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Join others in Cannabis Firm 2: Back to College to become the next weed tycoon. Pick up your passion for weed growing and begin planting the best weed at the back of your yard. Make the tastiest and most potent weeds you can and sell them to individuals. Our main character returns to college to begin a semester in this version. It’s your mission to make new connections and expand your underground marijuana distribution network. Continue to improve your cannabis farm to create the best weed. Sell them to the students at your school and give them a taste of heaven. Use the funds to expand your enterprises or collect new cannabis strains and begin planting them.

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The game is a sequel to the famous mobile game Weed Firm: RePlanted, in which players join Ted Growing, an expelled botany student who opted to pursue a weed-growing job to cover his expenditures. Ted has built his pot-dealing business with the support of buddies and his incredible expertise.

Players have the opportunity to play and experience completely new gameplay and tales. Of course, you don’t return to school to learn anything; instead, you have to create a hidden farm beneath the abandoned gym and sell your products to various students.

Get engaged in various activities and make connections both inside and outside of the school. Confront the local gangs and assert your authority. Develop relationships with a variety of in-game characters, and you’ll have a cute girlfriend in no time.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Build Your Weed-Growing Empire by Growing a Variety of Marijuana Varieties

This game provides you the opportunity to learn about the large and entertaining pot-growing industry, where you can experiment with a variety of marijuana strains. Get some of the well-known White Widow and Purple Haze seeds and plant them in your facilities.

Import various weeds and start planting them to take your weed-growing empire to the next level. Give your consumers a variety of options to be sure to be satisfied with the merchandise.

Market and Sell Your Products to a Wide Range of People

With their high-quality cannabis packets ready to sell, gamers in Weed Firm 2: Back to College will find themselves selling to various consumers. Interact with exotic dancers, rap duos, college cheerleaders, librarian, teachers, and so on. You’ll be surprised at how many people you could potentially sell your goods to.

Continue Expanding and Designing Your Shop to Attract Clients While Also Protecting Your Assets

As you make money selling grasses to your customers, you can access various in-game tools that can attract more customers and improve your reputation. The game includes a fully customized shop where you may exhibit your items and entice consumers with cool d├ęcor and furniture. It’s critical to improve your shop to display more merchandise and attract more clients. Lastly, your valuables will be safe from shady intruders.

Take Part in Innovative Grass-Based Companies

It’s critical to stay on top of the latest cannabis developments to keep your business competitive. You should always be prepared to start growing new things. Grow unusual things like magic mushrooms, grasses from various nations, including Mexico and Ecuador, and intergalactic commodities. In Weed Firm 2: Back to College, you must always be ready to start a new business.

Open an interstellar doorway to offer your wares to extraterrestrials. The game allows players to create their interplanetary portal via which aliens can visit your shop and sample your delectable delights. Exotic aliens buy your best mushrooms and grasses. And you’ll be able to establish a name for yourself in space.

Find Techniques to Cope With Gangs and Cops That Are Attempting to Take Advantage of Your Business

Your firm is not protected as there are many eyes on you, and they will strike if they detect a weakness. That’s why it’s critical to cultivate your social connections. Send gifts to your buddies to boost their feelings for you. These will be useful if you are assaulted by other gangs or investigated by the government. Find a way to bribe federal agents and escape your precarious condition.

Play With Others From All Over the World in an Online Game

Along with the story mode, gamers have the opportunity to engage with thousands of cannabis growers from all around the world in the online mode. Share your stories, engage in various tasks, and climb the leaderboards for valuable prizes.

It’s Free to Play

You’ll undoubtedly be astonished to learn that the game is completely free to play, and you can download the game for free on your mobile devices. As a result, make sure you enjoy your weed-growing trip.

With Our Mod, You’ll Be Able to Play the Game Entirely Unlocked.

Furthermore, gamers in Weed Firm 2: Back to College can have the game fully unlocked, allowing them to make in-app purchases without paying and enjoy ad-free gameplay. It’s simple; all you have to do is download and install our Weed Firm Hacked APK on your devices to begin using the features. To ensure that the file is installed correctly, follow our instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


The game’s aesthetics are simplistic, with many hand-drawn illustrations. You’ll get the opportunity to engage with a variety of characters; all of them are well-drawn and make you feel as if they’re real individuals.


Enjoy the game while learning about the colorful life of a cannabis farmer. As you establish new friends and form new relationships, take pleasure in the fun and enjoyment. Or you can go through some challenging times where you’ll have to deal with significant problems. The game includes distinctive tunes in specific situations that will thoroughly engross you in action.

Download the Latest Version of Weed Firm 2: Back to College Mod for Android (Version 3.0.49)

This game is an excellent opportunity for people who want to try their hand at running a cannabis-growing business. Experience Ted Growing’s extraordinary life as he interacts with the criminal community’s underground world. As you work to establish yourself as the best weed farmer, you’ll face various challenges. Of course, with our customized version of the game, you’ll have a lot of fun.

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