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World Cruise Story is a smartphone game with a business simulation theme developed by Kairosoft, a well-known publisher. The game will take players on a journey aboard luxury ships, where they will meet guests from all over the world. Players in World Cruise Story will purchase a luxury ship and begin to amass wealth on it.

Kairosoft is a game developer associated with for creating unique simulation games, and the game Dev Story is perhaps the most well-known of them all. The player will accept the role of a game development company manager tasked with creating a century-defining blockbuster game. There are also many other similarly appealing variants in their Story series, such as Pocket Arcade Story and Grand Prix Store.
World Cruise Story, a simulation game depicting high-end life on a cruise ship, will be reviewed in this article. It has been available for a long time on the Android platform.

General Information

You will own a luxury cruise ship, similar to the Titanic, where different rooms, luxuries and a spacious area would be available. Your job entails arranging the location of various facilities and communicating with passengers on the cruise ship. Once you’ve gained enough clout, you’ll be able to entice a slew of superstars to attend. Allow people to watch drooling food and rapidly transform your cruise ship into a five-star floating paradise on the sea with luxurious suites, first-class restaurants, and various complete entertainment measures.

Kairosoft; Origins and Development

Kairosoft, as far as we know, is a tiny studio started in 1996 by Kazuyuki Usui’s creator. Kairosoft is a small studio and the entire crew is made up of 20 individuals. Kairosoft’s games are simple to comprehend and tend to follow a formula that has been employed in a variety of games. However, Kairosoft is unique as it cleverly created minor variations to add freshness while avoiding boredom in the eyes of loyal fans.

Kairosoft began as Doujin Game Studio (a doujin game is a limited-edition video game played at Japanese 2D fan community events.), with its debut game being a PC simulation of a historic bookstore. They worked on several PC games for five years, from 1996 to 2001, before focusing solely on mobile games.

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Since then, the studio has translated and released over 70 games in English, including Hot Springs Story, The Sushi Spinnery and Venture Towns, which have helped gamers learn more about Japanese culture. They deliver exciting excursions like World Cruise Story and High Sea Saga to keep the gamers engaged for hours on end.

What Is the Best Way to Play World Cruise Story?

The game’s main goal is to constantly develop the cruise ship’s numerous amenities to lure guests to the ship for consumption and spending. Then, with the money you’ve earned, you can improve the ship further.

Click on the upper left corner to quickly construct the necessary facilities and view cruise information, tour arrangements, onboard maps, system settings, and more. As a five-star cruise ship, it naturally merges life, entertainment, food, sports, commerce, and various high-rise facilities. Players should construct relaxing guest rooms for travelers and vending machines, stores, pubs, libraries, ATMs, and other amenities. Last but not least, you can provide tourists with relaxing Jacuzzis, various entertainment options and gourmet restaurants.

The cruise ship will not only have more rooms and floors after various modifications, but it will also be able to arrange extensive sailing routes across multiple nations. The Tourism Bureau will send inspectors to evaluate the cruise ship’s meals, guest rooms, facilities, and other goods every six months. The higher their score, the more quickly the cruise ship’s rating will improve.

The kings of other countries can become your mysterious guests if your cruise ship has a global reputation. When you ask the king to board the ship, make sure you reserve the most advanced room. The kings will introduce you to new countries once they are satisfied. As a result, it continuously opens new business options and alternative approaches. To add to the appeal, pay attention to how you might use the foreign space, landscape props, and buildings. You’ll increase customer satisfaction that will prompt more individuals to visit and enjoy the cruise.

Overall Evaluations

Sound Effects and Graphic Design

The distinguishing aspects of World Cruise Story are 2D graphics technology and pixel-style rendering. This is a two-tiered luxury cruise ship where players can customize the train’s interior layout and furniture based on their preferences. The game’s music is outstanding, especially when merging gentle, rhythmic music with cartoonish graphics to produce unique effects.
This project offers a pixel-style approach. The colors are vibrant and the game screen is lively and meticulous. Not only are fishes in motion, but the flowers and plants that decorate the cruise ship are also well-designed. The game is also divided into two scenarios: night and day.
Even though all of the characters are pixel villains, their styles are distinct. We have a variety of them, including older and younger ones, some with long flowing hair, those with crisp short hair, and those dressed in various ways.
The background music is adequate, with slight variations. After you’ve listened to it a few times, you can get tired of it. Fortunately, turning off the music has little impact in this type of game.

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World Cruise Story is a continuation of Kairosoft’s previous work. The game will provide you with a unique experience based on the player’s choices with no fixed details. The players must design the basic furniture on board, like the reception compartment, desk, and other features. The player’s next task is to design the entertainment system and green space for ships after completing the basic one.

You can also hire people to increase the level of service on board. The majority of passengers onboard are from Japan, China and Germany, the three most populous countries globally. It’s also worth noting that the demands and preferences of visitors from various nations will differ. Improve your cruise ship and form fitness rooms, bars and libraries to overcome the challenges. There is no need to rush, as you can face financial and constructional constraints. You will gain many points by properly decorating your cruise ship with flowers and plants.


The current game cost is $5, and responsible developers do not allow in-app purchases. Even though Kairosoft’s pixel-style simulation business has produced laudable works, like Dungeon Village, Beastie Bay and others, 5 dollars is still a lot of money. Because you have to spend so much money, it’s understandable you won’t see any advertisements in the game. Many players, however, will have to consider whether or not to purchase this product at this price.

Alternatives to Consider

Towns on the Move

With so many mobile games on the market today, gamers tend to prefer Venture Towns, a popular city-building simulation game, in which you will experience life as a real manager with genuine problems to solve. Unlike other in-line games that bombard you with a slew of metrics to remember, Venture Towns gently guides you through a miniature world, with prompts popping up to keep you on track. When you first start the game, you are given a certain amount of money and some pre-built structures.

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The game’s economy follows the rule of money, which is easy to generate. However, building losses will result in a significant budget deficit. However, you should not be concerned because bankruptcy does not exist, and you have more than two options for earning money. Aside from the usual method of collecting money from residents by creating stores, cafeterias, and recreation areas, random events can also bring you a lot of money, like government subsidies, annual land tax, and bonuses for attracting people to settle down.

Food, Entertainment, Service, and Culture are four parameters to consider if you need money to pay for research. The link between the indexes and the new structures is instantly apparent, like the café increasing the food index and the zoo increasing the amusement index.

Final Thoughts

The uniqueness of Kairosoft games lies in the fact that their simulation games frequently acquire the similarity in other games. Manga artists, game stores, gallery management, and hot spring services are just a few examples.

Kairosoft helps gamers to temporarily forget about their daily worries and immerse themselves in the game. The business simulation game, World Cruise Story Mod Apk is a lot of fun. It won’t allow you to get away with it. Perhaps this is why Cairo’s games are so appealing. It is highly recommended for individuals who enjoy playing business simulation games.

World Cruise Story Mod Apk is identical to other Kairosoft mobile games, particularly in gameplay and art design. Anyone can enjoy it for an extended period. Not only that, but this is a topic that many players find fascinating. As a result, it is a relatively enjoyable game to play.

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