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Weed Inc. Idle Tycoon is a mixture of respondents and economic managers selling certain plant varieties. Legalization has caused everyone to move away from hiding places and open stores to sell a variety of weeds. Players should be cautious throughout the entire process, i.e. from farming to distribution, providing support for employees and development directions throughout sales.

The unique features of the game include:

  • You can expand your business, manage your pharmacy, and work in the treatment room.
  • Hire a unique manager to provide individual time limit boosting and power-up functions for your location.
  • Expand locations in Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, and New York City and other states. 

In this new strategic game, you must collect and upgrade the array of weed strains, such as sour diesel, big daddy purple, and train wreckage. Also, you need to manage every stage of production from the planting room, processing room, and storefront. When building a weed empire, hire managers, upgrade strains, and expand to new locations.

Getting Started

In Weed Inc. Idle Tycoon game, players need to grow various kinds of marijuana and take care of them. You have to look for customers to sell your product. However, the Police is on the lookout for offenders and can catch hold of you at any time. 

Besides selling to general customers, there are also special orders for players to earn more. This game provides a series of uncommon scenarios and unique characters. Players can also hire or fire employees to disrupt the law and competition, and you can even turn your enemies into your friends. The choice is up to you.


Weed Inc. Idle Tycoon, the title devised by Vile Monarch is predictably making itself heard because of the sensitive topic it represents.  You have to deal with illegal plants that indirectly highlights the distortions present in U.S, afflicting the legislative matter seriously.  

The contradiction stems from the fact that U.S states, such as California or Colorado, has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. In other areas of the country, they allow it as a medical substance.

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The situation reaches the federal level, where the product is still generally identified as illegal. Considering this, YouTube has preferred to demonetize the videos dedicated to Weed Inc. Idle Tycoon on the impetus of some sponsors discouraging streamers and content creators from showing the game to their audience.

The work refers specifically to the legal marijuana market and aims to make the user think about the inconsistencies of an entire judicial system. But can Weed Inc? Therefore, it is a controversial and highly problematic game.

Keep reading our review and find out more about the game.

Theme and Background

Beta Version

Weed Inc deals with the theme of marijuana by working on its production and sales. During the beta phase, we had already tested the base scenario called “Growing Up.”

In the first context, the role of John Woodson, an Economics student who returns to live with his family, after his father’s demise, takes on this task. In the charming town of Flint, our dominant character reunites with his brother Clyde. The latter convinces him to go into business to start the new trafficking of ganja in a dilapidated building that serves as a laboratory.

In this context, the progression turns out to be rather compassionate to give the player some time and a way to become familiar with the gameplay. The production of the raw material and the management of the points of sale, going together with law and order and the intense competition with other players, represent only a portion of a dense network of actions, investments, decisions, and strategies.

It can make the difference in your company’s success or failure based on the traffic of the famous five-pointed plant. Here, scarce resources make the company’s growth slower but allow the user to understand all the mechanisms. It also allows him to master the most advanced tools by researching on unknown types of seeds in multiple cities simultaneously.

Final Version

However, in the ultimate version, you have access to the advanced scenario “Height and Laws.” It is the story of a middle-aged black man who has already ended up behind bars for a decade because of selling drugs. After returning to freedom, the man promised himself that he would keep his distance from trouble. But he understands that the only way to get his life back is to contact his old partner Matty. She still manages some businesses related to the legal production of marijuana.

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By accessing this second storyline, you immediately have access to a budget of 50,000 dollars and a chief value already activated in the research field. It is also possible to embark on experiments to understand the optimal values ​​adopted in your laboratory.

By accessing the Plant Master section, it is also possible to interact with a machine capable of hosting at least two types of seeds. As mentioned above, the mutation item offers new opportunities to identify unprecedented effects for each product generated by the tests. In short, this second story avoids the inconvenience of the slowness and downtime that characterize the basic scenario.

It is essential to assimilate all the game’s nuances to avoid bringing the company in the danger zone. It forces you to sign loans with interest rates at the limits of exploitation to stay afloat.


As specified by Devolver Digital, Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon does more than just put us in the shoes of unscrupulous individuals who engage in illegal activities. The game allows you to choose between unlawful distributions intended for mere medical or recreational purposes.

Choosing the fastest route, i.e. the submerged one, helps to save enormous sums of money from the absence of licenses. But it increases the incidence of collateral problems caused by police raids and the inevitable blackmail that these dynamics could trigger in certain situations.

Conversely, opting for a more peaceful situation needs more substantial sums to ensure adequate spaces. But there will also be the need to produce superior raw materials to meet the public’s demands. 

It is precisely in this part that Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon becomes more stimulating, based on the need to optimize production through experimentation and eliminate the competition through quality. Alternatively, it is still possible to compromise by trying to oil the right gears as much as possible. 

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You can obtain political favors, thanks to a network of influence created to the sound of bundles and blackmail based on the need to optimize production. Unlike other management systems, Weed Inc does not just leverage resource care and strategic planning but also offers a multiple-choice network. 

A plethora of characters can hinder the player’s activity. Not everyone is tolerant, so in conversations, touch the right buttons and ingratiate yourself with the interlocutor on duty. To do this, you can follow the path of friendship, bribes, or rely on proper dossier activities in the worst-case scenario. The idea is exciting and lends itself to stimulating implications.

However, a fundamental problem remains linked to the low attractiveness of the subjects with whom it interacts, together with the repetitiveness of specific situations. The objectives can also be divided into individual missions to keep the player’s attention alive. 

However, the goals are not always evident in their purposes, and sometimes, they are not very stimulating to implement. The articulated system is undoubtedly impressive. However, the objectives are not always clear. Sometimes, they are not very stimulating to implement, which improves the protagonist’s skills in varied fields such as production, product distribution, and interaction with individuals. 


Weed Inc. Mod Apk is based on typical management style, making interactive features as one of its strength. Introducing an advanced scenario makes it possible to free the game from certain constraints. Also, the flaws are related to a variety of dialogues, the characterization of the characters, and an interface which gives access to many different functions.

Weed Inc. Idle Tycoon focuses on cultivating and selling your herb. But it also has to do with legalization between U.S states, politics, activism, and even the search for the difference in nutrients and cultivation details of the different varieties you can grow. There are some similar alternatives, such as Weed Factory Idle which you can play and enjoy. 

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