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With millions of deaths on both sides, World War II is unquestionably one of the most unacceptable conflicts in human history. In addition, numerous amazing mobile titles, like WARSHIP BATTLE:3D World War II and US Conflict have been inspired by the epic and destructive battles of the period. And in this post, we’ll discuss the latter as one of the best tank warfare games you can play on your mobile device.

Explore authentic World War II themes while playing the addicting war game with extensive campaigns and fascinating missions from both sides in US Conflict. Join a slew of mighty nations in epic wars against one another, and aim to be the great commanders that lead your forces to victory. Enjoy the addicting real-time strategy experience with numerous interesting components to explore. Learn more about it by reading our in-depth evaluations of US Conflict and all of the game’s features.


Android gamers will have the opportunity to play a fictional real-time strategy game set during World War II in US Conflict. Instead of joining the Allies in invading Germany, the US Conflict will take a very different turn, with Nazi Germany assaulting the US on its own country.

As a result, Android gamers will have a whole new experience on their mobile devices. Enjoy the addicting real-time strategy gameplay in which you accept the role of general or direct commander of an army and complete various tasks and missions. Construct your base with the various structures and military establishments that are accessible. Recruit and upgrade your formidable armies with various infantries, war machines and fighter jets, each with its o wn set of capabilities.

Take your troops into epic battles and use your tactical commands to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents to win. Enjoy the fascinating missions, divided into two campaigns for you to explore at your leisure.

Enjoy the personalized battles with a variety of personal settings. Alternatively, you may have a good time with your pals in various multiplayer games. This will ensure you get the most out of US Conflict’s fantastic gameplay.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Touch Controls

To begin with, thanks to its detailed top-down view and simple touch controls, Android gamers in US Conflict may rapidly immerse themselves in the immersive and exciting gameplay of RTS. As a result, you may traverse the map with ease of managing the touch screen’s dragging actions.

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Use the complete perspective to see everything that’s going on the map and the convenient touch controls to make quick judgments throughout the furious RTS battles. Not to add the user-friendly mini-map will allow all Android gamers to stay immersed in the map at all times. 1st Conflict in the United States

Two Fascinating Campaigns 

If you want to learn more about the multiple storylines in US Conflict, you can play one of the two independent campaigns in the game, each with a different set of missions to complete. Feel free to play as both sides in the game and enjoy their different stories, which will remain you more engaged in the game. In addition, don’t miss out on the one-of-a-kind missions with intriguing objectives and various tasks to take on.

Enormous Multiplayer Tasks

Android gamers can also enjoy the spectacular multiplayer gameplay in US Conflict, which allows them to enjoy the fantastic mobile title with other players or the intelligent AI.

Feel free to team up with your friends in the thrilling four-player co-op multiplayer mode as you work together to overcome the formidable foes. Alternatively, engage in epic custom battles with gamers from several mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Feel free to increase your enjoyment in US Conflict and take advantage of the in-game experiences.

Choose From a Variety of Factions

US Conflict includes a variety of in-game factions for Android gamers to pick from to make the game more engaging. In their epic battles, you can join the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.

Enjoy the addicting gameplay with many units and improvements, allowing you to immerse yourself in the RTS conflicts fully. Explore their special abilities and characteristics to discover more about your and your opponents’ armies. Come up with the most exemplary ideas to help your nation win the game and take advantage of the in-game activities.

Different Units of Abilities and Mechanics

Along with the various unit qualities that differ between nations, US Conflict also includes over 20-unit types that you may use in your army. You may play addictive RTS battles with your soldiers, tanks, trucks, stationary guns, cannons, and various additional units, all of which have their distinct traits and features.

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As a result, you’ll need to figure out the best methods to organize them during combat and maximize their abilities. Be a wise commander and field your troops with the right compositions, formations, and tactics, and prepare to wipe out your foes.

Numerous Techniques to Use

Android gamers will need performing their in-game techniques appropriately to ensure they can stand against the powerful antagonist. US Conflict will allow Android gamers to freely develop their techniques to win the game by featuring diverse units with unique attributes and complete in-game controls.

Feel free to use your extraordinary abilities to command entire armies in a full-scale battle. Alternatively, lay-up traps for your opponents to fall into your minefields or attacks. Thanks to the many strategies and in-game techniques, you’ll enjoy your offense and defensive matches in various ways.

Work With Some Interesting Boosts

Enjoy playing with the exciting boosters from the mobile game, allowing them to use their distinctive talents freely. Whenever you’re in the game, feel free to employ the time-limited power-ups to set up bombardments, enhance your army’s strengths, and cry out for your special attacks. Use them to maximize their abilities and secure your win at the accurate times.

AI Will Keep You Interested in the Game

If you’re interested, you may now play with the intriguing AI in US Conflict, which can learn and alter their fighting powers to match yours. As a result, the game will not be both easy and challenging at the same time. Playing the addictive RTS battles in US Conflict is always a blast.

Maps Feature a Variety of Terrains

Android gamers will encounter a variety of battles on varied terrains as they go through the tasks. Different settings will have different implications on your strategic tactics, so make sure you understand the terrains before making war preparations. Enter the RTS battle with a clear plan for using the terrains to your advantage while putting your opponents at a significant disadvantage. Win conflicts with both your intellect and your might.

Variety of Languages

You can now play the fully localized game in several of your favorite languages if you’re interested in the fascinating gameplay of US Conflict. You can play the game in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Romanian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, and many others. As a result, despite their language disparities, all gamers can fully engage in the game and have greater fun together.

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Play the Game Without the Internet

4Flash also includes offline gameplay on their US Conflict page to make the game more accessible. As a result, Android gamers will always be able to experience the thrilling RTS gameplay on their mobile devices.

Free to Play

Despite all of the fascinating features, Android gamers may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. As a result, you can effortlessly download it from the Google Play Store and begin enjoying the many in-game features. However, if you want to play the complete game, you’ll have to pay for commercials and in-app purchases.

Access to Our Game’s Customized Version

Prepare to immerse yourself in the mode gameplay of US Conflict on our website as we unveil the game’s completely unlocked version for your enjoyment. You may enjoy ad-free experiences with no interruptions, unlocked campaigns to explore at your leisure and many more exciting things here. You have to download the US Conflict Mod APK, follow the instructions, and start playing the fantastic mobile game.

Sound and Video Quality


Because of the realistic 3D graphics in US Conflict, Android gamers may fully immerse themselves in the epic RTS conflicts. You may always enjoy the addicting RTS title with stunning 3D maps containing varied terrains and enormous landscapes with distinct aspects for you to freely set up your armies, realistic 3D units, and powerful visual effects, notably the explosions during fights.

Not to add that the game’s improved graphics will undoubtedly impress many Android gamers with its seamless and pleasant gameplay.

Music and Sound

In addition to the intriguing graphics, US Conflict has tremendous audio effects that will keep you engaged in combat. Enjoy the ambient sound effects that realistically reflect the battlefield landscapes and intense conflicts. Furthermore, many of you will be impressed by the grandiose music, both inside and outside conflicts.


US Conflict will delight all Android gamers with its pleasant and straightforward gameplay, compelling tale, and in-depth RTS aspects. Enjoy exploring the interesting game on your mobile devices and taking advantage of many of its features. Take on engrossing RTS fights against intelligent AI or engaging real-life opponents. And you’ll always have access to our unlocked, free version of the game.

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