Venture Towns MOD APK 2.1.6 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperKairosoft Co.,Ltd
Requires4.1 and Up
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Venture Towns is a fantastic game in which you will have relaxing moments while playing astounding levels. The game is more than just building a city; you will also have to manage it with the help of different tools and people. 

General Information

Suppose you’ve ever played any of the Kairosoft games, or even Game Dev Story, perhaps the most popular game at the moment. The App is not expensive, but if you want to play on your iPad, you’ll have to work harder because it’s not universal. As with the other titles, there is no foreign localization, so you are rarely in trouble. Let’s see if Kairosoft’s latest effort maintains the exceptional quality we’ve grown accustomed to.

Background Information

Venture Towns is the most recent addition to Kairosoft’s 8-Bit product line. With so many mobile games today, gamers may find this one odd, as it entails simple graphics and sound effects. Venture Towns, as expected, is a miniature version of the popular city-building simulation game SimCity, in which you work as a real manager.

But, unlike other in-line titles that bombard you with metrics to remember, Venture Towns guides you through a miniature world, with instructions constantly popping up to keep you on the right track. When you first start the game, you are given a certain amount of capital and some pre-built structures. The game’s economy follows the rule of money, which is easy to generate. On the other hand, establishing houses, constructing roads, and selling losses will result in a significant budget deficit.

However, you should be too unconcerned because the concept of bankruptcy does not exist, and you have more than two ways to make money. Aside from the traditional method of constructing shops, cafeterias, and entertainment areas to collect money from residents, random events such as government aid, land tax, and bonuses for attracting people to settle down can also bring you a lot of money.

Unique Gameplay 

Venture Towns will be a boring game if you have enough money and everything available to build. The developer has cleverly included a hidden system that must be unlocked, making the game a slow but appealing process. Aside from the provided structures, many new structures are hidden and must be studied before they can be built. Aside from funding for research, four metrics are required: food, entertainment, service, and culture.

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However, the most important aspect of a city is its people, not its buildings. It is commendable that developers did not just create walking models; they also created genuine people, with each unmistakable, unique individual characterized by intelligence (IQ), work, attractiveness, and skill metrics.

A new job means more money, which people will spend on food, entertainment, home improvement, car purchases, and pets. At the moment, their only requirement is that more spacious roads be built. The city’s development and expansion are essential. However, players should not rush because such overspending can result in a significant deficit in the budget.

When the budget is plentiful, players may consider spending a lot of money organizing events to keep the city bustling. However, the most expensive is constructing a chain of works (combo) following the formula for increasing land and product prices.

The construction games frequently have no breaks, and the players’ greatest joy is to see a picture of a bustling city with people walking between busy streets. Venture Towns’ graphics and sound are not its strongest points. The graphics are enough to turn off those hoping for a true SimCity on mobile, and the sound is just plain boring tunes. However, in a game with a capacity of only 5.2MB, it is difficult for players to ask for more.

Venture Towns is still a product worth checking out if you’re sick of the city-building social networking games prevalent on today’s mobile platforms.


Hello and Welcome to My City

When we think of management systems, we often envision complex products with a plethora of buttons, functions, rules, etc. Venture Towns adheres to the policy established by the developers in the past, which is strategic depth without sacrificing a simple interface.

This approach is required to keep the game’s interest high. However, it does not make you impatient as you wait in line behind dozens of chain menus. All have different territories and starting situations, but the general principle is the same. There are few existing structures and only one citizen of departure. They must spend two words on this last point specifically.

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Because, unlike more well-known Venture Towns productions, you will never have a citizenship numbering in the thousands or millions. Your city’s residents will always be relatively wealthy, allowing them to afford a name, surname, and specific address.

Task Specifications

In summary, the goal is to achieve a fair balance between industries, homes, and nature, and this concept is at the heart of the game. However, some precautions must be taken. Each citizen has a set number of maximum steps available to him, limiting his scope of action and thus his purchasing power. For example, if he can make ten and the pizzeria you’ve just built is 11 boxes away from his house, the unfortunate resident will never taste Bella Napoli’s delicacies.

However, you can compensate for this shortcoming by constructing a bicycle seller in its vicinity, allowing for an expansion of its horizon. Money management is the second most important factor, which is accomplished by carefully selecting which company to build. On the other hand, purchases are tied to the purse’s capacity. The third and final fundamental term is consulting the occupations.

Along with the development of industries and homes, you will need to establish offices where your citizens can perform various tasks, and you will be personally responsible for their careers. The wealthier a citizen is, the more taxes they will pay and the more purchases they will make.

Graphics Design 

From a graphic standpoint, this production is identical to the style of the other Kairosoft game. The careful use of pixel art and isometric visuals is a successful pairing that pays homage to the past.

Everything works flawlessly, and the only hiccups occur when there are many buildings and ants, but nothing that a secondary touch cannot fix. If desired, a virtual on-screen joypad can be recalled, but we doubt anyone would prefer it to the comfortable touch system. You can’t expect too much from the sound department. And if we exclude the continuous loop that serves as the backdrop to your city’s development, there is nothing noteworthy to report.

Game Combinations

As you play the game, you’ll notice that the three basic rules we listed are always valid. However, they must be combined with other pointers. Some combinations are available on the menu, while others must be discovered through time or imagination. If you want to discover new buildings, you must also consider the location of the offices, and they will allow you to search for new job positions and thus new buildings if they place the latter near specific complexes.

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You’ll come across so many jobs and shops that will excite you. We unlocked over 50 items in about 10 hours of play. However, we have only discovered a portion of the available resources. In short, many variables ensure the game’s depth and quantitative development is limitless, making this title suitable for those who intend to do long sessions. Decide on the orientation of a building, we can only rotate it on two of the four available sides.

Alternatives to Consider

Game Dev Story Is a Good Alternative

Game Dev Story is a fun game in which you take on the role of a game studio manager. Starting with a few employees, you’ll need to hire more to keep your game profitable. Game Dev Story unfolds like a charismatic short film, with you witnessing each stage of development. Its graphics are designed in an 8-bit style, reproducing almost all models, from the context to the objects. People who grew up with the 4-button NES machine will recognize it. 

The intriguing gameplay requires players to complete simple tasks, i.e. to build a game studio right from the start. You will hire people to work in each department, like scriptwriters, coders, orchestrators, and art designers. Game Dev Story provides a wide range of games, including horror, puzzles, racing, shooting, action, and role-playing. If you make a risky game, people will not buy it, which will harm your company. It is one of the enjoyable simulation games because it will require a significant amount of time and effort and creative thinking.

Final Thoughts

Venture Towns Mod Apk is a complex but user-friendly management system that emphasizes the uniqueness of citizens and buildings. The flawless mechanics to which Kairosoft has become accustomed can be found in the natural evolution that this title has undergone thus far. Download the game now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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