. Don’t forget about the excellent stuff you’ll find along the route.

Play With Friends and Other Online Gamers

Along with the single-player narrative, Transformers: Earth Wars allows players to play online with their friends and other players from across the world. Begin by taking part in the epic online raid and HQ defense fights, where you’ll be pitted against real players. Make sure your base is robust enough to withstand enemy attacks, and try to build up armies of powerful Transformers to assist you in conquering the enemy’s headquarters. To efficiently take down your foes, use adaptable and clever plans. Furthermore, the game features intriguing gameplay, in which you can join your fellow Autobots or Deceptions in dramatic fights.

Special Prizes, Complete a Variety of Fascinating Object

The game includes several objectives and achievements that you can fulfill to get special rewards. You can pay attention to your aims and focus on your ultimate goals in each stage. Completing them will get you access to incredible gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Free to Play

Despite having these fantastic features, the game is presently available for free to all Android gamers. As a result, you can quickly search for it on Google Play Store and download the game for free.

With Our Mod, You Can Play for as Long as You Want.

During the game, gamers are frequently burdened by in-app purchases and advertisements, which can be annoying. As a result, you might want to install our customized version of the game instead, which includes some exciting tweaks. All you have to do is go to our website and download the Transformers Earth Wars Mod Apk. To successfully install it on your devices, follow the provided steps. With this, you’ll be able to tap into an endless supply of energy to fuel your never-ending endeavors.

Sound and Video Quality


The game’s beautiful 3D visuals and vast galactic setting keep Android gamers utterly engrossed in its incredible visual experiences. As a result, you can enjoy epic fights with amazing visual effects, have fun with your well-designed characters and have a strong base on your mobile devices. Not to mention the well-optimized graphics will provide gamers with smooth and enjoyable gameplay.


As you immerse yourself in the epic action of Transformers: Earth Wars, it offers powerful and impactful sound effects. Furthermore, thanks to engaging voiced dialogues, gamers can enjoy better experience.


Users of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, particularly those who are also fans of the Transformer series, will undoubtedly like Transformers: Earth Wars. Thanks to its excellent graphics, thrilling action, and many exciting things to discover, there will be no dull moments in this game. Not to mention you’ll have access to our fantastic mods, which provide much-improved gameplay.

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