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Virtual Town is a free simulation game for Android devices to design a virtual town. You will create a colorful environment based on your imagination with gorgeous hand-drawn graphics. Build and administer your city in this game. The economy relies heavily on employment. As mayor, you must do all possible to keep the economy running well. Build public transportation and develop public transportation systems to stimulate economic development.

For mobile games, Virtual Town is a business simulation class. As the city manager, you can develop residences, urban planning, and building. The city is becoming increasingly prosperous due to the construction of numerous towering buildings, planning and transportation amenities, and entertainment.

With Virtual Town, you will be immersed in a continually changing and evolving world.
Manage the town in Virtual Town and endeavor to establish a true megacity. Your main responsibility is to run a bustling, ever-changing, and expanding town. Real-time gaming takes you through four seasons and a day and night cycle. In conclusion, gather a variety of unusual insects, precious stones, and plants.

General Information 

With this game, you will transform your city from its most primitive state into a lively, modern metropolis. Additionally, dispatch your hot-air balloon to explore other islands to increase your empire.

This game has a distinct appeal as a result of these factors. It is not a waste of time, but you must calculate and arrange things correctly. With the ordinary version, you must also be financially savvy. The essence and experience gained from earlier iterations are carried over to Virtual Town. Virtual Town is the coolest video game ever made, and it provides players with a large amount of territory on which to create their city and numerous difficulties. In the game, you can develop residences, malls, shopping centers, high-rise residential structures, and public property.

This game aims to create a lovely city by balancing the happiness index with the modern city index. If the happiness index falls below a certain level, the populace will flee to another location, and they’ll leave you right away.

What Is the Best Way to Play Virtual Town?

You have to manage one city in most other city-building and management games, such as Dream Town Story or Little Big City. However, with Virtual Town, the number of cities you govern is proportional to the number of islands you find. Each city has its distinct traits, as does the construction approach.

You will have your construction based on the various natural conditions of each city and then invite your friends and family to come see your city. This game is less dull because of the involvement. You can construct buildings on rhombus-shaped plots in Virtual Town. The top-down perspective is the most prevalent in this 2D game. As a result, you must carefully arrange the works to achieve the best aesthetic effect. This game will help you obtain a better understanding of landscape architecture.

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Many things must be done to transform a deserted island into a busy metropolis. You can also earn and accrue points by participating in various events. Remember, this is crucial in the standard edition; it allows you to build the fastest and most attractive structures.

There are over 200 buildings and nine cities to explore and develop in Virtual Town. To unlock them, you’ll need to save up money, and you can also purchase with real money. You can also use the Mod version for it. Each structure is attached to a different site and placed on a strange terrain. You’ll need money and experience to level up and upgrade. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to build, improve, and unlock new features.

The greater your level, the larger the structures you can construct. You will profit from the construction mentioned above and reinvest in other structures. Virtual Town consists of a series of construction and investment projects, and it necessitates good money management on the part of the players.

You can also participate in various games in the works mentioned above. This also contributes to the gamers’ lack of boredom. The construction will, of course, take a long period, and you must use patience when making decisions. When your city evolves into a modern metropolis, we believe that you will be pleased.


Make Friends and Share a Code With Them

Set your nick and island name as soon as feasible. Make friends with everyone after that. Please keep this in mind when entering a friend’s code because it can only be used once. You will receive three to five gold coins as a reward for this entry.

One to two gold coins will be given to the friend who entered the code. Making friends allows you to clear the island with a set amount of money and XP based on your level.

Invest in Gold Coins and Scrolls

You should not do anything with gold coins to optimize your progress. Purchase a Totem of the property to save money and receive a 10% rise in the proceeds. It is used by many friends to construct unique dwellings or to repair the Atlas hotel, which is optional.

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Interaction With Visitors

To find shells, pearls, and gold rings, make the most of interactions with tourists. Aside from that, there will be a bonus. Because the shell is easy to find and the large scroll type is time, economy, and profit, it should only be in the Leonid shop with a tiny scroll. For the mission to the new island, the remainder should save pearls and gold rings.

And once you’ve gotten through the earliest stages of development, there are three more factors to keep in mind to create a prosperous city:

Utilizing all available land resources, bonuses, PI house type qualities, and free time make the most of it. To save the land, build as many adjacent dwellings as possible. However, each block must have a consistent pattern to avoid relocating dwellings, wasting time, and making it easier to collect money. Regularly visit the island to save time by simply creating a few dwellings with the same money cycle.

Overall Evaluations

Intriguing Gameplay 

Your main goal in the game is to construct dwellings and commercial shopping centers. You’ll make more money if you trade virtual tokens for virtual money. If you want to build a house, you must first purchase land and remove any grass or trees that obstruct the construction process.

Demonstrate the need to purchase land quickly as the city grows older and more populous. It goes hand in hand with land values soaring. When buying something, it’s sometimes better to pay in gold rather than dollars. What happened to the token? Always remember to retain happiness because individuals define happiness.

To optimize revenues, you must spend extensively on restaurants, tourism, and commercial services. It contributes to the construction of numerous structures to alleviate poverty. Seek the expert city at the bottom of the screen if you are too secretive or don’t have a decent concept and are bored with the game. He’ll present you with a task that will spice up the game and pique your interest in new difficulties. You can comprehend and want to play this game after seeing the simulation. Then proceed to the graphics area to see how good the graphics are because graphics are another crucial component that encourages players to play for a long period.

Designs for Graphics

The game has great graphical designs, as we have seen and experienced. It’s incredible when a game has normal HD graphics and can zoom in and out with two fingers like a photo. You’ll notice that the graphics are detailed. Pedestrians and automobiles can also be seen moving through the metropolis.
Tropical plains, deserts, alpine snow, volcanic terrain, and rainforest are among the nine maps that make up Virtual Town’s nine-city islands. Prioritize Snapdragon over Adreno, as described in the previous section, because Adreno provides you with the best graphics experience possible.

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Previous generations had left them a virtual Town. As a result, they combined the results into this version, which has numerous improved graphics, greater Android optimization, and no capacity reduction.

Virtual Families 2 Is a Good Alternative

Virtual Families 2 is a game about managing virtual families. It lets you choose from tens of thousands of characters, and you must assist them in finding a mate and starting a family. The game is entertaining and nice to play in my leisure time.

You’ll begin by adopting a small character and leading him through housework, as well as complementing him on good action and vice versa. At that time, to start a family, assist the character in finding a mate. Encourage your character to labor to provide for their basic needs and luxuries.
You can expand and renovate the house after having a specific amount of money, and you should furnish it with a variety of furniture and decorations to make it a dream home. You can also assist your characters in overcoming obstacles in their lives, upgrade their abilities, send them to boarding school, and provide career counseling.

Many random events will occur during the game, requiring you to react swiftly. These are frequently unanticipated events that can occur in normal life. In a nutshell, Virtual Families 2 allows you to have a different perspective on family life. You can play a housekeeper or a nanny and look after the residents of the house. Each character has unique thoughts, preferences, and activities, making it impossible to take your gaze away from them.


One of the most gratifying city-building games available today is Virtual Town MOD APK. You’ll be busy and enthusiastic about creating a massive metropolis. This Android game also includes several quests for you to complete to earn money for improvements.

Even though it is only a 2D game, the makers have put a lot of emphasis on the graphics. It is also the game’s greatest strength. You’ll have the impression that you’re the mayor of a real city. It’s also more exciting because of the variety of vistas in other cities. Significantly, Virtual Town MOD APK does not necessitate the use of the Internet, and it makes the game more bearable. You can enroll to help build a few structures while waiting for pals or having free time on the train.

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